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    Kill a guard ringing a bell.

    This can be done at any time in the game, free roam or during a mission. Because alerting the guards during a mission is generally a bad thing, aim to do this during free roam. One location that is not overly difficult is Tortuga (882, 370). Travel there and locate the only viewpoint on the island. It is on a building that has an alarm bell just to the east of it. Sneak in and get close to that bell, then let a guard detect you. He should run up to the alarm bell and start ringing it, so step up behind him and press to assassinate him. You can then jump in the water to evade any pursuit or battle it out with any nearby soldiers.

    Note that you need to let him actually ring the bell at least once before you assassinate the soldier for the achievement to unlock. If he has yet to grasp the rope, it won't count. You also need to kill him in one blow as otherwise he will stop ringing the bell and defend himself or attack you, and it won't count for the achievement.

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  • This can be done wherever a warehouse is. Warehouses are at farms and have a restricted area around them (shown with red color on world map). They will be marked on your map if you synchronize viewpoints. One can be found in Nassau, at coordinates: 633, 784. Once you enter the restricted area you should see the alarm bell on your HUD. Get noticed by an enemy and wait for him to ring to the bell. Quickly kill him with a melee attack when he starts ringing the bell to unlock this achievement.
  • - This is the First Bell in Havanna which can you used to earn this Achievement. The Enemy which use the Bell after noticed has a RED Symbol over the Head.
  • First available place is in Havana; Sequence 2. The lower right hand corner of the city has a restricted area which is where the bell is located. Just run in there, the bell is located near the middle of the area, once you are spotted you will hear guys yelling "Alarm, Alarm" and proceed to run to the bell. These people will have a red bell icon over their head, simply kill them by any means necessary before they ring the bell and that is it. Once they reach the bell there is a slight pause before they start ringing it too so you shouldn't have too hard of a time getting to them.
  • Is this a reference to Excalibur from Soul Eater?
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  • I've killed countless of these and still the achievement hasn't popped. Happened to anyone elsE?
  • @7 I'm also having trouble unlocking it. I've done it every which way i can think of, with no luck. at least 8+ times
  • I'm having the same problem. I shot one guard with a gun while he was ringing the bell and another with the berserk dart and neither did the trick. Does it have to be a melee attack?
  • I did a hidden blade assassination on a guard ringing the bell and it worked. So I guess you have to go and kill them with "your hands" so to speak.
  • Me and my brother got the achievement for killing a guard after a single ring of the bell, so that it rang once, but didn't actually call reinforcements.
  • Nobody likes a snitch. Bloody bell ringers!
  • I've done this 5 times already and it's not giving me the achievement. I have only been killing them with pistols so perhaps I will try assassinating him next time.although it only says to kill him and doesn't actually tell you to kill him in any specific way.
  • It probably implies using your blades, not guns.
  • best title ever
  • #13 Same here! Always shot the guy. I was wondering what i'm doing wrong.
  • I did this like 3 times but no achievement. Do I have to kill the guard BEFORE he rings the bell (Bell icon above head)? If that' s the case, the achievement description is wrong.
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