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    Complete all naval contracts.

    Naval contracts are quests found at forts after you capture them. Each fort has an agent who stands on or near the dock and will give you the naval contract. Many of them are simply to destroy or capture a particular ship, and none of them are difficult especially if you have upgraded the Jackdaw. Note that Chinchorro (124, 357) has two contracts to fulfill.

    The final naval contract at Serranilla (347, 140) is not available until all the others are completed, so if you capture that fort and there are no naval contracts, come back after you have captured all other forts and completed the naval contracts at those locations.

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  • Anyone else has problems with this one , i have to do 1 more sea contract en i can tell by the green mark on the map that its there where i have to get the contract but when i get to that fort there is nog man asking a contract. same goes for Havana, cant do the last 2 killing contracts
  • Hello Aepkeinc21, I'm having the same issue with the last naval mission, the one your missing, is it at the serranilla fort at the bottom left hand side of the map?
  • i found the problem, i looked over the whole map and there it was,, only problem now is, i have every location 100% completed, but missing one Digging chest location. (all taverns talked to/all dead bodies looted)
  • guys i just got this,yes there is a naval mission at a fort at the bottom of the map,but it will only show once the others are done,the location of the one that seems hard to find is at a fort at the top right of map but the fort is not shown on the map,its inbetween nassau and the legendary ship (the two man o wars),just fast travel to nassau and head east,hope this helps !:)
  • Ran into the same thing. The missing one at serranilla pops once you complete the rest of them.
  • The missing contract mission giver, that is.
  • me too. Serranilla giver is missing.
  • Serranilla is missing yet I did all of them?
  • #3, is it a hidden treasure or a chest that sits out in the open? If it's the latter, then check all of your underwater shipwrecks. I had to go back and get a couple of items underwater.
  • I have completed all naval contracts including the final one from Serranilla, and even got the items unlocked (the ones that required the completion of such contracts, e.g. a special pistol). Nonetheless the achievement did not unlock!! When I check the achievements on my Xbox One it shows the green bar below the achievement full, meaning that I met all the requirements for having this achievement unlocked! So it looks glitched for me, anyone had the same issue?? Hope it pops after playing for a while more..
  • How much naval contracts are there?
  • Blackbelt, I was having the same issue. I finished the Achievement when I was offline and, while I had the pistols and there were no more missions I needed to complete, I did not have the Achievement. But after playing for a bit online, it unlocked and said that I completed the Achievement. Hope this helps

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