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    Complete memory sequence 10.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are six optional objectives that you will want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss them, you can reload a checkpoint if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any time from the menus. The optional objectives for each memory are listed below:

    Memory 1 - Black Bart's Gambit

    • Stay out of combat: A very detailed walk-through has been provided by Morbious17 and is quoted in full below. One other piece of advice from Capn Doug is to use berserk darts to clear out enemies.
    Originally Posted by Morbious17
    We haven’t had one of these in a while. What I did was swim around the front of the ship so the gunner was facing away from me and climb up the shroud. (be careful of the guy on the other mast. You might have to dart him.) After getting the flag, I dove straight into the water holding until I was close to my ship.

    From this point all you have to do is sail onwards without attacking or hitting other ships. When you stop again, dive into the water and run up on the beach on the far right side into the stalk zone. Run into the next stalk zone when no one is looking. You’ll see two stationary guys blocking your path. Get as close as you can without leaving the stalk zone and whistle. This will bring them both to you. Get back and wait for one or both to turn around then assassinate the closest one. Either whistle or walk up and assassinate the other.

    Going the way they were facing and to the left is another stalk zone, go there. Looking around, you’ll see some more stalk zones. Go to the leftmost one when you get a chance. Stay on the far right side of this zone as two guards will walk through it. When they head towards the direction you came from, run to the next stalk zone and again to the one ahead of this one when you get the chance. Whistle to get the officer to come to you then take him out. Do the same for the brute when he gets close. Loot the chest then go back to the stalk zone. Your ship will arrive so swim out to it. Stealth swim if necessary.

    Sail to the objective and avoid hitting any ships. When you have to stop yet again, jump into the water and swim directly to the first tower. Run into the nearby stalk zone when no one is looking. Whistle to lure guards and maneuver around the bush as necessary. When everyone heads back to their post, pick one off. Repeat until you can safely climb up the ladder. Go up to the top then press left when at the top to shimmy a bit. Climb up and position yourself to double assassinate the guards.

    From the top of this tower, turn around and leap into the trees. Go towards the next tower and you will come to an angled tree leading into a stalk zone. Enter when the five patrolling guards are facing away. From here, maneuver through the stalk zones to the left side of the rock formations. Follow the beach to come to a narrow stalk zone. Wait here until the guard above is going away from you then assassinate him. Now go climb up the tower and assassinate the lone guard.
    • Use a rope swing to kill the captain: If you follow the guidance above, after you assassinate the last guard in the tower there should be a glowing rope in front of you. Tou can do this from the ground below as well, just stay to the right as you approach the Man o' War and you will see a rope you can use to swing out towards the boat. Either way, the captain will have a red objective dot above his head and you can also use Eagle Vision to identify him if you wish. Wait for his pacing to bring him in line with the rope, then hold to swing and when you get close to the captain press to assassinate him. It may be helpful to curve your swing with to improve your ability to get the rope swing assassination.

    Memory 2 - Murder and Mayhem

    1. Stay out of combat while finding Hornigold: You will need to stay out of the detection zones of other ships until you find the ship Hornigold is on. It will be a schooner forward and to the left from your starting point. Use the to activate the looking glass and identify him from as far away as possible to complete the objective and be able to stop worrying about the other ships.
    2. Air assassinate Hornigold: You will have to fight your way across the island to get to Hornigold, and ultimately climb a hill and use a tree to get to the hill he is actually on. At that point it is merely a matter of getting above him and pressing . Sleep darts are very handy on the last part of this mission since Hornigold has some bodyguards with him and you don't want to accidentally kill him while fighting them.

    Memory 3 - The Observatory

    1. Incapacitate all guardians while unarmed: You can select your fists by pressing , and then when you press you will choke them unconscious rather than killing them. You can use sleep darts on them without penalty, although it won't count as incapacitating them until you approach them and knock them out by pressing .
    2. Incapacitate guardians from stalking zones: You will need to incapacitate five guardians from stalking zones to complete this objective. Since you are trying to incapacitate all of them while unarmed for the other optional objective, this one should come naturally. Note that if you use sleep darts on a guardian, position yourself near them and wait for them to wake up before knocking them out or it will not count for this optional objective.

    At the end of this memory sequence, you will be pulled out of the animus and start present day mission four.

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  • I just had a hell of a time with "use a rope swing to kill the captain" in Memory 1. How I finally did it was to wait until the captain was past the stairs that lead from the upper deck, and while swinging, spam X like crazy. Without spamming X I would often land on the ship over his head, or first land on the stairs' railing and bunny-hop assassinate him, which I'm sure would not have counted. Good luck.

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