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  • Redingote Up!



    Craft the Hunter outfit.

    The Hunter outfit is able to be crafted after you have acquired a Red Howler Monkey skin and a White Jaguar pelt. They can be purchased for 5,000R and 6,000R respectively at the General Store, or you can kill and skin them in the wild if you can find them. You will run into both during campaign missions, so it is quite possible to complete without spending money, but 11,000R is pretty small change once you have Kenway's Fleet going at strength.

    The crafting menu is accessed via the menu button, then scroll down to Crafting and press . The hunter outfit is the fourth option from the bottom, directly above the various darts you can craft.

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  • Crafting the Hunter Outfit will cost you 11,000R. Go to any general store and buy the red howler monkey skin (5000R) & white jaguar pelt (6000R). Now open up the crafting menu, scroll to the very bottom and choose to craft this outfit. If you don' want to waste that much money, you could make a backup of your save game before doing this (e.g. on an USB stick) and copy it back afterwards.
  • or you could actually hunt the animals yourself and make it for free... granted you need to find what islands the animals are on. and more then likely since they are different colored then the normal ones they will probably be rare.
  • I love the How I Met Your Mother reference :)
  • You can find a White Jaguar on Cayman Sound (327,334), there is a Templar Hunt mission there - Opia Apito. The mission is to kill/skin more animals than her, at the end of the hunt you will be required to kill the White Jaguar, after the cutscene go a skin the animal. I found the Red Howler Monkey during the main mission in Sequence 8. Without spoiling anything you will be on an island, Isla Providencia (502,44) there will be an icon for the animal, head towards it and look in the trees for the red beast.
  • Some of these comments were helpful but some were not and because of that i followed a bit of my own instructions whilst taking from what @HolyWarr27 had to say. The easiest way i found to do this took me about twenty minutes, i didn't spend any R just follow this guide: red howler moneky skin - Isla Providencia (502, 44) should be an icon once you zoom into it and it says the exact name! then for the white jaguar pelt - Great Inagua, head southwest, deep in the jungle about (845,468) is where i found one then crafted the outfit.

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