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    Complete every activity in a single location.

    This will unlock when you have completed every activity in a location. By activity, the game is referencing anything that shows up on the main map when you move the pointer to a location, or if you are in the location, anything that shows up when you hold down . Most locations will have a variety of activities, and it is quite possible that you will complete every activity at a large number of locations as you play the game. If you are looking for this early on, one easy spot to earn it is at Gibara (657, 521) which is one of the easier forts to capture and only has five activities. If you having the diving bell you can also go to San Juan (479, 487) which also only has five activities and should offer no particular challenges.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF4LSQVDESI A great place to do this is the island called "Florida" at coordinates 409,815. When you scroll over an island on the world map, you can see which activites it has to offer. That's usually just some collectibles and viewpoints. Luckily, Florida has very few of them. Synchronize the viewpoint, collect the two animus fragments, open the treasure chest, and pick up the bottle message to unlock this achievement.
  • Great tip!
  • PS: You can hold RB while at a location to see the remaining objectives. Helps sometimes.
  • anyone having problems 100% havana? because i have,, i completed all sequentions,, but i cant find the murder contracts in havana 4/6 so missing 2 but they are not on the map, same is for a fort. it says i need to complete 1 more naval contract, but also there no mark on the map
  • Get all the view points, some things are hidden until a certain view point is sync'ed. Also not all the contracts are visible at once, some locations will give multiple contracts for that location. Just complete the one given and return for another.
  • All objectives can be done in Havana - Sequence 2 - before meeting the merchant at the docks, right after the initial quest to follow him after docking at the beginning of the Sequence.
  • You can also get this rather easily in "Salt Key Bank" at 495,633. You need: 1 Tavern 1 Viewpoint 2 Assassin Contracts 6 Chests 1 Song Sheet 3 Animus Fragments 1 Secret (Message in a Bottle)
  • This was the third achievement which I unlocked during my time spent playing Assassin's Creed IV. It's very simple. For anyone struggling to acquire this achievement, simply follow the above steps provided by other members of the community, or simple visit a small island of your own choice.
  • very easy achievement
  • This was the first single player achievement I got. Just find everything before you finish first mission.

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