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    Harpoon a killer whale.

    Killer whales are one of the toughest animals to hunt, so ensure that you have fully upgraded your rowboat armor, harpoon strength, and harpoon storage. There are two on the map and will be indicated by a white icon that is a silhouette of a killer whale. The locations are (582, 338) and (120, 496).

    When you are on location you can hold down to initiate the harpooning mini-game. If you fail, you can restart over and over again until you are successful without any type of penalty. Pay attention to your crew in the boat as they will warn you before the killer whale is going to hit the rowboat. If you successfully stick the killer whale with a harpoon it will interrupt his attack. The achievement will unlock at the cut scene as the killer whale floats to the surface.

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  • PETA will not be pleased.
  • Shame, I would have preferred a unique white whale and a moby dick reference.
  • Moby Dick!!!
  • Are Orcas rare or common?
  • Fuck you Whale! And fuck you Dolphin!
  • @1: XD Even though PETA is responsible for more Animal Deaths than the people they claim to protect animals from >D Had to throw that out there *flees*
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  • Killer whales can be found in the ocean part named "Cruz". First off, you should capture the fort of this area to see the killer whale symbol on your map. The fishing locations can vary, so check your map. Also upgrade the harpooning statistic of your ship by upgrading the harpoon strength and harpoon storage. Fishing locations are highlighted on the ocean when you get close. Interact with one of these spots to start fishing. Defend your boat and keep throwing harpoons at the whale until it dies.
  • I found one on my way to a mission, can't remember which one tho.
  • I just harpooned White Whale from the event I found and I didnt get this one, is it something else?
  • a killer whale or orca, which is technically not a whale, the white whale is actually a whale but not a "killer whale"
  • Heres A Video On How To Do This Etc & A Step Guide In Description
  • By far the easiest to harpoon, wasn't even hard, imho. Would have been better if they made a reference to moby dick and harpoon a rare white whale.
  • Video guide:

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