Death Of A Salesman Achievement

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    Complete memory sequence 5.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are six secondary objectives that you will want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss them, you can reload a checkpoint if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any time from the menus.

    The secondary objectives for each memory are listed below:

    Memory 1 - The Forts

    1. Use the mortar to damage the fort: You will need to have purchased the mortar upgrade prior to attacking the fort. If you failed to do so prior to starting the memory, you can enter the cabin of the Jackdaw and purchase it at the desk to the right as you enter. To fire the mortar, hold down and use to aim. When the impact zone turns red, pull to fire.
    2. Use a running assassinate to kill the officer: The officer will show up once you have docked at the fort after destroying its defenses. You will need to chase him down and as you get close to him hold to run and press when you get close enough so that you do a running assassinate. You will need to make sure you have equipped the hidden blades first or you may not get credit for the assassination.

    Memory 2 - Traveling Salesman

    1. Kill gunners: You will need to kill four gunners to satisfy this objective. Gunners are snipers who are typically on roofs or in towers. There are 6-7 that you will run across during the mission, so this shouldn't be a challenge. They show up as enemy icons with a cross-hair on them. I would advise against killing them with berserk darts as they have a tendency to shoot everyone in sight, including the folks you are trailing (which will end the memory and force you to restart).
    2. Kill guards stunned by smoke bombs: You will need to kill five guards while they are stunned by smoke bombs once this objective appears. There are is a cut scene where directly afterward five five guards attack you, but you can actually do the five at any time during the memory. If you get past the battle with the five guards and still need more, you will be in a chase scene. Near the beginning Kidd climbs on a roof and turns right, at which point you can see four guards in a cluster directly next to that building. A smoke bomb there and four quick assassinations can get you the rest.

    Memory 3 - Unmanned

    1. Use berserk darts on brutes: You will need to use berserk darts on two separate brutes to satisfy this objective. Brutes are the big guys that you can't attack normally, and can be identified by the big axes they carry. Early in the memory you will leap into a hay cart and two brutes will approach you side by side. You can shoot both of them from the cart to complete the objective.
    2. Use sleep darts on gunners: You will need to use sleep darts on two separate gunners. The gunners in this memory can be found in the watch towers, and the blow gun has enough range to hit them from the ground. Just be patient and shoot them from cover so that nobody else spots you. Be sure to move on before they wake up.

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