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    Unlock all taverns.

    There are eight taverns in the game, and each one initially is occupied by some local thugs. When you access the tavern, you will be placed into an unarmed combat situation against four of the thugs. They will attack one at a time, so countering and pressing to knock them out is the fastest way to complete the minigame. Once that is done, the tavern is unlocked and you can get drunk, play checkers as a gambling game, or recruit crewmen.

    The taverns are located in the following towns, and will show up on the mini-map as a building with the letter T in it.

    • Andreas Island (579, 720)
    • Arroyos (192, 563)
    • Corozal (42, 268)
    • Crooked Island (807, 541)
    • Ile à Vache (843, 140)
    • Grand Cayman (397, 324)
    • Kingston (623, 172)
    • Salt Key Bank (495, 634)

    The tavern you can construct in your hideout at Great Inagua (845, 468) does not count for this achievement.

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  • There are a total of 8 taverns that need to be unlocked. Their locations are as follows: #1 - Andreas Island (573,720) #2 - Salt Key Bank (496, 629) #3 - Crooked Island (808, 545) #4 - Arroyos (192, 565) #5 - Corozal (37, 266) #6 - Grand Cayman (392, 325) #7 - Kingston (623, 172) #8 - Ile à Vache (839, 137)
  • thanks
  • the salt key bank tavern wont show up for me. i got the others no problem, but i go here and there is no tavern
  • #3 - I actually have that issue in Kingston. I haven't finished the game yet so i'm hoping something will correct itself but if any one can chime in on how to fix the issue that would be great.
  • Kingston always has problems for me.
  • I've just found a video on Youtube with the location and still acquired the achievement: There's a pathway just outside the southwestern harbourmaster in the main district. Head north a little ways and it should show up on the minimap.

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