Mer-man Achievement

  • Mer-man



    Swim a total of 1 nmi.

    It is likely not possible to complete the game without swimming far more than this. All time in the water counts, submerged or on the surface. If for some reason you manage to complete everything else and don't have this unlocked, you can swim circles around your ship until it does.

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  • Swim a total of one nautical mile. Easiest walkthrough I've ever written.
  • Hhhh XD
  • This is easy and cumulative, you do not need to do this in one go as it will pop at some point while swimming
  • glad they refrained from naming this one "Aqua Man" instead
  • Merman. *girly cough*. MERMAN!
  • You could just rubber band your controller and wait for the achievement at the beginning.
  • How far is this in meters?
  • Not gonna lie, thought they were trying to shorten minute to "min" and just misspelled it. Had no idea it was for nautical mile

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