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    Complete memory sequence 7.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are eight optional objectives that you will want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss them, you can reload a checkpoint if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any time from the menus. The optional objectives for each memory are listed below:

    Memory 1 - We Demand A Parlay

    1. Sabotage the alarm bell: Once you are on the walkway on top of the walls of the fort, use your map to spot the alarm bell. There are several guards and a gunner you may want to take out first, but when you approach it press to sabotage it. Remember that you must be anonymous before you can do so!
    2. Kill guards while hanging from a ledge: You will infiltrate the fort in the same manner you did previously, along the left outside edge. You will need to kill three guards while hanging from a ledge, and fortunately there are three within easy reach as you get to the top. The first will be as you first reach the top of your climb, so press to pull him off the ledge. Keep going to your left and up and there will be two more at the top of the corner tower that you can pull off as well.

    Memory 2 - The Gunpowder Plot

    1. Kill 4 guards in one kill streak: There are many methods you can use to accomplish this but the easiest by far is to use the blowpipe with sleep darts on four guards in quick succession. The sleep dart counts as a kill and the reload rate is very fast. Note that shooting four guards with pistols does NOT count, despite them being quite a bit more dead than using the sleep dart on them.
    2. Use blowpipe darts on guards: You will need to hit ten separate guards with your blowpipe. If you don't have ten darts, access your crafting menu to see if you can make more. If not, abort the mission and go shopping! As long as you have enough darts, this is a very easy objective.

    Memory 3 - Commodore Eighty-Sixed

    1. Kill guards from stalking zones: You will need to kill three guards from stalking zones while staying out of sight of the targets you are following. You have the opportunity to kill 8 or 9 throughout this portion of the mission, so it shouldn't pose any challenges. Target isolated guards rather than pairs to make it easier.
    2. Air assassinate Chamberlaine: You will need to climb the rigging and assassinate Chamberlaine from a spar to complete this objective. The easiest path is the back of the ship where you can assassinate the guards by dragging them over the ledge (or even just engaging them in combat if you are fast) and then climbing the rigging or rear mast. Wait for Chamberlaine to pass underneath you and become highlighted in white, then press to assassinate him.

    Memory 4 - The Fireship

    1. Use the mortar to sink ships: This mission is one of the reasons the road map suggest fully upgrading your ship after Sequence 6, Memory 1. If you are upgraded, this is an extremely easy memory. You will need to sink three ships with your mortar while staying close to the ship you are escorting. To fire the mortar, hold , use to aim, and to fire.
    2. Use barrels to sink a ship: You only need to sink one with barrels, and you only have to do the last bit of damage with barrels. Fire barrels off the ship by turning to look behind the ship, and then pressing . The good part is that many of the enemy ships are pretty weak, and they tend to cluster around your ally ship. The bad news is that your barrels can damage your ally, so don't drop them directly in front of him. You may want to focus on this objective before you start dropping mortar shells on ships simply to have more targets who may run into your barrels. One approach if you are having problems is simple to close on your ally and spam all of your barrels into his wake. If you don't get a kill within 60 seconds or so of running out of barrels, restart the memory.


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  • The guide for Memory 2 is wrong. I tried to use the blow dart for the killstreak - wasted 15 bones in addition to all my sleep darts. Used my pis (fully upgraded holsters) and got the objective 1st try.
  • Uhhh .... pistols - that came out wrong.

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