Help A Brother Out Achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

  • Help A Brother Out



    Complete a Templar Hunt sequence.

    How to unlock Help A Brother Out

    There are four Templar Hunt sequences available in the game, indicated on your map with the Assassin's Creed emblem. Each Templar Hunt sequence consists of multiple events that are either combat or stealth oriented. You only need to complete one sequence for the achievement.

    A Templar Hunt appears on the mini-map with an icon that looks like the Assassin’s Creed icon. There are four sequences available, but you only need to complete one for this achievement. Each sequence is made up of three missions that include several different types of objectives. At the end of each complete sequence you will be awarded a key. If you obtain all keys, there is an outfit in your manor that you can unlock.

    Here are the starting locations for the Templar Hunt sequences. Each mission will then start at a different location until the sequence is completed.

    • Cayman Sound (327,334)
    • Havana (240, 607)
    • Kingston (623,172)
    • Nassau (633,784)

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  • These are side missions distinguished by the Assassin's symbol, there are 4 different people and each person has 4 missions to complete. When you finish the fourth mission for an Assassin, you get 1/5 keys to the Templar armor. You get the first key while playing through the story, fairly early on. For this achivement you only have to complete one Assassin's sequence, not all 4.
  • pretty fun side quests

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