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    Unlock the secret door in Tulum.

    The secret door is hidden in a tunnel at Tulum (70, 405). In order to unlock it, you will need to collect all 16 Mayan Stelae which are buried around the map. Fortunately, they are marked and it is mostly a matter of traveling to the locations for each one. When you reach a location that has a Mayan Stelae, there will be a totem pole-like structure to climb, and at the top you will need to press to interact with it. This will activate a mini-game where you need to align three white shapes with nearby terrain features and is mostly a matter of rotating until it clicks into place. When that is done correctly, you will reveal the exact location of the buried Mayan Stelae. Go to the indicated spot and press to dig it up.

    The 15 Stelae not obtained in story mode are located as indicated below:

    • Cape Bonavista (179, 593)
    • Cat Island (742, 695)
    • Great Inagua (845, 468)
    • Isla Providencia (502, 44) - 2 Stelae
    • Long Bay (525, 253)
    • Matanzas (333, 650)
    • Misteriosa (307, 195) - 2 Stelae
    • New Bone (442, 118)
    • Santanillas (217, 250) - 2 Stelae
    • Tortuga (882, 370)
    • Tulum (70, 405)

    After you have all 16 you can enter the tunnels underneath the only viewpoint at Tulum and use the Mayan Stelae to open the secret door. Once you have opened it once, it will never open again.

    Here is a video showing the locations of each Mayan Stelae and the secret door:

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  • To unlock the door you must solve all 16 Mayan Stelae puzzles. The first puzzle is part of DNA Sequence 4, Memory 1 and cannot be missed. After finishing this memory, the other stelae will become available. You can also see the stelae locations on your map if you synchronize the viewpoints of their respective area. To check which ones you have found, open up the progress tracker and select the "Mayan Stelae" tab. It provides an overview of islands that contain these secret puzzles. Once all 16 puzzles have been solved, you need to travel to Tulum. There will be a marker on your map, saying "Mayan Outfit". Go there and open up the door to unlock the achievement.
  • #1 Interesting, thanks man your videos are alway my guide in Assassin's Creed series :)
  • I'm using the Hunter Outfit right now. The benefit to that is animals hardly detect me, and it is quite handy. Is there a bonus to wearing the Mayan Outfit, or just the achievement?
  • Enemy bullets just deflect while wearing the mayan outfit
  • Watch this video to see the reward you get for doing this and see for yourself whether or not it's worth it :D
  • Ok, awesome, thanks guys! Very helpful.
  • Just a head up for anyone who might get stuck with only one left like I did, you unlock Long Bay after sequence 10.
  • Thanks :')
  • Just a reminder if you go to a location and they don't show up on the map don't panic! You may just need to synchronize a few viewpoints to get them to show up
  • Location for 2 not listed above = Pinos Isle 355, 469
  • You forgot Castillo de Jagua (334,476)
  • "Ah, another Mayan keystone..." Two on Castillo de Jagua - found during the one of the Templar Hunt missions.

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