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    Complete memory sequence 9.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are four optional objectives that you will want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss them, you can reload a checkpoint if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any time from the menus. The optional objectives for each memory are listed below:

    Memory 1 - Imagine My Surprise

    1. Kill brutes: You will need to kill four brutes to complete this optional objective. This is much easier if you do it before you start trailing your targets. Stay away from the middle of the green zone when you first start the mission to help minimize the chance of spotting your targets. Since you are trying to stay stealthy, the best approach is to sneak up behind them in a stalking zone. If shoot them with a berserk dart they will be killed by one of the gunners and the kill will not count toward the four you need. Brutes can be found near the first alarm bell you will need to sabotage for the objective below, in the center of your search zone where the road splits, circling some bushes just north of the road split, and all the way in the northwest portion of the green search zone you can find two brutes guarding an entrance to the courtyard. If you accidentally spot the targets before killing four of them, there will be a big rumble at the end where you can kill some, but obviously doing so by stealth is much easier.
    2. Sabotage alarm bells: There are three bells on this mission, but you only need to sabotage two of them for the objective. The first will be almost directly in front of you as you enter the courtyard where you are tryigg to locate Hornigold and Rogers. There is another directly to the east on the other side of a shed. The third one is due north of the second, about 3/4 of the way up the search zone, and directly north of Hornigold and Rogers.

    Memory 2 - Trust is Earned

    1. Double assassinate Cockram and Burgess: You will want to free the pirates in the upper level of the map before going after Cockram and Burgess, since killing them ends the memory. Once you have completed the other objective, go to the viewpoint at the top of the guard building where a gunner is (or was, you may have had to kill him to free the pirates). Synchronize and jump, landing in a hay cart. Assassinate the guard to the right by the stalking zone, and at this point you have two approaches you can take. Option 1: run across the road to the stalking zone on the other side. Look north and you should see two guards standing between some buildings. You want to kill them since they will escort Cockram and Burgess if you don't. Two berserk darts would work, or you can go around behind them and assassinate them. Once they are dead, you can wait in the stalking zone you spotted them from for Cockram and Burgess and they will walk right in front of you. Step out behind them and double assassinate them by pressing . You may need to fast walk momentarily until they are both glimmering. Option 2: go south and climb up the first building, then jump onto the branch pointing south from the tree you just ran past. Wait there for your targets and when they get close, run out on the branch pointing east that hangs over the dirt path and double assassinate from there.
    2. Free pirates: There are two groups of pirates to be freed. One group is in an enclosure, and the other is up on the edge of a cliff near a viewpoint. You need to do this mostly via stealth since if the gunners guarding the pirates get alerted they will shoot the pirates. Start to the right and use the stalk zones and whistling to take out the guards there. Run to the guard house with the viewpoint and pull the gunner off the top to kill him. He may survive, in which case drop back down and kill him. Stay to the right and you can approach the gunners on the cliff edge from behind, performing a double assassination. Now go to the left toward the other pirates, staying near the cliff edge. Kill the odd guard or two along the way, and you will want to jump from a platform to the edge of a building that sticks out and has a gunner on it. Assassinate him, and wait for the patrolling guard below and to your left to walk towards the left corner underneath you. Jump down and assassinate him, and then shoot the guard near the opening with a sleep dart. You can then walk down into the stalking zone and assassinate the guard there, then kill the gunners watching the pirates. Remember to approach the pirates and press to actually release them.

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  • On memory 2 an easier way to double assassinate Cockram an Burgess is to wait in the grass across from the alarm bell. Next to the bell is keg of gunpowder. There is a patrol that goes up and down the road, passing next to the gunpowder. When Cockram and Burgess are nearby, use a berserk dart on one of the patrol when they pass by the gunpowder. This will attract your targets within range, allowing you to blow both of them up at once.

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