-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 49 (1020)
-Online: 8 (155)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 45-50 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes (earned "hacks" in the game said to disable saving.)
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty option
-Glitchy achievements: No longer an issue.
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed? None
-Is there DLC?: Yes
  • Tyranny of King Washington: Infamy
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 90: 3 Hours Depending on 100% synchronization
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [G]
  • Tyranny of King Washington: Betrayal
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 75: 3 Hours (Depends of 100% Synchronization)
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None
  • Tyranny of King Washington: Redemption
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 85: 3 hours (Depending on 100% Synchronization)
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None
There is no difficulty in this game to worry about. It is set on a standard feeling difficulty that most people can handle.The collectibles are easy enough, as you can buy the maps for them. So there is no need for a collectibles guide. Most people reading this guide will have played other if not all Assassin Creed games. This game demands 100% Sync and completion of everything on the DNA tracker. You will literally need to do everything! Otherwise, the game is very simple besides that.They added naval missions and hunting which is new to the series and can be a nice break from doing the normal missions.

Step 1: Playing Missions
By around Sequence 9 of 12, you might finally start "playing" the game. By this I mean you may start doing all of the little missions showing up on the maps. You might start buying new gear and getting more into the game. Yes, hours and hours later, you may actually start playing what you had been used to in previous games. Like the other games, it's always a good idea to get these little missions out of the way so that your main missions are easier. You can focus on trying to 100% sync everything you do, or focus on that later once you are farther.

Step 2: Clean the Map
You must complete everything now and go replay missions to 100% Sync them. This may take up just as much time as your normal playthrough. Press to look at what needs to be done in the DNA Tracker. You can also refer to your logbook in the menu. All of these tasks and extra missions will take much longer than the story did. You should do the underground tunnels early so that you can fast travel and really save some time. It's also worth it to start figuring out the money/convoy system so that you can buy the maps for feathers and other collectibles. This way, as you run doing the missions you can pick them up. There are a few missions that are exceptionally hard or luck based, so just keep at them or look through the various threads for some help.

Step 3: Multiplayer
There are only a handful of achievements here, but one of them is to get to level 20. Play and get used to the game and as you get better, you should gain more points. This is pretty straight forward. Use the achievement trading thread if you would like to help/get helped.

Step 4: Battle Hardened
Put in Disc 2 for multiplayer. These achievements are all multiplayer based, though for 2 of them you can play offline. Press to get to where a list has "extra content". If you have purchased the Season Pass, you may download it for free from this menu. Do not buy it from the Marketplace or else you will be charged again.You can boost the achievements in private matches if you'd like.

Tyranny of King Washington: Infamy
Step 5:
A single playthrough of the story will unlock both Uniquely Familiar and West Point Payback. Both of these are story related and cannot be missed. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing will most likely be obtained before you complete the story as well. Once you obtain the Wolf Cloak ability at the end of Sequence 3, it is suggested that any enemies you encounter in the frontier be eliminated while using this ability. You must kill a total of 25 enemy guards for the achievement, but many have confirmed it is glitchy and may require even more than 25 kills. Frontiersman will be the last achievement you unlock within the DLC. It will be quite time consuming due to the following requirements:
  • 100% synchronizing all 6 Sequences (see below)
  • Completion of 3 Side Quests (5 Each)
  • Locating all 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts
Tyranny of King Washington: Betrayal
Step 6:
A single playthrough of the story will unlock Blindsided. You will obtain this achievement when you defeat General Putnam in the last Sequence. You will need to make use of the new Eagle Flight ability in order to unlock Frequent Flyer. This achievement tasks you with traveling a total of 1km with the new ability. You can easily work on this during the second Sequence when you receive the ability. In order to use this ability, you must target a safe landing zone (a white winged icon will appear above in-reach landing areas) and press to fly there. The New Tea Party will be the last achievement you unlock within the DLC. It will be a little time consuming due to the following requirements:
  • 100% synchronizing all 9 Sequences (See Below - [Sequences 3, 7, & 8 Provide Video Walkthroughs])
  • Completion of 4 Side Quests (see below)
  • Locating all 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts
Tryanny of King Washington: Redemption
Step 7:
A single playthrough of the story will unlock First in the Hearts. You will obtain this achievement during the last Sequence when you defeat George Washington. During Sequence 2, you will obtain the new Bear Might ability. You must utilize this ability to kill a total of 125 guards during your playthrough for Aftershock. You can easily knock this achievement out of the way during Sequence 2 itself, or during your playthrough of the story while traveling through New York. Like Wolf Cloak and Eagle Flight, Bear Might drains your health so be cautious when using it in battle.

If I Can Make It There:
This will be the last achievement you unlock within the DLC. It will involve some dedication and patience due to the following requirements:
  • 100% synchronization of all 8 Sequences (see below - [Sequences 4, 6, & 7 Provide Video Walkthroughs])
  • Completion of 4 Side Quests (see below)
  • Locating 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts

If you've played previous Assassin Creed games, you will know that the game can take a lot of time and dedication. There is a lot of repetitive gameplay and the collectibles can seem tedious. If you have never played Assassin's Creed and this is your first one, you may feel overwhelmed at times.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this RoadMap]
[x360a would like to thank The Bigg D for the DLC additions]


Assassin's Creed III Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 64 achievements with a total of 1350 points

  • Re-Enter the Animus.

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • Open the Temple Door and learn Desmond's fate.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This happens after the credits roll at the end of the game. There are a lot of credits so be prepared to have something to do while you wait it out.

  • Complete Sequence 1 & 2.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Sequence 1

    Mission 1: Refresher Course

    • Perform an air assassination

    Mission 2: A Deadly Performance
    Objectives: None

    Mission 3: Journey to the New World

    • Limit health loss - 10%

    Sequence 2

    Mission 2: Johnson's Errand

    • Kill Mercenaries using firearms (10)
    • Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health

    Mission 3: The Surgeon

    • Reach Undetected
    • Eavesdrop on moving group of guards

    Mission 4: The Soldier

    • Limited Detection Time (0:15 Seconds)
    • Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements
    • Perform sequential combo kills (3)

    Mission 5: Infiltrating Southgate

    • Find and kill the General
    • Perform stealth assassinations from a corner spot (3)
    • Avoid firing line damage
  • Complete Sequence 3.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Unconvinced

    • Health limit lose - 50%
    • Use breakable objects during the fight (2)

    Mission 2: Execution is Everything

    • Do not kill any guards
    • Sabotage cannons (2)

    Mission 3: The Braddock Expedition

    • Kill Militia without triggering open conflict (2)
    • Destroy powder carts
  • Complete Sequence 4.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Hide and Seek

    • Find all the children without making a mistake
    • Find all the children within the given time (4:00 Minutes)

    Mission 2: Feathers and Trees

    • Do not touch the ground or water
    • Collect three feathers

    Mission 3: Hunting Lessons

    • Combine bait and snare to catch an animal (3)
    • Hunt more than one type of animal
    • Air assassinate animals (2)

    Mission 4: Something to Remember

    • Avoid mid-air collisions
  • Complete Sequence 5.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: A Boorish Man

    • Limit health loss - 50%

    Mission 2: A Trip to Boston

    • Escape within the given time

    Mission 3: Boston's Most Wanted

    • Do not raise your notoriety to level 3

    Mission 4: River Rescue

    • Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry

    Mission 5: The Hard Way

    • Don't take any damage
    • Use swivel guns to destroy ships (2)
    • Successfully brace when attacked (3)
  • Complete Sequence 6.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: On Johnson's Trial

    • Stay below notoriety level 2
    • Limit firearm use (4)
    • Use powder kegs to destroy smuggle cargo

    Mission 2: The Angry Chef

    • Limit time spent in open conflict (15 Seconds)
    • Limit Chapheau's health to 50%
    • Perform five low-profile assassinations

    Mission 3: The Tea Party

    • Dump crates of tea in the water (10)
    • Throw redcoats in the water (3)
    • Perform musket air assassination

    Mission 4: Hostile Negotiations

    • Reach Johnson undetected
    • Limit native American casualties (1)
    • Perform a swan dive to escape
  • Complete Sequence 7.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: The Midnight Ride

    • Do not trigger open conflict
    • Reach Prescott's location within the given time (2:00 Minutes)

    Mission 2: Lexington and Concord

    • Rescue civilian hostages (1)
    • Kill groups of regulars with a single order (7)

    Mission 3: Conflict Looms

    • Cross Charlestown without taking damage
    • Assassinate the Grenadier
    • Remain undetected while on ships

    Mission 4: Battle of Bunker Hill

    • Cross the battlefield without taking damage
    • Limit regular kills (4)
    • Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected
  • Complete Sequence 8.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Something on the Side

    • Perform a successful static eavesdrop
    • Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
    • Do not tackle or shove anyone

    Mission 2: Bridewell Prison

    • Limit prison guard deaths (2)
    • Reach Hickey within the given time (2:00 Minutes)

    Mission 3: Public Execution

    • Kill enemy Militia (2)
    • Washington bodyguards must survive
  • Complete Sequence 9.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Missing Supplies

    • Catch the cart driver within the given time (0:30 Seconds)
    • Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy
    • Kill camp guards without being detected (3)

    Mission 2: Father and Son

    • Steal the Mercenary uniform without being detected

    Mission 3: The Foam and The Flames

    • Limit Haythams damage (50%)
    • Do not take any fire damage

    Mission 4: The Biter End

    • Limit environmental damage (20%)
    • Stay within distance of the Schooner (500)
    • Achieve a minimum 3 kill streak
  • Complete Sequence 10.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Alternate Methods

    • Use guards as human shields (2)
    • Tackle the target from above

    Mission 2: Broken Trust

    • Do not touch the ground
    • Stop the patriot messengers within the time limit (3:00 Minutes)
    • Stop the Kanie'keha:ka with non-lethal methods (6)

    Mission 3: Battle of Monmouth

    • Neutralise platoons with a single cannon (8)
    • Neutralise two platoons with a single cannon
    • Prevent patriots executions (3)
  • Complete Sequence 11.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Battle of the Chesapeake

    • Destroy ships using only one broadside (3)
    • Destroy frigates by firing on their powder stores (2)
    • Counter kill enemies (5)

    Mission 2: Lee's Last Stand

    • Reach the signal tower within the given time - 3:00
    • Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire
    • Limit health loss - 50%
  • Complete Sequence 12.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Laid to Rest

    • Limit regular kills (15)
    • Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict
    • Kill the HMS Jersey's Captain

    Mission 2: Chasing Lee

    • Stay within range of Lee (50M)
    • Do not shove anyone during the chase
    • Do not take any fire damage
  • Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

    Play all 12 sequences, gaining 100% sync on all of them. You must do all optional tasks and not fail them. There are 2 ways to do this.

    1) Immediately reload checkpoint if failed during initial playthrough of each mission. If you exit, the game will remember which checkpoint you are on and there is no need to restart anything.

    2) Replay the memory through the Animus memory sequence menu. If you fail the mission here, you will have to restart the entire memory. There is no option to restart from checkpoint. 

    For a more in depth guide, view the 100% Sync Guide.

  • Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.

    You must analyze all inhabitants of the Homestead. Press and go to your logbook. In Building The Homestead, you will see your stats. You must complete Homestead missions to recruit all of the inhabitants. There are quite a few and this will take a very long time. If you aren't seeing Homestead missions, try progressing in the game a little bit farther. To analyze them, hold with the target on them. If they are not doing an activity to be recorded, it will say "invalid target". If they are, it will be recorded. Check the guide below for more specific details. Each character does a variety of tasks related to their work. You need to witness/record multiple different tasks for each. The tracking on this is a bit buggy. Check the guide below for more information and remember, patience is a virtue. You will have to do some serious stalking to witness everything you need.

    *Encyclopedia of the Common Man Guide*


    This achievement has been patched and is no longer an issue. If you were a victim of the glitch, you can now download the patch and when the game starts up, you will get your achievement.

  • Craft one of Franklin's inventions to decorate your Manor.

    To get the ability to craft one Franklin's inventions, you must collect his almanac pages and you will get the "recipes" for them. You then must have the supplies and the correct "craftsman" for the job. It's best to attempt this achievement after you have completed all Homestead missions so that everyone is leveled up and you have access to all supplies. After doing all of this, you just have to use the Accounting Book. Inside the front door the the manor, look left and you'll see a book in a room that lets you craft. These books are also in all of the general shops.

    Note: You must craft all of his recipes anyways for the 100% DNA Tracker.

  • Recruit any of the Artisans and see them settled on the Homestead.

    This will be unlocked early in the game, as you save a man from a cliff near the manor. You will tell him his talents can be used and he claims he will keep it in mind but that decision is made rather quickly. You need to recruit all of them, so this will come along easily.

  • See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead.

    As you progress in the game, you will start unlocking characters for your Homestead. These are all Homestead missions and you will get this along the way of completing them.

    List of Characters

    • Big Dave
    • Godfrey & Terry
    • Lance
    • Warren & Prudence
    • Norris
    • Lyle White
    • Ellen
    • Myriam
    • Father Timothy
    • Oliver and Corrine
  • Win a game of Fanorona, Morris and Bowls on the Homestead.

    There are a total of 3 little mini games you can play in this game. Once you have your Homestead built up, you will be able to play them there as well.

    Fanorona: You find this game inside of the Manor at the Homestead. To win this game, you must capture all of the opponents pieces. You must move a piece away or towards the opposite color. When one is taken all of the ones in a straight line from it will get removed. Pick to move second. This is on Expert difficulty automatically, so don't expect to have an easy time here. Sometimes the AI will make a move that ends up removing a ton of your pieces with a combo. If it looks like you're going to lose, you probably will. Use the quit out method to try again. If you can manage a combo or two yourself then you stand a decent chance. Let the AI go first, and try to follow the below video. If it isn't doing the same moves, quit and try again. This might be your best shot at getting this won.

    Bowls: Travel South of the Manor to the little town and right near the inn is an outside game. This game is Intermediate difficulty (phew). One player throws the main ball on the ground, then each players gets 4 balls to try and get as close as they can to the main one. You throw until you are closest. Whoever ends with the most balls closest to the main, wins. Try to make the blue circle as small as you can when throwing. If it's possible, knock an opponents ball away while also making yours closer. This is the easiest of the 3 games but it might take some getting used to before you win. There are 2 rounds to win.

    Morris: Right next to Bawls is the Inn and a tavern. Inside is the game. Here you must place pieces and create 3 in a line to take away an opponents piece. It's usually best to start and place your pieces in two corners. After you run out of pieces (after placing them), you must move your current ones. At 3 pieces left you can move them anywhere on the board. This game is also very difficult and on Expert when you play it at the Homestead. Watch the video below as a reference. This may take several attempts.

    Note: Keep in mind, you must bet and win 500 total for a thieves guild challenge.


  • Explore Fort Wolcott.

    To visit Fort Wolcott you have to do the first part of the "Peg Leg" side mission. The quest giver can be found at the harbor of the Homestead area. He wants you to find trinkets scattered around the Frontier, Boston, New York, and the Homestead. You can buy a map for these at any general store to make it easier. You only have to find 12 to be given the location to Fort Wolcott. Go to the Harbormaster and go to the Fort. This is the first part of Kidd's Treasure quest. Complete the fort and make sure you do the optional quests as well.

  • Uncover the mystery of Oak Island.

    To visit Oak Island you have to find all 24 Peg Leg Trinkets and finish all parts of the "Peg Leg" side mission explained in the "Bring Down the House" achievement description. This is just finishing the Kidd's Treasure quest. This is the last location of the quest that you must complete. After you are done, the achievement will unlock (uncovering the mystery is just doing the quest, nothing special on your part).

  • Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.

    At the Harbormaster, you will be given the various missions for the Aquila which are sea warfare based missions. Complete them all for the achievement. This can only be started after sequence 5. Check your DNA Tracker on "The Aquila" tab to see how much percent you have completed if you are wondering how far you are. The icon below is what a naval mission looks like on the map at the Harbormaster.


  • Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.

    Once you have access to the Aquila, via the Harbormaster, you will be taken into a map of the East Coast near the Atlantic Ocean. There are icons that are various missions. The ones that look like a ship's helm (the steering wheel essentially). Complete them all for the achievement. You need to do these for the 100% DNA Tracker. The below icon is what you're looking for.

  • Upgrade the Aquila.

    After obtaining the missions for the Aquila, go to the Harbormaster and besides him is a book. The book lets you do various upgrades to the Aquila. Most of them are quite expensive, but adding an additional cannon can be purchased if you don't have a lot of money.

  • Be invited to join a Club.

    There are 4 clubs. You must do basic things to get yourself invited to them which they look for. You do not talk to anyone, you just do the actions to get invited. Below is a list of the clubs and the actions you must do. Take in mind you might have to do a decent amount of it until you get your invitation, so keep at it.

    1. Frontiersman - Explore a good amount of locations
    2. Hunting Society - Hunting animals gets you invited
    3. Boston Brawlers - Using hand to hand combat gets you invited
    4. Thieves - picking pockets gets you invited
  • Complete all challenges for any of the Clubs.

    You get invited to clubs as play through the game. The clubs are Boston Brawlers, The Hunting Society, Thieves, and The Frontiersmen. There are 3 sets of challenges for each club. To see the challenges in the next list, you must complete the set before it. Luckily the game keeps track of all of your stats. It is very likely that by the time you finish challenge set 1, you will have at least 75% or more of the next set already accomplished. These tasks are generally extremely easy (except a few which are hard).

  • Liberate all districts in Boston OR New York.

    Keep playing the liberation missions on your map. There are 3 general "districts" in both cities that you must complete. Check your Liberation Missions map above your normal map to see each divided district. See your logbook if you want to know what kind of missions need to be done. Your best bet is to do all of the viewpoints (the bird icon). The missions only appear if you have been near them or have the viewpoint unlocked. After completing them, you then have to talk to your "contact" to complete one main mission usually involving assassinating someone.

  • Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier.

    Sending a convoy is a way to make money. You must send one to each area described in the description. This will become easier to do as you gain supplies and build up your homestead. You must also have accessed at least 1 general store in each area. When in the convoy menu (accessed from the Accounting Book found in the manor or general stores), you need to press down on the analogue stick to pick a different area's store.

  • Retrieve every page for one of Ben Franklin's Almanacs.

    For this achievement, you do not have to collect every page. It is only required to complete one of the Almanacs. While in a town, there will be random floating pages that you must collect. If you go to the general store you can purchase a map to find them all, making this extremely easy. In order to get 100% DNA Tracker, however, you must collect every single page anyways. They are only found in Boston and New York. There are a total of 32 to find.

  • Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries.

    Press and look at your animus DNA Tracker. Below is the list you can look at to make sure it's all done. There are a total of 17070 points on the tracker and you must get all of them. You pretty much have to do everything in the game!

    Please visit THIS THREAD for a guide on the Club Challenges.

    Sequences - Main story (Must get 100% sync in call optional objectives)
    Clubs - You must get all clubs completely done (all challenges/missions)
    Side Missions - This covers all liberation missions
    Discovery - All almanacs, chests, feathers, trinkets, forts, underground, and citizen missions
    Naval - All naval missions, privateer contracts, as well as the Captain Kidd's quest
    Homestead - All characters, missions, and crafting all inventions

  • Complete 50% of the Progress Tracker entries.

    See "Completionist" achievement

  • Perform a double assassination using a musket.

    The musket is found throughout the game on guards or on a gun rack. To get a double assassination, go behind two guards and chain an assassination between them both. You cannot get a double assassination like you can with your hidden blade, they must be chained.

  • Kill 15 guards with a single cannon shot.

    This can be done during DNA Sequence 10 - Memory 3 (Battle of Monmouth). Right after the sequence starts you will be in control of a cannon and have to fight off some enemies. Aim slightly to the left and as far back as you can. Shoot into the approaching group of soldiers and you should get the 15 kills on your first shot. If you miss the shot you can either restart the checkpoint or wait for another group of soldiers.

  • Hang 5 enemies by using rope darts.

    Rope darts are a type of tool you can select within the menu. To hang an enemy, you must be on a tree branch. Hold and the dart will grab the enemy. Keep holding, and eventually you will drag him up in the air. Now move your and you will fall and he will raise up, hanging. This will use one of your darts out of your inventory. You can reload checkpoints if you are within a mission and found a good spot.

  • Loot a convoy without killing any of its guards.

    A convoy is a horse-drawn carriage that is guarded by soldiers. They come in by themselves or in pairs and when nearby, the game will notify you to attack it. They can only be found in the Frontier area. There are fixed spawn points for them, but they can also appear randomly at any daytime and weather condition. One of these convoys has a 50% spawn chance in front of the Templar Fort that is located in the south-western corner of the map. There is a harbor nearby that can be used as a fast travel station. If the convoy doesn't spawn you can travel to another map and return later. To actually loot the convoy without killing anyone you just have to use your fists instead of lethal weapons. This will knock your enemies out and not kill them. You can also use smoke bombs to stun the soldiers and finish them more quickly. Once all guards are defeated you have to interact with the back of the carriage to steal the supplies/money. If there are two of them and sometimes one will glitch and you cannot steal from it. If this happens you will need to try again later.

  • Block a firing line 5 times by using a human shield.

    Early on in the game, you will be introduced to this tactic. A firing squad will start to shoot at you and the game will go into slow motion for you. Grab a nearby enemy and use him as a shield (by pressing when indicated). After successful, just load your checkpoint and repeat 4 more times. Later on in the game you will still have plenty of chances, except you won't get slow motion nor the ability to just reload your checkpoint.

  • After becoming fully Notorious, kill 10 Jagers before losing your notoriety.

    After becoming fully Notorious (three X's to the right of your mini map), you will start to see the Jager enemies. They are actually a lot more difficult to fight than the other enemies in the game. A good place to do this is at the end of DNA Sequence 5 - Memory 2. Memories can be replayed by going to the "DNA Tracker" menu in the pause screen. You will have to climb to a rooftop and after a cutscene you will automatically get full notoriety. There will be lots of Jagers on the streets then. You must kill all 10 to get the achievement in one go.

  • Have a Trainee reach the Assassin Rank.

    You will automatically get your first assassin as you play the game trying to liberate the various parts of the cities. More will join you as you liberate the various districts. To level up an assassin, hold and press on any of the available actions (for contracts). Choose the various contracts and send off your assassin on the missions that seem to be easy enough to complete. If failed, you will have to wait for the assassin to recover. Get enough experience points to gain the final rank (1100XP). There are a total of 84 missions.

  • Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general stores.

    To get an undamaged pelt, you must kill an enemy while your "first" icon in your weapons is active. This usually involves punching the animal if you are running around carelessly spamming the button. You then trade the pelts that are in perfect condition as indicated by the description. You must sell at least 1 of any animal pelt to every general store. There are a total of 3 stores in each area (3 stores, 3 areas, 9 total). You have to get close enough to the door for it to show up on your map. Use the below list to check the stores you have sold perfect pelts too. There is no other way to see which store you sold one too. It is up to you to keep track of this.

    Boston Stores

    1. Hancock's Store No. 5
    2. Elizabeth Murray's Fineries
    3. Child's Still House of Dry Goods

    New York Stores

    1. Rhinelander's Sugars
    2. De Lancey's Imports & Goods
    3. Van Brugh's Spices


    Frontier Stores

    1. The Walking Haberdashery
    2. The Milliner's Wares
    3. Murdoch's Barter

  • Witness a predator killing an enemy.

    The animals that can kill enemies are: Bears, bobcats, cougars, and wolves. It has been reported that a fox or an elk can also kill an enemy for you to gain the achievement.

    There are scripted events in the Frontier area where one of these animals kills an enemy. They have somewhat fixed locations. Go to the Packanack hunting zone on the western part of the map for the best luck. Try to find the restricted area (highlighted in red). Go up a hill to the west and you will encounter several bobcats, as well as two hunters. You may not be in open conflict with any of the hunters or animals or they will not attack each other. If this happens, run away. Sometimes a group of enemies are walking on a trail and you can attack them and run to an area high in "predator" animals. Run off and then circle back to follow them and you could have a chance to see them come in contact with an animal.

  • Fin



    Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after the credits roll.

    Once you have finished all sequences and the credits roll, you will be back in the game. There are now new "main missions" that appear which are the epilogue missions. After completing them, you will gain the achievement and will be able to continue on finishing whatever is left for your DNA tracker. All it really is is traveling to the main missions points, no actual objectives are involved.

  • Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode.


    Battle your way through multiplayer mode in order to gain the level 20. Play team based games or go solo, whatever you are best at and are getting the most points in. If you hate multiplayer or want to save time, you can use the achievement trading thread to try and match up with people to "boost". If you are frustrated with multiplayer, you can play Wolfpack mode to gain experience playing by yourself or with other people.

    Post in THIS THREAD to find people.

  • Reach sequence 10 in a map on Wolfpack multiplayer mode.


    Wolfpack is more like a co-op mode. You work together with people to take down enemies. There are a total of 25 sequences you can complete in this mode, but you will only have to reach the 10th for the achievement. This is actually extremely easy to do if you just keep assassinating enemies quickly and grabbing the "time assassinations" when possible. It works well if there are 2 people in the game to perform double assassinations for more points. You can easily get this achievement in under 10 minutes. If you want to find people to help out, you can post in the achievement trading thread.

    Note: This mode can be done offline in "limited mode". You can still gain this achievement by yourself even if you don't have an internet connection.

    Post in THIS THREAD to find people.

  • Be on the winning team at the end of a multiplayer game session.

    This is a team game type based achievement, and you just have to be on the winning team or even a "draw" which still counts (fairly common in artifact mode). You may boost this even in a private session with other players if you want. To do so, just visit the achievement trading thread below.

    Post in THIS THREAD to find people.

  • Customize your multiplayer Profile and Character.

    Go into the customization options after gaining enough money to purchase a customization and apply it to your character. You cannot just customize your emblem/title, you must actually purchase something to customize your character and change it. When in multiplayer mode, use and to select the tab to customize. The white "money" icon means in game credits you have earned playing. The gold "money" icon represents a different type of currency. If you really want an item and can't wait to get it, you may choose that type which translates into real money based off of Microsoft points.

  • Unlock a hacked version of one of the Abstergo videos in the story quest.

    This has been unlocking normally from challenges done in multiplayer mode, and you may get it without even trying. Find the Abstergo Story option in the menu. You will see various square pictures with blue icons below. Those icons represent challenges. Highlight the second set called Abstergo Dev Diary 1_Hack. You must complete two challenges to unlock it. Highlight the blue icons and see your progress. You need to earn a Multi Kill Bonus in any Team Mode or Wolfpack. This is easily done in Wolfpack with a second person, as both targets stand next to each other. The other challenge is to get Aerial Kill Bonus (20 total). After you get both challenges completed, you will unlock the video and the achievement will unlock without you having to actually view the video.


Secret achievements

  • Complete Present - Stadium.

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • Complete Present - Skyscraper.

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • Complete Present - Abstergo.

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud.

    After you complete the main story and the credits have rolled, you can get back to your adventure. This achievement requires you to be online for it to work. Hit and you will see a new icon above the regular map. It will give you a short tutorial on how things work. Basically, there are things called pivots that are cheats you can find. They look like the picture below.

    On the map in the new icon area, you can place your own pivots. When you place two of them, part of the map shows green. This means a pivot you do not have is somewhere within. To narrow down your search, place a 3rd pivot somewhere in the green. A good tactic is to guess somewhere in the middle and place your pivot. When you get a green triangle, go in the middle, remove another pivot, and place one in that spot (you can only place pivots on yourself).

    It does take some getting used to but after one or two you will get the hang of it and it's extremely easy. You can knock this achievement out in an hour or so. There are a total of 10 pivots. Once you have obtained them all, pull the menu up and go into the pivot sub menu and things will sync and the achievement will unlock.

DLC: Battle Hardened Pack

There are 4 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • With any of the additional characters, perform 20 ‘Revive’ actions.

    There are 3 new characters you get with this DLC.

    • The Influential Governor
    • The Resilient Highlander
    • The Fearsome Coyote Man

    As one of the new characters, you must revive a team mate. See the above picture to see what they look like. You can only do this in team based games, obviously. When one of your team members are stunned, go up and press the prompt to revive them. This is when they have a green cross icon above their heads. If you don't, they will eventually revive on their own.

    Non-Boosting Method: Follow your team mates around and don't really help except to revive them if they get stunned. Even if it means you will likely get stunned after, it's worth getting one or two.

  • Finish a multiplayer game session with each of the additional characters.

    This will take a total of at least 3 sessions. Play as each of the below new characters:

    • The Influential Governor
    • The Resilient Highlander
    • The Fearsome Coyote Man

    This can be done in any mode, and solo in Wolfpack if you want. Just choose one of the 3 characters included in the DLC and play one session. You cannot quit out early. If you aren't unlocking it, you may want to recheck the characters you picked. Some of them look similar. If doing Wolfpack, enter the session and just let the time run out.

  • Stun 3 pursuers without dying, playing with any of the additional characters.

    Choose any of the 3 new characters added in this DLC.

    • The Influential Governor
    • The Resilient Highlander
    • The Fearsome Coyote Man

    You have to stun 3 enemies. When you are a "target", there will be people after you. When you find someone acting suspicious or obvious, quickly press to stun them. If they have also pressed the button you will get an honorable death instead. When you stun them, run off. It's best done in a team based game. Keep knives with you. If you see an enemy get stunned, you can quickly throw knives at him when he stands back up and stun him. This will be the harder of the achievements. Boosting would be your quick option here.

    Non-Boosting Method: Your best bet is abilities. Assuming you are level 20 you should have a good amount to choose from. For example, place a trip mine at your feet and stand in a crowd. When it goes off stun and run. You can also use knives if you think you know your attacker before he gets to you. If on a team, sometimes you will get lucky and the attackers will be killing a team mate right by you and you can get a stun in. Chain it if you can with other enemy players or by using traps like a smoke bomb.

    Training Method: Play the Training simulator from the menu (disc 2 only). Play until you get to 6/7 and you will need to stun a pursuer. During 7/7, you will stun again. You will get a notification to continue or to replay. Choose to replay and you will get the chance to stun a third time. This will unlock the achievement and is very easy.

    Alternate Training Method: Play Introductory Session 3 which starts you off stunning people. Will be faster than any other method.

  • Complete a Wolfpack multiplayer session on any of the additional maps.


    There are 3 new maps in this DLC. Just play a session on any of them. You must pick the game category Wolfpack and make sure it says Extra Content Maps. You must complete the map by doing all 25 sequences. As you get kills and points, you will get to the next sequence. There is no stopping and there is a timer. You must compete each kill as fast as you can but trying to gain a lot of points. The more people you have the easier it should be since you can get kills at the same time which gives you bonuses.

    Even with 4 people, getting this complete could take 25-30 minutes to complete. It helps if everyone tries to get high point kills (not running in and killing everything when it appears). This means target with then hold it down to focus, waiting for incognito to appear on your upper right status, then killing.

    Note: If searching for random open games, you have the possibility of entering a game session already in progress. If you're lucky, you may end up on a team that's already near the end.

    Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find people, or just play with random people in the matchmaking.

    • Saint Pierre (tropical environment)
    • Fort St-Mathieu (stronghold)
    • Boston neighborhood of Charlestown

DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington, Part 1: Infamy

There are 4 achievements with a total of 90 points

  • Receive an unexpected gift.

    Near the start of Sequence 2: Warn the Village you are given the Hidden Blade. Achievement will unlock once this happens.

  • Kill 25 enemies while staying cloaked.

    At the end of the third sequence you will unlock the Wolf Cloak. This will allow you to go invisible. Equip it and hit to activate. Equip the hidden blade then walk behind people and stab them. You can not sprint and the longer you are cloaked the more health you lose. So it is advised to only kill one or two enemies at a time and then hide to regain your health. This is cumulative throughout your playthrough.

    For some players this achievement requires more than 25 cloaked kills. If that is the case, just keep killing people and it will unlock sooner or later.

  • Reach 100% synchronization in the Frontier.

    Sequence 1: Awaken

    • Kill 5 Bluecoats at the church while remaining undetected.
      Make sure you do not use any weapons to kill the guards. When you jump off the tree, run past your mother into the hay cart to the right. Jump in and kill the first guard using Next run all the way to the left of the cemetery and kill the guard right next to the broken wall. There will be two people in front of you now. Wait until the bluecoat patrolling goes behind the building and kill him. To go to the left corner of the building and whistle to get the bluecoat who is crouching to walk over to you. Kill him. Go back to the haycart and kill the guy by the bushes on the other side of the wall. If you kill the guy by the bushes, make sure the patrolling bluecoat is on the other side of the building. Kill the one standing then wait for the patrolling one to come back around and turn his back to you. Walk up and kill him. The challenge should be complete and there will be no timer. You are now free to kill everyone else and continue the sequence without stealth.
    • Prevent any Bluecoat reinforcements from reaching Concord.
      When you are manning the cannon, make sure you do not worry about the people shooting at you. Only worry about those on the main road. Just lead your shots a little bit (anticipate a second delay before the shot hits) and you should be able to complete this no problem. After you hit the first shot, enemies will be in fields and on the roof of the building to the east. You have time to kill the bluecoats on the rooftop before the next wave comes. If you time your shots correctly you can also take out the men on the ground while taking out a wave of enemies. You do not need to worry about the foot soldiers shooting at you however.
    • Do not permit any Bluecoat runners to light a fuse
      The runners carry torches and are marked with larger circles on your minimap. You don't have to worry about the other bluecoats. There's only about 6 that may attack you. Just run at the runners with your Tomahawk or if they get too far away use your bow and arrow.

    Sequence 2: Warn the Village

    • None.

    Sequence 3: Sky World Journey

    • Don't touch any rocks during slides.
      Tad tricky because it's hard to see anything. You have to slide down a hill 3 times and the notification about the objective will appear before you go down each. None of them are too hard to slide down. Just steer with the right stick and you should be able to do it.
    • Kill the Elk without alerting it.
      Press and cloak. Then walk up to the elk and hit .

    Sequence 4: One-Man Wolf Pack

    • Kill 2 bluecoats with a single arrow
      Walk around until you find two bluecoats standing side by side. Hold down then fire to make the shot more powerful. Hopefully you will kill them both. Easiest spot I found was as soon as the challenge pops. There will be two bluecoats running up a hill. Follow them until they reach the top. They will be walking single file and you have a perfect opportunity to kill them both.
    • Kill the runner by calling the Wolf Pack
      Hit as soon as the challenge appears and the enemy is highlighted to kill him with your wolves.

    Sequence 5: Path of Revenge

    • Use no stalking bushes during the eavesdrop.
      Do not even touch the shrubs and plants in the area. Instead jump into the pile of hay. When the soldiers move, hit to become invisible and jump out of the hay and move to the haycart. Stay there until they move and then turn invisible again. This time go jump into the well. If done correctly you should have successfully eavesdropped on the soldiers by the time you reach the well.

    Sequence 6: Justice Served

    • Free the bear without killing or alerting the guards.
      After you chase Benedict Arnold, there will be a bear in a cage. Use your Wolf Cloak and and walk over to the cage. Hold to open the cage and then leave the circle.
    • Stay undetected in the fort.
      Use your Wolf Cloak and you can basically walk straight up to Benedict Arnold and stab him. Use the bushes to regain health if it gets low. You don't technically have to kill any of the bluecoats.

    The best way to do these challenges is to ride a horse between the two towns in the middle. There is a set place for a wolf attack and several starving citizens spawns. Convoys spawn less commonly but they do appear. You can always reload the area if you don't find a second convoy after a while.

    Attack 5 Convoys
    Convoys are randomly spawning. You can find them by the moving red square. You will have to kill about 10 bluecoats and then open the cages for it to count. The most common locations for them to spawn are in towns.

    Help 5 Starving Civillians
    There will be an indicator on the map. You just need to walk up to the person and press .

    Attack 5 Packs of Wolves
    You can't just kill any wolves. There will be an indicator to show you where the wolves are attacking the citizen. There will be 3 wolves each time. There is however a rare chance that you will also have to protect the civilian from bluecoats.

    Find the Lucid Memory Artifact
    There are three artifacts in total.

    • In a burnt out tavern on your way to the first missions.
    • On the top of fort you are at during Mission 5.
    • When you finish the game you will be in a U shaped town. It is along the river to the right of this town (top of the map, mid right).

Secret achievements

DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington, Part 2: Betrayal

There are 3 achievements with a total of 75 points

  • Use Eagle Flight to travel 1 km.

    You will unlock this ability in the beginning of Sequence 2. After defending the nest of Eggs from the Bobcats, you will need to use the Eagle Flight ability for the rest of the Sequence. It is possible to unlock this achievement during this short sequence, as you are required to use it in order to proceed. Follow the on-screen directions when using the ability in order to perfect your flights.

    Alternatively, if the achievement does not unlock during Sequence 2, you can always use Eagle Flight during any other Sequences when traveling around Boston. This is an easier method since getting around via the rooftops with Eagle Flight is both faster and safer than roaming the streets on foot.

  • Reach 100% synchronization in Boston.

    In order to reach 100% synchronization in Boston, you will have to complete 9 Sequences, 4 Side Missions, and recover 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts. Here's the breakdown of each requirement:

    Sequence 1: Prison Break

    • Kill 3 guards undetected.
      As soon as you open the door to the large warehouse area, head down the steps and follow the next set of stairs to the ground level. You will notice two guards on your right having a conversation, and one further behind them near a hay cart. Activate your Wolf Cloak using  to sneak past the guards and hide in the hay cart. From here, kill the lone guard next to the hay cart. Next, use the  to whistle in order to attract the next guard. Once he peers into the hay cart, kill him. Lastly, activate Wolf Cloak again, hop out of the your hiding spot, and sneak up behind the Heavy Guard. Tap  to subdue him and the constraint is complete.

    Sequence 2: Sky World Journey

    • Save all the eggs (3)
      Once you climb to the top of the tree, you will have to save all three eggs in the Eagle's nest from a group of Bobcats. As they approach the nest, they will pounce at you so be ready to follow the on-screen buttons prompts in order to counter dodge them in time. In total, there will be about 5 to 6 Bobcats that you must kill before the constraint is complete.
    • Chain 3 Eagle Flights, twice.
      This should come naturally by the end of the Sequence. As a note, make sure to be looking up and press  before you land on a rock or tree, in order to fly to the next location before you actually land and exit Eagle Flight. If done correctly, the constraint will be complete by the time you land on the last of the three thin trees as the Spirit Eagle flies away.
    • Avoid all obstacles.
      This constraint is self-explantory. After performing the Leap of Faith off the treetops, you will now enter a flight sequence where you must fly through a canyon. Simply avoid hitting any rocks or walls and you'll be in good shape. If you find yourself messing up during the tight corners or low swoops, you can always restart your last checkpoint to retry.

    Sequence 3: Dive Bomb

    • Kill all guards while remaining undetected.
      There are a total of 5 guards in the warehouse. If you mess up at any point during this, remember to restart your checkpoint. Hop in the hay cart in front of you right away! If you wait there long enough, one guard will eventually walk by. Whistle in order to have him approach, then take him out. If you wait a little longer, a Heavy Guard will come by too. Whistling does not work on him, but he will eventually stop right in front of the hay cart which will allow you to take him out. Now, we'll need to kill the last 3 guards with an Eagle Assassination while remaining undetected, so refer to the second constraint below.
    • Perform 3 Eagle Assassinations in the warehouse.
      In order to perform an Eagle Assassination, you will need to use the  in order to zoom in, and lock onto a target. Once you are locked on, hit the  to enter Eagle Flight and Connor will swoop down and assassinate the target instantly. From the hay cart, use Eagle Flight to fly to the furthest barrel on your left. Quickly look down and lock onto the lone guard standing there. Tap  again to perform an Eagle Assassination. Run back to the start of the warehouse and after some time, a guard will come inspect the area of the guard you just killed. Use the same method as before to kill him. For the last guard, fly to the top of the rafters and target him for the last Eagle Assassination.
    • Use Eagle Assassination to kill Franklin.
      Once you regain control on Connor after a short cutscene, use Eagle Flight to get to to rooftops. From here, you must chase Franklin as he runs away. Once he crosses the streets via the cable wire that runs across the houses, target him and use an Eagle Assassination to finish him off.


    Sequence 4: Consequences

    • No Constraints to complete.

    Sequence 5: Return to Sender

    • Capture 2 of the opponent's pieces.
      Good old checkers. You should know how to play, so just play against your opponent and he will move certain pieces into positions that leave him vulnerable to defeat. If you mess up, remember to restart the checkpoint. If you do not know how to play checkers at a base level, this may take several attempts. The AI difficulty seems to be set to Novice or Beginner, so he should be moving his pieces into positions where you will easily be able to "jump" them.
    • Kill both sentinels within the time limit.
      The timer seems to appear once you kill the first sentinel. It is suggested to deal with the guard on the left first, who is inside the roofed boat structure. Use your Eagle Flight to reach him, then take him out quickly with any weapon you have available. Now quickly exit this structure and make a jump towards the second sentinel. While free falling, you will be able to use your Eagle flight on a nearby beam in order to reach the second sentinel on the raised platform. You should be able to finish him off before the timer runs out.

    Sequence 6: Man of Mettle

    • Steal the horse undetected.
      This can be a little tricky. While there are many, if not countless, ways to approach this Sequence's constraint, I found it easiest to approach the fort from the front gate. You will notice a guard and his attack dog stationed here. Round the fort's wall to the right and continue until you are running against the back wall. From here, use Eagle Flight to soar to the top of the wall. Now, use Eagle Vision to locate the horse and you will notice it is right ahead of you, down some steps. Use your Wolf Cloak ability to sneak past the guards stationed on the wall and head down the steps to mount the horse. The constraint is complete once the horse is mounted.

    Sequence 7: Pieces in Motion

    • Use 3 contextual attacks during the bar fight.
      This simply means using environmental attacks in the bar during the fight. You will notice certain parts of the bar are glowing, such as a chair. Lead your enemies towards these items and when you counter their attacks using , Conner will use the environment to his advantage. I suggest using the chair, the table, and the barrel right near the bar counter. There are 9 enemies that you have to fight during this section so do not worry if you eliminate the first three guards without using contextual attacks.
    • Remain undetected during the investigation.
      Again, there are countless ways to approach this constraint. I found it easiest to hop in the bush to the right of the starting area and use bait to lure the guard dog away from the main entrance. Once he is distracted, use Wolf Cloak to approach the main gate and take cover in the bushes there. Once your Wolf Cloak recharges, active it and head through the main entrance. Follow the dirt path down the center of the fort and hop into the bushes to your right. Use some bait in order to distract a dog further ahead, and use this opportunity to investigate the clue in the middle of the road. After inspecting the clue, you should see a couple tents up towards your left with a bush nearby. Hide in that bush and allow your Wolf Cloak to recharge again. Use Eagle Vision to find the next clue, and distract the dog again before advancing towards the second clue. After viewing this clue, sit yourself in the bushes just beyond the hay cart right in front of you. When your Cloak is fully charged, drop some bait one last time to distract the last couple of dogs, and then use your Cloak to reach the witness.


    Sequence 8: Aquila Unchained

    • Remain undetected while stealing the uniform.
      This will be easier than expected. As soon as you regain control on Connor, use Eagle Flight quickly to catch up to the guard and subdue him. You will most likely attract a few guard in the area, so quickly switch to Wolf Cloak and sit tight while a few guards pour into the area. Use your Wolf Pack ability to kill some guards without much effort, and pick off any remaining guards while cloaked. Once the area is clear, pick up the guard you subdued, and carry him back to Franklin. If done correctly, it should be a short walk back, and you would only have had to kill about 3 to 4 other guards.
    • Use an Animal Power to kill a guard menacing Franklin.
      Use Wolf Cloak and head north down the alley on your left. There will be two guards here. While Cloaked, make sure you have the Assassin's Blade equipped. Proceed to kill both guards and the constraint is complete.
    • Remain undetected while protecting Franklin.
      From the alley you just killed both guards, take a left and head straight down the road. Use your Cloak and eliminate the Heavy Guard standing at the opened gate. Head through this gate and follow Franklin to the left. On the way, two guards approach Franklin from the left side of the streets. Use Cloak to eliminate them both. Quickly kill the one or two guards who are patrolling the right side of the streets and come running to aid their fallen comrades. Franklin will turn left down a wide street, and there will be two Heavies to the right. Take them out while cloaked and head through the alley they were guarding. At this point, you are now safe to proceed behind Franklin as he approaches Faulkner.



    Sequence 9: Escape to New York

    • Save all the crew members.
      Quickly eliminate the two Snipers at the edge of the dock. Now, turn around and begin fighting the horde of guards. Make use of your Wolf Pack in order to eliminate the enemies with ease. After clearing the first wave of enemies, the game will warn you to prepare for another wave. During the second and third waves, you'll need to rely more on luck than speed. Faulkner's men have reached the boat at this point and begin bombing the docks. There is a high likelihood that some of the crew members will be weakened and killed by these bombings so eliminate the enemies quickly and hopefully, none of your crew members die. Be sure to also make use of your Wolf Cloak to confuse the enemies and obtain double assassinations when they are in the midst of battle. If you mess up, you can always restart the checkpoint.
    • Kill Putnam while using an Animal Power.
      As soon as you regain control of Conner, activate Wolf Cloak and rush towards Putnam. Tap  to assassinate him and enjoy the cutscene!

    Attack Convoy:

    • For this Side Mission, you must attack a total of 4 conveys around the area of Boston and set their captives free. While roaming around Boston, you will get a notice on your screen that there is enemy convoy nearby. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards it. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Help the Hungry:

    • For this Side Mission, you must feed a total of 5 civilians around Boston. While roaming around Boston, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who needs your help. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the center the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Rescue Civilian:

    • For this Side Mission, save a total of 4 civilians before they are executed by Bluecoat guards. While roaming around Boston, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who needs your help. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the left most part of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Wolf Rescue:

    • For this Side Mission, you must defend 2 civilians who are being attacked by wolves around Boston. While roaming around Boston, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who needs your help. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top left of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).


    Lucid Memory Artifacts:

    • The Musket
      After Sequence 3, Adams and Kanen'tó:kon advise Connor that they should meet up. This is when Boston becomes fully accessible. Before heading to Sequence 4, you'll notice an Artifact icon on your mini-map directly in front of you! Head to the rooftops to find the musket (pictured below, bottom-right of the map).
    • The Crate
      As you approach the bottom of the district (before the farm/rural area), the second Artifact will appear on your map. This Artifact is a small grey crate. It is surrounded by plenty of guards so prepare for a lengthly fight (pictured below - bottom-left on the map).
    • The Hat
      While exploring the northern part of the district, the third Artifact will eventually appear on your map. The hat is located on top on a wooden table, near a guard's post (pictured below, top of the map).


Secret achievements

DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington, Part 3: Redemption

There are 3 achievements with a total of 85 points

  • Kill 125 enemies using Bear Might.

    You will unlock this ability at the start of Sequence 2 after removing all four spears from the spirit bear. Using the Bear Might ability works similarly to the other two supernatural abilities. You must tap to activate it. Bear Might allows Connor to smash the ground beneath him, causing a large shock wave that injures and kills anyone around him.

    Like Wolf Cloak, Bear Might will drain your health a significant amount upon usage. To ensure you obtain your 125 quickly, try taking out as many guards as possible during Sequence 2. It's definitely possible to obtain the achievement during this Sequence alone, although you may end up taking some damage from the guards as you wait for your health to regenerate, thus missing out on the 100% synchronization for the Sequence. Alternatively, you can focus some of your kills on the guards in New York as you make your way to each Sequence instead of fast traveling to them. It is also worth noting that the first constraint in Sequence 3 requires you to kill 50 enemies. It is possible to get a majority of your kills towards the achievement while completing this constraint.

  • Reach 100% synchronization in New York.

    In order to reach 100% synchronization in New York, you will have to complete a total of 8 Sequences, 4 Side Missions, and recover 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts. Here's the breakdown of each requirement:

    Sequence 1: Dark Waters

    • Successfully brace when attacked (5 times).
      There is no timer during this part of the Sequence, so it is suggested to complete the constraint before destroying any of the four vessels. Set your mast to half sail and head right towards the enemy ships. Right before they fire their cannons at you, a red beacon in the water will show the direction of their cannon fire. Quickly tap to have you and your crew brace from the incoming attack. Once Connor safely evades five attacks, proceed to destroy all four ships. Remember to use your cannons () for the three larger ships, and your swivel gun () for the one small ship.
    • Do not hit any rocks in the minefield.
      Make sure to heed Faulkner's warning and not shoot at any of the mines, otherwise it will blow your cover. With this in mind, begin sailing towards the right of the minefield. You can clear the first line of mines easily by taking this route. Continue onward towards the left, and be careful with the rogue winds. You'll be sailing down a narrow strip of water with rocks on your right and mines on your left. Just as you're about to clear the minefield, another rogue wind will hit your ship so be careful not to hit the rocks on your right. Once you exit this narrow strip of water, the constraint is completed.
    • Destroy 80% of Washington's armada in the upper bay.
      This constraint is fairly straightforward, just destroy every ship you see in the immediate area ahead of you. Begin by following Faulkner's command of shooting the mines to destroy the smaller ships right in front of the Aquila. After dealing with them, you will be attacked by about half a dozen ships and a Man-of-War. Use your different cannon shots wisely to tackle each type of ship and be sure to use the waves and your evades to dodge incoming fire. A small cutscene will occur as soon as you complete the constraint.

    Sequence 2: Sky World Journey

    • Do not touch the ground.
      After removing the first spear from the bear spirit, you must use the Eagle Flight ability to travel across a couple of data-formed platforms to reach the second spear. After removing this spear, you will follow the same pattern to get to the third and fourth. Simply fly to each platform to reach each spear. Be sure not to walk off or run off the data-formed platforms or you will fail the constraint.
    • Do not take damage from Washington's guards.
      This is extremely simple because the Bear Might ability has a large blast radius. Start running towards the figure of Washington and tap when you begin to get surrounded by the guards. You should be able to reach the tyrant without any trouble from the guards. When you reach Washington, follow the on screen command to use Bear Might on him.

    Sequence 3: The Parting of the Blue Sea

    • Kill 50 Bluecoats.
      During this Sequence, be sure to use all of your supernatural powers to your advantage. The Wolf Pack ability will help take down up to three guards at once, but remember that it will take a while to recharge. Bear Might will prove to be extremely helpful for clearing out multiple enemies at once so try to group the guards together before executing the powerful attack. Just make sure to keep an eye on your health as Bear Might drains a significant amount of health. Lastly, use Eagle Flight to reach the Bluecoat snipers on the ledges above the fort before they take out your ally or kill you with their deadly accurate shots. The Sequence will end once you have opened the front gate so make sure you have completed this constraint before destroying the fourth gate.

    Sequence 4: Feeding The Masses

    • Kill Fitzwilliams while remaining undetected.
      The easiest way to kill the target without getting noticed is to use a combination of your Wolf Cloak and Eagle Flight abilities. Use Eagle Flight to reach the top of the metal gate right in front of you. You will notice Fitzwilliams has a red marker above his person, which will allow you to track his movement from afar. He will usually pace back and forth between the larger building and the small roofed area in front of the gate. Once he enters the roofed area in front of you, drop down from the gate and quickly activate Wolf Cloak. From here, you can quickly sneak up to him and assassinate him without alerting any guards. Remember to have your hidden blades equip to prevent things from getting messy.
    • Do not let the cart's state dip below 50%
      Follow the steps detailed in the following constraint and you should be able to finish the Sequence with both constraints complete in one playthrough.
    • Perform 3 Double-Eagle Assassinations.
      Make sure your hidden blade is equip during this part of the Sequence or you may miss the opportunity to score the double assassinations on the guards. The first two enemies you encounter line up right next to each other down the street. Zoom in with to highlight either guard and tap to swoop in for the double assassination. Quickly turn your attention to the two snipers of the roofs above you before the damage the cart. After taking care of the snipers, another pair of guards will line up down the street. Use the same method as before to achieve your second double assassination. As soon as you eliminate this duo, there will be two more snipers on the building to your left, but this time they are grouped together. Quickly zoom in on them and use Eagle Flight to score your last Double-Eagle Assassination. After taking out this last pair of guards, the cart will be ambushed by two guards and a sniper southwest of your position. Quickly take out the nearest guard with an Eagle-Assassination. The second guard will hop on top of the cart so be ready to eliminate him as well. Once the two enemies on the ground are taken out, you can then Eagle-Assassinate the sniper on the roof. You will eventually come to stop and the cart driver will ask you to blow up the barrels that are blocking the road. Disregard his command for now as you get ambushed yet again by multiple ground troops. Most of them will come down the street from the north, while others will drop down from the rooftops. Take them out quickly with the weapon of your choosing and remember to use the Wolf Pack ability if it's available. After eliminating all the guards, destroy the barrels in the road and the proceed down the street safely.

    Sequence 5: One Step At A Time

    • No Constraints to complete

    Sequence 6: The Signal

    • Save at least 3 firing squad victims.
      When you approach the yellow marker, remain hidden on the rooftops. Equip your Eagle Flight or Bear Might and assassinate any of the guards below. The other guards in the area will take their attention off the firing squad victims and begin attacking you. Remember to also use your Wolf Pack to help clear out the area quicker. After taking out all the guards in this area, rescue the tied up victims and the constraint is complete.
    • Reach the tower using only chained Eagle Flights.
      This may be quite tricky and will require multiple tries. As soon as you regain control of Conner, use Eagle Flight to soar to the buildings above. You will need to hit right before you land on a building to chain your flight to your next location. Try to stay towards the left of the roof tops while chaining your flights in order to prevent any unnecessary detours. Once you near the tower, your last two flights should be to the flag pole on the fort's raised wall, and the platform on the stone tower. Once you land safely on the tower, the constraint is complete.
    • Kill 5 guards with one use of Bear Might.
      Allow the guards within the camp to spot you in order to get their full attention. Now proceed to lure 5 or more guards into combat and when they are all grouped together, use Bear Might to eliminate all of them at once. There are plenty of guards in the camp so if you do not get it right away on your first attempt, you'll have a few more opportunities to try again.

    Sequence 7: Halls of Injustice

    • Do not kill any animals in Washington's zoo.
      As soon as you open up the way to the zoo room, you should focus on eliminating all the guards on the bridge. After cleaning up the Bluecoats, there will be three clues to search for in this area. The first clue will be in the bear's territory. When the bear has its back turned to you, drop down into its space and activate Wolf Cloak and Eagle Vision to locate the clue in the corner of his territory. Once you find the clue, tap to examine it. On the other side of the bridge, the other two clues, and a small bobcat, await your attention. Activate your Cloak and Vision again to locate the second clue in the back corner of this area. The last clue will be the metal door on the wall opposite the bridge. Once you examine the metal door, Connor will see a short flashback of his mother escaping the zoo. After viewing the flashback, enter through the metal gate and proceed into the temple.
    • Open the throne room door in under 1 minute.
      You'll have about a minute to open the throne room door. After dropping down from the floor above, eliminate all the guards in the hallway and approach the staircase on the opposite side of the room. The throne room door will be directly in front of you. However, in order to open it, you will need to shift your attention to the glowing puzzle at the bottom of the stairs. Simply twist the three layers of the metal puzzle so that when they align, the keyhole is revealed.

    Sequence 8: Inevitable Confrontation

    • No Constraint to complete.

    Attack Convoy:

    • For this Side Mission, you must attack a total of 3 convoys around the area of New York and set their captives free. While roaming around the city, you will get a notice on your screen that there is enemy convoy nearby. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards it. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Help the Hungry:

    • For this Side Mission, you must feed a total of 6 civilians around New York. While roaming around the city, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who needs some food. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Rescue Civilian:

    • For this Side Mission, you will need to save a total of 3 civilians before they are executed by Bluecoat guards. While roaming around New York, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who must be rescued. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Wolf Rescue:

    • For this Side Mission, you must defend 3 civilians who are being attacked by a few Bluecoat guards. While roaming around New York, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who is in dire need of your help. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

    Lucid Memory Artifacts:

    • The Cape/Robe
      During Sequence 6, you will come to a point where you must topple the tower using your Bear Might ability. Before doing this, check out the camp to the north where you can find a few tents and wooden tables near a dozen of guards. After defeating all the guards, you can inspect the glowing cape/robes on a table nearby (pictured below, bottom-left of the map).
    • The Black Crate
      Towards the top right of the district, there will be a large white church. At the top of the church, you will find a black crate with a small object on resting on top. Tap to analyze the small object to see a picture of Desmond's final event of the main game (pictured below, top-right on the map).
    • The Gallows
      Towards the top left of Washington's Temple, you will find yourself among the burned downed houses of New York. In this general area, scout out the empty lot about two streets north of the temple and one street over to the west. Here, you will find the Gallows where Connor was hanged during Sequence 8 of the main game (pictured below, top-left of the map).


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