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    Complete memory sequence 2.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are twelve optional objectives that you will want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss them, you can reload a checkpoint if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any time from the menus.

    The optional objectives for each memory are listed below:

    Memory 1 - Lively Havana

    1. Tackle the pickpocket: You will have a scene where a pickpocket steals from your partner and you need to chase the thief down. You can kill the pickpocket to complete the sequence, but to get this secondary objective you will need to press when you are close to him to tackle him.
    2. Use smoke bombs to escape combat: You will be thrown into a bar fight that the guards come break up. After the cut scene you will have control of Kenway. Move toward the doorway and as soon as a guard is close to you, press to use a smoke bomb, and then run/climb to safety.

    Memory 2 - ...And My Sugar?

    1. Hire dancers to distract guards: Dancers are groups of four women who can be found throughout towns in the game. They are useful as a distraction, and this secondary objective is essentially an introduction to that feature. You can hire them as soon as the mission starts, and you don't actually have to distract any guards with them, merely hiring the dancers is enough to satisfy the secondary objective. They are very useful as mobile cover in many missions, including this one. Approach the dancers and press to hire them. If you want to use them to distract guards, you can press to send them at nearby guards or merely get close enough and the dancers will automatically distract them.
    2. Stay out of combat: You will need to treat the last portion of the mission as a stealth game where if a guard detects you (his icon will turn red) you lose this secondary objective. The secondary objective will appear when you approach the fort. To the left will be a viewpoint up high that you can't reach, but at ground level is a path across the side of the fort. As you round the corner of the fort be careful of the window that will be to your right as there are several guards inside. When they are looking away, jump to the beam sticking out from the wall and climb up. Go all the way to the right around the corner and about halfway across that next side until you see three guards. Only one is patrolling and the others have pretty tight tunnel vision, so this is merely a matter of timing. Climb up when the patrolling guard is walking away, and hide next to the crates, using them to protect you from the line of sight of the patrol. There is a sniper to avoid also, but use the crates as cover and get to the objective door. You will get yellow alerts on the way to the door, so wait until you are anonymous and then press to open the door. When you come out, you will need to run and jump into the water before you are detected to successfully complete the secondary objective.

    Memory 3 - Mister Walpole, I Presume?

    1. Complete Rogers' shooting challenge: Once inside the courtyard you and your hosts will approach a shooting range and shoot a few of the targets. When you have control and have the option of continuing, ensure that your guns are reloaded by pushing , approach the man who displays "Challenge" over his head, and press . You will want to position yourself so that you have a clear line of sight to all of the targets so that you don't waste time moving. Hit each target once in the time permitted to complete the objective. If you are standing where all targets have a white outline around them, you can repeatedly press to automatically shoot each target without having to pull to aim. You will need to reload once during the minigame but you will have enough time and reloads your guns when they are all empty.
    2. Pickpocket all Templars: When the Templars are standing around the table talking, walk up behind each one and hold to take money from them. The objective will be complete when you have successfully done so to all three Templars.

    Memory 4 - A Man They Call The Sage

    1. Tackle the Sage from above: When the sage takes off and this secondary objective appears, run after him but stay on the ground. He will go up a ladder at the far side of the open market, and at that point you will veer right running past some dancers and up a flight of stairs. You should see a hay cart in front of you, run to the right of that. In front of you will be dancers between two sets of stairs. The sage is going to run down the left part of these stairs, so hop up on the wall at the top of the stairs next to the dancers. As the Sage runs by, run along the wall and when you get to the end press to tackle him as he runs below you (if you are not running, you can't tackle).
    2. Use the pistol in combat: During this sequence you will be attacked multiple times by assassins. You need to fire the pistol once to complete the secondary objective. Although you don't need to actually hit anyone with it, obviously you will be better off if you do.

    Memory 5 - Claiming What's Due

    1. Stay out of combat: You will need to avoid being detected by the guards. If you see one turn yellow, hide quickly and stay put until he goes back to a non-alert status. If one turns red, you will have to reload a checkpoint if you want to complete the secondary objective. You can assassinate guards (and you will need to, especially for the other secondary objective) but no actual combat. Proceed towards the green objective circle and activate eagle vision to detect your target in gold. Whistle to get him to approach you while remaining hidden in the bushes. Assassinate him when he is close and loot him for the key he is carrying. There are multiple stalking zones you can move through, and feel free to assassinate any guards in your way. There are several snipers that you will need to be mindful of, but only one is of concern and he patrols a regular pattern. Sticking to the left you will pass a building and need to assassinate a patrolling guard. There is a cart angled near a wall, so when the sniper isn't looking, run up the cart and jump the wall, instantly hiding in the stalking zone to the left. Stay to the left and climb the tree in front of you, jumping over the wall and to your objective.
    2. Kill guards from stalking zones: You will need to kill three guards for this objective, which should not be an issue. You can get more than three throughout, but there are three right at the beginning of the restricted zone. Jump the fence and when the patrolling guard is walking away, assassinate the stationary guard. When the patrolling guard comes back, whistle to draw him close and assassinate him as well. As you proceed toward the objective there will be a third guard to your left. Move to a convenient stalking zone, whistle, and assassinate to complete the objective.

    Memory 6 - The Treasure Fleet

    1. Kill guards from behind corners: You will need to kill three of the guards while hiding behind corners. Approach a corner and walk into the wall to stick to it, and then whistle to attract a guard. When he is close enough, press to assassinate him. There are plenty of corners but only four guards, so take your time. If a guard is too far away for the whistle to attract him, wait until he patrols closer rather than charging forward.
    2. Free 23 pirates: In order to free 23 pirates you have to find them all. The sequence will end once you have 18 free, so the trick is to choose the last group correctly. The first group will be in front of you, so free them and then jump to the next ship ahead of you. This ship will also have only one group, so kill the guards and free the pirates, bringing you to twelve total. Move forward and again jump to the next ship, killing the five guards and freeing two pirates. At this point you need to climb up (there is a pulley to make it quicker) and jump to the ship to your side. Climb down to the deck and enter the hatch to free your last nine pirates.

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