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    Defeat all 4 legendary ships.

    The four legendary ships are located in the corners of the map and are quite difficult enemies. It is strongly recommended that you have the Jackdaw fully upgraded prior to attempting these battles. Also, as a rule you will want to avoid closing in to very short ranges with them because they are quite capable of mortaring themselves, and if they sink themselves as a result the kill does not count and you will have to start a fresh game and go completely through everything to try it again. This achievement also is just plain glitchy for some people, so if you have the ability to back up your save before attempting this achievement, it is highly recommended. You will also want to ensure that the Jackdaw is fully repaired and stocked on ammunition before each battle.

    Note that all of the Legendary ships are faster and more maneuverable than you are. Change your speed to only one sail if you need to turn, and when aiming your mortar ensure you are shooting in front of them. Avoid their broadsides as they are devastating!

    • HMS Prince aka Ghost Ship (895, 64), revealed when Fort Navassa (728, 219) is captured. This is the easiest of the legendary ships, and is really just a Man o' War that is slightly faster than normal. Mortar and long range cannon fire should take the Prince down with no real issues.
    • La Dama Negra (289, 67), revealed when Fort Serranilla (347, 140) is captured. This ship can only be damaged by shooting the rear of the ship, so mortars are useless. The trick is to get behind her and stun her with your forward chain shot, which slows her down and/or stops her, then ram her, turn and put heavy shot into the rear, followed by the swivel guns.
    • El Impoluto (199, 894), revealed when Fort Dry Tortuga (254, 749) is captured. She will try to ram you as much as possible. Hit her with mortars from far away, and take her head on. If you can hit her with your forward chain guns twice before she hits you, she will be at an almost complete stop and do little or no damage. Pound her with your heavy cannon as she goes by, and then follow up with the swivel guns. You also can place fire barrels behind you if you have time for extra damage.
    • Royal Sovereign and HMS Fearless aka The Brothers-In-Arms (871, 808), revealed when Fort Eleuthera (726, 784) is captured. Try to damage them both equally, because when one sinks the other will start ramming you and is very difficult to avoid. Mortars are your friend, and make sure to dodge as best you can. They will both try to mortar you frequently, but they also will shoot each other with their cannons on occasion, and ram each other for more damage.

    For the first three Legendary ships, an alternate approach is to board them and kill all their crew. The game won't actually let you release the wheel once you have started the battle, so you have to time things carefully. When your attention is first pointed to the legendary ship, use to tag the ship and approach it at full sail (your middle speed). When you get to around 590 meters, release the wheel by pressing twice and then holding it down. The idea is to enter the cut scene but not at the wheel of your ship. As long as you don't touch the wheel again, the Legendary ship won't shoot at you. You can't board them from the ocean, but you can wait in your rigging and jump aboard when they get close. If you choose to do this, the La Dama Negra actually has an invisible force field all over her, but you can shoot through parts of it. Even if you don't get a red aiming circle, shoot anyway and the nearby soldiers will jump overboard and die. Once all the enemy crew is dead, swim back to your ship and fire one shot to sink the Legendary ship. With La Dama Negra, the shot will have to be on the rear as it is invulnerable everywhere else.

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  • Anyone have information on these?
  • when i took over a fort i saw very briefly a marker that said legend on the map but it disappeared right after. they may be the legendary ships
  • #2, you're right, that was one of them. The x360a forum for this game has a lot more information about them in the Achievement Guide & Roadmap thread. For those who don't wanna go over there, they apparently spawn on the outer corners of the map and their icons are visible once you take over the fort in their area. They are very tough, so make sure your Jackdaw is nice and upgraded or you will get smoked! They all also fight differently (one will ram you, one will hide in the fog, etc.).
  • The ships are insanely hard if you haven't upgraded the Jackdaw. Luckily the first time I found one was in a storm, I was near to dead and one of those water tornado things came and destroyed the legendary ship 3 cheers to the water tornado thing :)
  • @#4 that is awesome. they are insanely difficult to beat but can be found in all four corners or so of the map. they cut on a dime and faster than your ship and unless you are fully upgraded don't waste your time. maxed out broadsides, swivel(best) and long range mortars (and have plenty of all ammo) and should be ok as long as you have the basic sea battle mindset.
  • saying they r hard is the understatement of the century! they r lv70+ ships! u need max upgrades for the jackdaw to stand a chance. the NE legendary is twin ships
  • fought all of the,, with half the upgrades,, at least the bottom 2, the 2 man o wars i dont when i upgraded my body, my ram, fully. the one on the top left, is the hard one,, still busy with him,, but because he is so fast, he rams you and you loose even when you brace yourself. almost a whole bar. with one bang.
  • #7 That ship never heard of no contact sports. He isn't all that difficult, when he goes away to turn around chase him and start swinging out on either side in order to ram him yourself. Afer two hits the mortars did majority of the remaining work. As for the rest of them, i sunk the bottom right without too much hassle. Away to try my chances with bottom left. I gave up on the top right two ships, i got the second ship into low health but unfortunately with the jackdaw also being on it's last legs and that's as close as i got.
  • Not all that difficult. The twins were the hardest but a little perseverance and they too sank.
  • Not Very Difficult, Definitely wait until you have the Jackdaw fully Upgraded, Tried tackling this when i had 3 Upgrades left on the Jackdaw and i just got killed over and over again, came back with full upgrades sank them all on my first go. I found that the El Impolluto was the most difficult, that mother fucker kept ramming me.
  • Anyone knows if Abstergo cheat #7 works on this?
  • #11 if you use a cheat it disables getting achievements, which if your on this site... I'm guessing your going for the achievement.
  • Im having trouble with the brother of arms legendary battle. I managed to defeat one of the two ships but as soon as I defeat one of them the other ship goes all suicidal and rams me! Armour is fully upgraded as in my ram and I have one more mortar to get. the strength of the firing balls is at max as well (basically I haven't got a lot left to level up on my ship but I need money!) So any strategy for going against these two?
  • #13 Dunno if you beat the twins yet, but here is what I did: Attack one ship first and when its health is really low, start to attack the other one and sink it. Leave a bit health for the first one to make sure you can take it down by one or two shots after you sink the other one. So you basically sink the twins together.The most efficient way is keep chain shots+ram. To me this worked better than sinking one ship and dealing with the remaining full health crazy ship. Hope it helps.
  • Hay guys all you have to do is level your mortars all the way, and then just sit back and mortar the hell out of them!!
  • I can confirm that having all of the upgrades makes a world of difference. I had one upgrade left (Elite Fire Barrel Storage, so clearly not a game changer). Every time I went after El Impoluto I got slaughtered. However, after getting that last upgrade, it seems to ramp up everything about the Jackdaw, and I managed to take her down in the next try.
  • This can be easily done with the #14 strategy.. I defeated without so many problems all shpis, except for the twins, that bitches were so hard :/
  • *those
  • the one in the top left is impossible
  • Top left (El Impoluto) is easier than the low left (La dama negra). I just did this tonight (quite a pain, three hours of gameplay to do it). For El Impoluto, don't try to avoid the ship, but face it head on and move at the last second, so it cannot ram you, and use the powerful side cannon attack (I have no idea what's its name, just tap RT) and the swiveling cannons, if you're fast lauch also some barrels while passing alongside it and mortars aplenty when it's far away. Also, you must have every weapon and the hull at top level, so raid ships, look for treasure chests and underwater chests.
  • I just did a mini-series on youtube on these ships if anyone is interested... strategies for each of the 4 (er... actually 5)
  • my Jackdaw is fully upgraded and im STILL having a hard time against these ships. what a load of garbage this is.
  • 2 questions 1) r these legendary ships recruitable for the fleet? 2) if 1 is yes how much better than a Man o' War r they?
  • Dragonbikernick No they sink when you defeat them. All of them drop 20,000 R. Except for the twin ships
  • I found some good YouTube vids on this. Still going to be tough though
  • I just completed it after many fails - I nearly had the Jackdaw fully upgraded (except the Elite Fire Barrels).
  • If you ram them or stay close in ramming range, they are fairly simple,, the one in the top left you need to avoid letting him get into ram position.. i just put it at full sails then dead stop to turn quickly to stay in ramming range
  • Can you lure them close to an owned fort?
  • I kept on purposely dying after looting one of the ships of the legendary ship in the top right of the map. EASY MONEY!!!
  • #29 - not that bad idea! Well, it wasn't that bad. I destroyed HMS Prince, and these Twin Ships without dying. I had few issues with the one that rams you, though. It didn't take long to put that bastard beneath the sea surface anyway.
  • El Impoluto is the only ship I'm having trouble with. The other 4 went down easy enough with a fully upgraded Jackdaw, but El Impoluto's speed and ram really make it annoying.
  • #31 I was having trouble with El Impoluto as well; I just started being as aggressive as possible, ram to ram if you will. Never turned my back on her, if she starts chasing you it's over. Ram then heavy shot, mortar if possible. I just made it with maybe three bars left. Good hunting.
  • Bloody hell that was a difficult one but not as hair tearing as that one achievement in the AC3 called original gamer!!
  • anyone looking for a easy way of taking care of El Impoluto check out this technique:
  • If you are having a hard time with the top right ships you can make them last, I got the achievement instantly after destroying one of them
  • I can confirm what #35 says, I went to this one last and got the achievement after sinking just one of the ships. But still need to sink both to remove them from the map. Hardest one by far.
  • Getting behind the ships with chain shot and ramming them repeatedly seems to work really well for HMS Prince and La Dama Negra, just watch out for the Prince's heavy hits with the mortar and La Dama Negra's unshown mortar attacks (The circles don't appear to show where her mortar will land). Remember that after each ram, stop your ship for a second to let them get a little room between you and them so you can steer as repeatedly bumping them will make slide up beside them. For the twins, when they try to come on both sides, blaze through, bunker down and immediately stop and try to do the same as above, just be very careful and don't be afraid to use anything you can hit them with. I did quite a lot of damage with fire barrels. And for Impoluto, it's not too hard as long as you avoi
  • avoid* it's ram, which can take out third the health of a maxed out hull. Just avoid that, and blast it until it goes down. Trying to get behind it and chain/ramming it didn't seem to work so well on this one. And always, ALWAYS bunker down against attacks you couldn't avoid. Sorry about the "generalized" tips, I'm just going off what worked for me.
  • Tip for the TWINS: 1. For the achievement, you can kill just one and then (if you die) just kill the other. Both don't need to be done in the same go. 2. After killing one, you can pick up the crate worth 10,000R, die and repeat for unlimited money. One isn't that hard to kill if you just tail them.
  • If you can't kill El Impoluto easy, this guide will help. Well, it'll hell on all ships, but with this one I killed El Impoluto on the first shot without all upgrades
  • Wait, I killed all of the legendary ships, and I checked the progress tracker to make sure, and I still don't have the achievement. Any idea on how to fix this?
  • dafaq is this shit? Why is such an enormously big ship more manouverable than my ship?? -.- And why on earth does another Man o' War show up when I almost sank the Dame Negra, spamming me with extra mortar fire. Really getting frustrated with this shit...
  • The twins were rather easy compared to El Impoluto... damn, that sucker was awful. Finally got this one, though.
  • Fuck u Ubisoft this ach glitched:S
  • Just sank all 4 (5) legendary ships, then no achievement... Not happy!
  • This was the most satisfying achievement I've gotten since mile high club for COD, especially because I read it was glitchy. All I can say is, backup your save before you fight any of the ships, that way you only have to backtrack a little bit if the achievement doesn't pop. @43, I just used the glitch to back off of the wheel once you get around 570 meters for the 3 individual ships. When the ship comes at you and starts to circle around, then I'd go to the wheel and ambush them from behind and ram them. This made all three pretty easy to beat. The twins don't rush you, though, so I had to beat them legit.
  • Just done, no glitch, I'm lucky.
  • I wish I could add to this, but I'm new to forums. Having the Jackdaw fully upgraded is a must. Anyone he doesn't and manages to best them, much respect. I just used my mortars and tried to keep my distance. There was one ship, I don't remember it's name which was extreme vulnerable in the rear. I was easily able to out turn it and took down quickly. My friend was having trouble and getting extremely frustrated, with this achievement.
  • I can confirm as of May 15, 2014, that if you destroy HMS Prince aka Ghost Ship,La Dama Negra,El Impolut and one of the brother you will get the achivement. If you go for the brothers and you kill one but they kill you, and you kill the rest of those ships you will still unlock it. THIS IS FOR THE XBOX ONE, for the 360 I did killed all of them, so I cant confirm that. Another hint is that, if you kill one of the brothers, and you get the 10,000R when you die you will keep them. Its easy money farming by repeating the same thing over. Note this is for xbox one version.
  • Achievements should be hard!! i hate the one's u get just from passing a "level" stop
  • Oh man, El Impoluto was a pain to get. It took a solid seven tries; a few times, I was close, but then I got rammed and sunk. The other three legendary ships were "easy" compared to that one. If I had any tips for El Impoluto, I'd say try and keep your distance as best you can and if you have the unfortunate pleasure of being rammed by her, start using the heavy shot as much as you can. If you can tail her, that would also be good, but she's quite fast.
  • I got this achievement with cheats on sort of! I did the bottom right with no cheats on, then I put the cheats on and did the rest. I got no achievement then but I turn off cheats and did the bottom left this time and then the achievement pop. So I did two without cheats in the end. I hope this make sense. I wish I did it this way when I played it on 360, would save time.
  • I don't know if they patched it or not, but I had to destroy both twins for the achievement (yes, I saved them for last).
  • They always throw one of these b.s., no fun achievements in. Thanks Ubisoft.
  • Loved this achievement
  • I still can't kill la dama negra, whenever i try to approach from the back the cut scene just mekes me approach from the front, any tips?
  • I was having problems with the twins and found by far the best strategy that seemed to work was to stay in the centre of their circling maneuver (which i know sounds crazy). Jackdaw needs to be fully upgraded and most importantly you need to BRACE whenever you come under attack. You can then broadside and fire swivel for loads of damage whenever possible. They also need to be taken out equally so that when one sinks the other is only one shot away from being sunk, otherwise its brother will ram the bejesus out of you. With this particular method I managed it in one attempt.
  • Seems tough.
  • Staying up dama negra's ass then ramming and chain shotting it is the fastest way. For impoluto play really aggressively and if you ram it head on you won't take much damage. For the hardest, the twins, i found that holding down the brace button when there's a lot of broadside coming then aggressively attacking one with everything you have got me to the end of the fight with over a whole bar of elite hull left.
  • Make sure that the mortar ship does not sink itself, it will glitch out this achievement. In progress tracker you will see that you have defeated this ship and after defeating all 4 you will receive the charge attack, but no achievement.
  • This was by far the easiest achievement ever! Being level 75 they move very slow in any direction so the best to defeat them is to get right behind them and repeatedly fire your front swivel cannons. They do 2x the damage of any other cannon hit on the ship. Because they move slow, you can tailgate them the whole time and take 0 damage.
  • Just got this achievement. I can confirm that focusing on one of the two legendary ships in the NE corner first (until it is almost destroyed) is the way to go. I first focused on the ship with white sails, then the other ship. Both were really low on health, and I was getting low on health of my ship, too...but I destroyed them both. Tough...but doable.

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