Seven Deadly Seas Achievement

  • Seven Deadly Seas



    Explore all underwater shipwrecks.

    Shipwrecks become available for exploration after Sequence 6 Memory 1 when you acquire a diving bell. To explore them you merely need to dive and then come back to the surface. You don't actually have to swim through and fully explore each one, although often a good bit of treasure can be found at them. The San Ignacio Wreck (379, 770) is the story related shipwreck, and all the others are listed below. The shipwrecks are indicated on the map as buoys.

    • Ambergris Key (55, 178)
    • Antocha Wreck (630, 660)
    • Devil's Eye Caverns (487, 357)
    • Kabah Ruins (769, 145)
    • La Concepcion Wreck (181, 296)
    • The Black Trench (215, 449)
    • The Blue Hole (471, 170)

    Note that there are two other locations that require the diving bell to access, but do not count for this achievement:

    • Anotto Bay
    • San Juan

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  • Popped after visiting 9th out of 10... thanks i suppose
  • In order to start this you must progress through the main mission, Diving for Medicines - sequence 6, is where you first acquire the diving bell. After that just visit the shipwreck sites, you do not even have to collect any of the treasure or animus fragments, just go to the site in your ship and hold B to drop the bell once you are underwater you can just hold B again to return to the ship and now that site has been visited. There are 10 sites which the icon for them look like buoys, to find them easier I suggest taking over the Forts.
  • At first the diving sequences were frustrating. After awhile I found them quite enjoyable. It was a nice change of pace.
  • Easy and fun

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