Just Like Starting Over Achievement

  • Just Like Starting Over



    Complete memory sequence 12.

    This is a story related achievement that can't be missed. There are eight optional objectives that you will want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss them, you can reload a checkpoint if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any time from the menus. The optional objectives for each memory are listed below:

    Memory 1 - A Governor No Longer

    1. Kill the diplomat from a haystack: As soon as you start tailing the targets, open the map menu and find the closest restricted zone in red. There is a haystack there that you will need to get to before the diplomat does. You can't get too far ahead without desynchronizing, but since you know where they are headed you can definitely get a head start. When they walk by, kill the diplomat from the haystack by pressing .
    2. Kill Rogers from a bench: At the party, immediately turn left and you will see a covered walkway with a bench and two people on it. Sit there and ensure that you have your hidden blade equipped. Rogers will circle around talking it up like a good host and will pass you from your left for an easy kill.

    Memory 2 - Royal Misfortune

    1. Use the rope dart to kill Roberts: You don't need to necessarily hang Roberts with the rope dart, although you can. You can also hit him with a rope dart and keep holding down while moving away from him which will choke him to death. Alternately, you can hit him with several rope darts and they will do enough damage to kill him. To hang him, get up in the rigging after you board his ship and stand on the lowest spar with the rope dart selected, and press and hold when he glimmers, and then press down on the to initiate the cut scene.
    2. Kill guards by destroying powder barrels: You will need to kill eight guards by blowing up the red powder barrels. There are many of them around so you can do it piecemeal by blowing up one or two at a time as they patrol past a barrel, or you can stir them up, get a good bunch chasing you, and then drop a smoke bomb when you are next to a powder barrel, back off a bit, and shoot the barrel. You will need to complete this objective before you kill Roberts.

    Memory 3 - Tainted Blood

    1. Use guards as a human shield: You will need to use guards as a human shield twice for this optional objective. When El Tiburon is aiming at you there will be an alert on the screen showing about a 2 second window before he fires. If you can approach a guard in that time you have the option to press to use them as a human shield. This objective is active during the fight with El Tiburon. Once you have finished the optional objective, then you can start shooting El Tiburon to finish the fight.
    2. Stay out of combat: You can assassinate guards, but if you get detected the objective is failed. Start out to the right side of the fort and swim over to the dock, staying between the boat and the dock until the patrolling brute reaches the end of the dock closest to the shore. Hop up and assassinate him from behind then run up the stairs to the door and assassinate the guard at the top of the stairs. Once inside, peek around the corner and whistle to attract and assassinate the brute inside. Approach the next room and double assassinate the guards just inside the doorway. Jump out the window and climb up when you pass the vines hanging down. Pull the guard off the edge and then go right and kill the gunner. There is a patrolling guard you can kill by hiding on the corner of the first set of boxes and whistling for him. Your target is the red dot patrolling below in the courtyard, so wait for him to be walking beneath you and air assassinate him.

    Memory 4 - Ever A Splinter

    1. Free the guardian hostages: When you enter the restricted area watch for enemies in groups of two or three. They will be holding guardians hostage and if they detect you, they will shoot the guardians. You have to rescue all seven guardians for the objective to be completed. Using berserk or sleep darts are a good approach if you don't have a convenient stalking zone. The first two groups of hostages have two each, and the last one has three. After killing each set of guards, remember to approach the guardians and press to free them.
    2. Use the Observatory's defenses to kill guards: When you start fighting guards inside, there is a glowing x-shaped mark on the floor. This will kill you if you stop on it while it sends up sheets of mystic flame. For this optional objective, you will want to throw guards into it while it is lit up, killing them. When they attack you, counter with and then throw them by pressing again. You will need to kill four guards this way to satisfy the objective.

    At the end of this sequence, you will be pulled out of the animus to complete present day mission 5.

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  • I have beaten the game, but this never popped... This game is seriously glitched!
  • Going for 100% and as I'm about to finish mission 2, my god damn rope darts disappeared. I had 4 of them and didnt even have them equipped. As soon as I boarded the enemies ship, they were gone. Also you cant craft items during a mission. What a load of bull...
  • iv also played the xbox one this didn't unlock after iv beaten the games is there a fix

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