Heroes Aren't Born Achievement

  • Heroes Aren't Born



    Complete memory sequence 1.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are no optional objectives in this sequence, so merely progressing through the sequence is enough to unlock the achievement. This will unlock after you leave the first island and move to the modern era for the first time.

    Memory 1 - Edward Kenway

    • There are no optional objectives in this memory.

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  • memory sequence? I thought we weren't going to be in an animus this time around. What's the story
  • @1 Why would there not be an Animus? The game wouldn't make sense without it.
  • It would make a lot of sense. It just wouldn't have the present day cut scenes and focus entirely on the ancestor
  • Cant wait for this game and see how it continues since Desmond died!
  • @3 I think that would ruin it. How are we seeing the ancestors memories without the animus?
  • @1,3&4 It looks like you werent paying a attention when Ubisoft said "you" are the modern day hero now after Desmond saved the world. In AC4: Black Flag won't just take place in the 18th century. Players will also step into the shoes of an Abstergo Entertainment employee working in the present day. As a new Abstergo employee, players will work out of the corporation's Montreal office. They'll use the Animus in order to dive into Captain Edward Kenway's memories. However, you can also exit the Animus at any time and explore Abstergo. Also I can see where your coming from just focus on the ancestor but the Animus plays a big role of the series because it wont feel right if the Animus is cut off
  • Wonder if this is the 1st achievement we'll get...usually there's an achievement for getting in the Animus but this game seems to have more of an emphasis on the ancestor's part of the story...still wondering if there's a "Welcome to the Animus 2013" type of secret achievement
  • they're hatched
  • Hopefully it's like the sequence on how Ezio was born.
  • @4 shows how long it was since I played the number 3 I totally forgot that happened!
  • I'm with #9
  • @4 congratulations on not warning anyone before ruining the story for people who have not played/finished Assassin's Creed 3. I'm starting to enjoy this game. wasn't to fussed on how you acquire the outfit at the beginning or that it's first person outside the animus
  • I dunno if anyone noticed but if you played AC3 there is a achievement called heroes are born, and this one isn't clever play on achievements!
  • Agreed
  • cool
  • Ive completed the game....but not got this achievement ???? Anyone else had this problem???

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