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    Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

    You will need to complete all of the secondary objectives for each memory in the campaign. See the guide for each sequence for input on how to accomplish this. There is also a thorough walk through from another viewpoint that was written by Morbious17, available here.

    The achievement will unlock once all of the secondary objectives are completed along with the final mission.

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  • again? smh
  • honestly i have no problem doing the 100 synch on the missions, it forces you to play like an actual assassin and be very stealthy. I hate when my friends say the assassins creed games are too easy when all they do is run around getting spotted all the time and basically playing the game like you would in Grand Theft Auto. I've gotten all the achievements in all the assassins creed games to date besides like 2 online ones in brotherhood and I had fun doing it, it was a better experience playing the game the way its supposed to be played.
  • Did this on AC3. Took a while to complete some missions such as killing guys on ships without alerting anyone but it was enjoyable.
  • There's always one or two that are very frustrating, and the rest are cake.
  • #2 and that is exactly the problem. It forces you to play a sandbox game the way developers want to. It´s the worst thing AC series has (I have recently played AC2,which has no full sync, and I enjoyed it much more than the last ones...)
  • Another frustrating and hard goal from the assassin's creed series :D
  • You think they're gonna go overboard with all the bloody constraints like the previous game did? Or are they gonna cut us a break and reduce the amount and NOT make you have to do it all in one run?
  • The mission constraints weren't bad in ACIII or Revelations, it was the 100% synch in everything in the game that was annoying. so long as it remains strictly main mission constraints I'll be happy.
  • @5 If you feel so strongly about it, play the game how you want. You're not *forced* to do it their way. If you really want the 50g after that, play their way in a second playthrough. I don't see how the developers are at fault for choosing this achievement... each achievement is basically the developers "forcing" you to do something. You can either choose to do it or not.
  • Some are a bit unreasonable. Sequence 2, Mission 2 requires you to avoid all combat, yet puts you in a scenario where that is completely impossible.
  • dude to it not being mentioned yet (and also partially in response to zszaiss) you don't need to do all constraints in one go, so if you miss one you can replay and get the one you missed WITHOUT having to do the already completing constraints again (it won't show it complete until you complete the mission but it will still count it as having done both) hope that helps someone
  • due* and i meant in response to A Punk Panther, my apologies
  • #11 dude, thank u very much I didn't know that. It would be so helpful.
  • I hate the missions where you have tail and eavesdrop, just too many of them for my taste
  • yeah once again, no thanks Ubisoft.
  • lol everyone wants easy ass achievements, o no, and achievement that takes some time! What will I DO?!!!? haha
  • If I fail the full synch, do I have to start the whole mission from the start? or is there any way to start only from the checkpoint with the constraint?
  • @17: There are only two constraints per mission from the looks of things and should you reach a check point and mess up one of the other objectives you'll be able to resume from said check point with the other constraint complete. OR you can simply replay the mission a few times to complete one or the other constraint since you DO NOT HAVE to do them all in one play through like you did in the previous game.
  • Sequence 10 Memory 1 Seems to be glitched for me, done it twice now full stealth haven't been detected once and it won't give me the "Stay out of Combat" optional objective. Just a heads up.
  • Ok, so i looked back in my Progress Tracker, and it's checked off. I don't know what to believe anymore, these games are always glitchy.
  • I'd misread the achievement at first and thought it was 100% Completion of everything. Didn't realize till after I collected all animus fragments, treasure chests, and shanties. Still don't mind, best game ever made.
  • Ahh...100% of all main missions. Keyword: MAIN MISSIONS
  • it's just me or this game is waaay easier than any before? I missed like five or six synchronizations just because I didn't knew thy were there (many times it didn't pop up the requirements I started to pause the game at every checkpoint to check if there were any) or because the localization was wrong. Now I finished the game and tomorrow I'll go and do those I missed.
  • Is it me or has anybody's game glitched on the assassin contract salt bank key? Missing 2 there and it only shows up when I'm in Kingston. Yet when I fast travel there it disappears. Need this for the 100%
  • @25, you only have to get 100% in the story missions, I haven't done that contract yet, when I do, I'll tell you what mine's like, etc.
  • I find it funny that people complain that they have to do 100% sync, or that it's too hard, or whatever. It's an achievement, a reward for accomplishing something special, something that you have to work for. Anyone can speed by and complete the missions, if that's why you buy the game. If you want to get all the achievements, then you have to take the time and work for them, they're not going to just be handed to you. Quit whining.
  • Anyone else experienced problems with sequence 8 memory 2? I have a fully upgraded ram and can't get the optional objective on the royal African pearl. Btw I have completed everything else in the game so I'm not missing anything just this one memory to 100%
  • Easy as pie.
  • Do I have to replay the whole game again, or can I just replay each memory and get 100% synch for those memories?
  • @30: no, you don't have to replay the whole game. Just press start, go to progress tracker, then look at the main missions and you can replay whatever sequences you need to do for missing constraints.
  • I love the Assassins creed series , I love everything about them, if I didn't I would have bought every one and spent time playing each one, Now one can either play the game, speed through ,and then complain how easy it was or one can play it the way it was intended to be played and yes they do intend you to play a certain way and if that goes beyond someones beleifs then put the game aside, No one if forced to play. Some of the 100% Sync's are tough but thats just part of the challenge. The only cheevo I don't enjoy are the multiplayer ones cause I really don't play multi player. When playing a story mode game one should be able to get every achievement for the 1000 points. Multi player achievements should be seperate by themselves. Thats just my opinion.
  • My only problem with this 100% achievement in AC3 was that it was glitched and I never got it. I had it 1st day and a glitch prevented all the NY underground tunnels to be counted, even though I had them all. The only way to fix it is to play a complete new game, and the game sucked so bad I will not do that. So far everything seems to be fine with AC4 and really enjoying it.
  • There were some very frustrating parts to meeting 100% sync for some missions this but it was worth it to see the cheevo pop
  • There were some very frustrating parts to meeting 100% sync for some missions this but it was worth it to see the cheevo pop
  • ^^ You can say that again....... .. .
  • I see no issue with these achievements. They are supposed to be worked for to get. And let's look at the basis of these games. Yes, it's a free roam sandbox where you can be an awesome assassin, and you can play missions in almost any way you want (Unless it's one of those ones that has "Don't be detected" as part of the main mission objectives). Yet, at the same time, you are supposed to be reliving the memories of a skilled assassin, master of stealth. The optional objectives are what the characters you are reliving did (Or would have if they were real). The actual character we play wouldn't just run in and take a rifle shot to the gut, then try to run away because that hurt. He would try to sneak by and kill them all silently, almost never entering actual combat in a willy nilly fash
  • I was unaware of the character limit on this, so my message was cut off. As I was saying though, *fashion. This achievement and all like are no big deal. They aren't forcing you to do anything, and it's meant to be sync of what the character you are reliving would do. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not like other games don't have achievements that require you to do something difficult and out of your way to get all the achievements, so why does AC's 100% sync catch so much shit for it?
  • This achievement is a piece of cake. The optional objectives are so dam simple, like don't get detected, air assassinate a target, etc..
  • Has anyone attempted to see if you need to complete both optional task at the smae time for them to count? I've beaten the story and am at 96% and some of the missions i need I've already done one of the tasks. I have a feeling you need to do both at the same time, but haven't verified yet.
  • @37 That's exactly how I've thought of the optional objectives since they were introduced...I figured optional objectives fit a little better in this game than others, given the Animus angle, in that you can run around and do what you want, since it's a simulation, but the optional objectives are how Ezio/Connor/Edward actually did it
  • I love being a completetionist and I love this game but this achievement is a bit glitches as Sequence 8 Memory 2 is glitches if you replay it with a fully upgraded ram you won't get a objective complete bit annoying any help on the issue?
  • I have the same problem in Vainglorious Bastards as well.
  • I love Assassin's creed and just got this achievement today and it was quite hard for me as I did it the first time through with no mistakes. Not too hard compared to the last game just beware the glitches if you reply the missions
  • Y does everyone want achievements to be easy? The longer, more difficult ones are the best kind. imo.
  • @45 Why do you choose to write like you do, its the same thing.
  • God, can't wait to get this one out of the way. Hopefully Rogue & Unity doesn't have these ..
  • For the 100 percent sync do i only need to do the things listed in progress tracker?

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