Cannon Fodder Achievement

  • Cannon Fodder



    Recruit 500 crew members.

    Your crew is important as they help you capture ships when you initiate a boarding action. You can upgrade the sleeping quarters on the Jackdaw to have more room for crew at any given time. You will have several missions where you recruit crew members, but most of your crew will be rescued sailors out in the ocean and recruited through taverns. If you manage to complete the game without recruiting 500 members - unlikely, but theoretically possible - you can attack and board a man o' war and let them whittle down your crew, then finish the capture and go recruit more at a nearby tavern.

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  • This seems like a lot of work for only 5 points. Hopefully you can recruit multiple crew members at a time.
  • My guess is it'll count all the crew of any ships you board and have join your fleet too which will bump up the numbers.
  • Crew turnover must be pretty high then. I don't think a ship needs more a dozen hands on deck. Either that or we get to control like 25 ships
  • Yeah from the looks of it it will be all-time recruits, or recruits you've had on your other ships as well.
  • Guys keep your heads up, we'll get 1G for each 100 we recruit :P
  • #5 Hehe, such a pessimistic point of view. It comes naturally, I thought i'd struggle since my pirates were good at staying alive but it popped after finidng Blackbeard's ship.
  • #6 Really. Mine seem to die quite often, and I pick up every stranded sailor I can, yet still no achievement. Probably need to kill them with the swivels to earn it faster.
  • What happens to the crew numbers when you send an overtaken ship to your fleet? For clarity, when you take over a ship, there are about 5 remaining crew members; you then make one of your existing crew captain of that vessel and send it on it's way. What happens with those 6 people? Do you get a net of 5, or 0, or lose 1 because of the guy you promoted, etc.? Confused about that.
  • #7 It's for the best. You'll recruit even more wanna be pirates. Try saving the pirates on various islands, I rarely picked up stranded people since you get more crew members for bigger ships. I spent a lot of time looting, guess that's why i had no problem getting it. #8 They all count. The only time it doesn't register is stranded people when your boat is already full (although it makes a noise of money being added, I never noticed any actually doing so).
  • I have spent most of my time in the game just sailing and sinking enemy ships. I just finished memory sequence 9 and I have over 600 crew recruited. It's really not that hard to get this if you're trying to fully upgrade your ship, due to how much metal you need. You can check how many people you've recruited by pressing start, pick database, then statistics, and then scroll down to pirate statistics.
  • Took 2 weeks and 68 man of war just to get this achivement!
  • At the time of completing the game i had 256 "total crew recruited".
  • Just beat the game and have 450 crew. You can check to see how man you have by going to database then statistics and its under the pirate section.
  • a white whale has been located at (638,903) there are a lot of sighting near that location
  • Only pops 'naturally' if you suck at the ship boarding sequences. I tend to lose 2-3 crew max in a boarding sequence when fighting man o' wars. Since Schooners and brigs can be done without even leaving the jackdaw (swivel and pistols can get you 10-15 kills easy) and frigates you do the same then destroy the flag/kill the scouts. I'm about to beat the story (sequence 12)and I haven't even recruited a total of 200 yet, this cheev is going to be a total pain in the ass..
  • finished the game and didnt even have 300. now im sitting on the crows nest on a man'o'war...still waiting
  • Finished the game with slightly over 200. No way im grinding this crap.
  • Really its not that hard every time you board a man o war thats 7 people. It counts your total count regardless if you have space or not. I finished the game have 487. Its going to go hand and hand with upgrading the Jackdaw just saying.
  • Really its not that hard every time you board a man o war thats 7 people. It counts your total count regardless if you have space or not. I finished the game have 487. Its going to go hand and hand with upgrading the Jackdaw just saying.
  • I didn't think so many people would have so many problems with this one. I'm only in Sequence 6 and I have 454 recruited. But I am doing EVERYTHING before progressing in the story. I only have one location left to go to, ever other location in the game is 100% completed, I'm only missing less than 5 chests and fragments. It's probably because of how thorough I am.
  • I've finished the whole game, I only have 2 locations left that aren't 100% done and about 5 more assasins contracts and I've only recruited 295 members...
  • GUYS I FOUND AN EASIER AND QUICKER WAY TO DO THIS. Go to Sequence 3 Memory 2 and then exit replay. You should have a small amount of crew, so now all you need to do is go to a tavern and hire them. Go to the tavern at andreas island there is always a recruiter there. You can hire 30 pirates in 3 minutes or less

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