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    Fully upgrade the Jackdaw.

    To fully upgrade the Jackdaw will take a lot of resources and a lot of money. It also will require you to find the plans for each of the elite upgrades to your various types of equipment. Maps are displayed on the location summary screen as part of the unknown collectibles and indicated with a question mark. As an example, Long Bay found in the middle of the map at location (525, 253), shows a total of 14 collectibles: 8 chests, 5 animus fragments (indicated as diamonds) and 1 question mark, or unknown collectible. The unknown collectibles are treasure maps, manuscripts, and letters. Letters and manuscripts add potentially interesting information to your database, while treasure maps will lead you to various treasure stores and blueprints. In each location, they are indicated on the map as a glass bottle with a cork in it, a map with a red x, or a piece of paper. The maps to where the blueprints are located can be found as indicated below:

    • elite hull armor: These plans are not tied to a treasure map; instead they are found in a chest in the San Ignacio Wreck (379,770). The plan is found to the northwest of the diving bell next to an animus fragment.
    • elite broadside cannons: These plans are not tied to a treasure map; instead they are found in a chest in The Blue Hole (471,170). When you first submerge, it is the chest farthest from the diving bell.
    • elite ram strength: These plans are not tied to a treasure map; instead they are found in a chest in the La Concepcion Wreck (181, 296). The chest is in a wreck near the diving bell, and is one of the three closest chests when you first access the wreck. ** unobtainable until after Sequence 6 Memory 1
    • elite round shot strength: These plans are not tied to a treasure map, instead they are found by diving at Kabah Ruins (769, 145). They are in the chest that is in the tall structure nearest the diving bell, second closest chest on the map and one floor below an animus fragment.
    • elite mortar shot: These plans are not tied to a treasure map, instead they are found by diving at the Antocha Wreck (630,660). The plan is in the captain's cabin of the wreck, and is the chest placed farthest east from the diving bell.
    • elite swivel strength: These plans are not tied to a treasure map, instead they are found in a chest in the Devil's Eye Caverns (487, 357). You have to progress all the way through the dive site; when you emerge from the water into a small dry tunnel area, the plans are in one of the two chests on dry land. ** unobtainable until after Sequence 6 Memory 1
    • elite heavy shot: treasure map is found at Ambergris Key (55, 178), sends you to Misteriosa (307, 195)
    • elite fire barrel strength: treasure map is found at Santanillas (217, 250), sends you to San Juan (479, 487)
    • elite mortar storage: treasure map is found at Tortuga (882, 370), sends you to Matanzas (333, 650)
    • elite heavy shot storage: treasure map is found at Cayman Sound (327, 334), sends you to Petite Cavern (901, 263)
    • elite fire barrel storage: treasure map is found via Kenway's Fleet and sends you to Isla Providencia (502, 44) ** unobtainable until the start of Sequence 8 Memory 3
    • elite harpoon strength: treasure map is found at Mariguana Island (880, 544), sends you to Andreas Island (579, 720)

    Once you have the plans, they will show a map location number in the lower right corner (as referenced above). Travel to that location and equip your map. When you look at it, it should have some clearly identifiable landmarks that you will need to find, with an X marking the spot of the treasure in question. When you locate the correct spot, walk up to it and you should see a prompt to push . Doing so will dig up the treasure.

    After obtaining each plan, you will also need the resources to pay for it. The elite plans tend to require a lot of money and a lot of another resource, especially metal. You can build them from the cabin of the Jackdaw using the desk to the right as you enter, or from the pause menu by selecting "Jackdaw upgrades." Metal is plundered from enemy ships; generally speaking, the further southwest you are on the map, the stronger the ships and the bigger the reward for capturing them. You also can raise your wanted level by plundering ships and as it goes higher and higher you will get Hunter ships chasing you who will carry more and more metal as your wanted level increases.

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  • Having a problem with this. I spent a few days plundering for cash and resources to to the upgrades as well as doing all of the shipwreck dives to get the elite plans. Got fully upgrades up to that point. But when I went to get the rest of the plans from the various places (I googled) I clear the cave, etc and I don't get any plans...just something that says "x is full" or something. I did the San Jaun wreck for the elite fire barrel plan and it said "fire barrels full"....same for Petite Caverne which should give the heavy shot plan. No plans, and it still says I need the plans in the upgrade menu. Has me really concerned because these areas can't be redone that I'm aware of. All I can think of is there is a level requirement maybe? I'm currently at the start of Sequence 8. A
  • The Elite Fire Barrel Storage plan can only be acquired by completing Kenway's Fleet activities. Just keep sending out fleets on those little auto missions and eventually the plan will unlock.
  • This is an online achievement because you have to have the Uplay pass in order to play Kenway's Fleet game to get the treasure map for the Elite Fire barrel storage upgrade. I feel like Ubisoft ripped us off on this one.
  • #3 Completely agree. I feel for those who don't have online or borrowed/second hand the game. Luckily I've got live but unfortunately i can never connect to the ubisoft server (UK), which means i'm stuck for long periods of time waiting around until it shows a sign of life.
  • #1, I have same problem but on a number like mortar and fire barrels, there two others also but can't remember what those online and have done 13 fleet missions and still nothing.many helps welcome
  • I've got the fleet one, its the others that concern me. So far, beyond the wreck dives that's the only one I've gotten.
  • I'm having troubles with this because I miss two project that I've to find into the buried treasures, but no barmen show me the location of the corpse that gives you the treasure map.. Any helps?
  • mortar storage upgrade is from a map, got to the taverns and get info (200 a pop) they will show you the locations for some of the maps. at a certain point they stop showing you locations. I'm missing just the fire barrel storage but I don't have the online pass
  • (PS3) Unlimited Money Trick At the beginning of the game
  • Thanks for the intel guys, I thought it was just me having issues with this one.
  • I feel kinda bad that I bought that pack that unlocks all the elite upgrades, but I had almost all the resources to buy them I just did not wanna spend time looking for them.
  • I don't get what most of you are writing. No online pass exsist for ACIV:BF. Ubisoft ditched the use of Online passes. No Xbox Live Gold is required either. The only thing required to get this achievement and the map through Kenway's Fleet is that you log your Xbox onto your WiFi or that you plug an ethernet cable into your Xbox. I borrowed the game from a local library and I just started the Scarlantia mission to get the map from Kenway's Fleet.
  • On Kenways Fleet when looking at the different missions (contracts I am sure if there is a reward for doing a certain one there will be writing in yellow to say what it is.
  • everything can be collected inside shipwrecks and trough tresure maps
  • its better getting the DLC Technology Pack it skips the plans make sure you have alot of money dont spend it play contracts and plunder chest the unknown exact money needed is unknown i have like 345653 i still need more the upgrades are Expensive DLC Pack is Under 1.99 Dollars Its Perfect

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