Thug Life Achievement

  • Thug Life



    Plunder 30 ships.

    When piloting the Jackdaw, you will have plenty of opportunity to attack other ships. Once they are crippled you have two choices:

    • You can continue to damage them and they will sink, leaving half of their loot to be plundered.
    • You can board them by closing and holding and as long as you successfully complete the objectives which vary based on the size of the opponent, then you will capture all of their loot. Once you progress far enough into the story you will then also have the options of using their ship to repair the Jackdaw or send the ship to join Kenway's Fleet.

    Which choice you make doesn't matter, either way it will count toward the plundering requirement. You will likely plunder hundreds of ships throughout the game, so this will unlock relatively early.

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  • lol
  • I didn't choose it!
  • I'm deep enough in the hood as it is. I chose the GT. It sealed my fate. No way in, no way out. What a life.
  • Can't wait to see this achievement pop :)
  • think this might be glitched for me, if i go to my stats it says i have sunk 63 ships and 56 cargo units plundered. anyone else had his problem?
  • Nevermind, just got it, by plunder it means board the ship.
  • Man, this can be annoying sometimes. Every now and then (probably 1 of 10), it says I can board the ship and also has the Boardable Ship icon displayed on the map, but then... doesn't let me board. /facepalm
  • got it last night...argggg
  • The guide is wrong. You HAVE to board.
  • This information is incorrect. I had boarded nearly 200 ships, and this achievement still hadn't popped. It was suggested on another forum that to grab the achievement you have to select 'Repair the Jackdaw' in order for this to count... After I chose this a few times - BINGO, it pops! You have to select 'Repair the Jackdaw' after boarding/plundering 30 times for this to count.

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