FTFY Achievement

  • FTFY



    Fully upgrade your hideout.

    Your hideout unlocks early in the game, and when you have time and spare money you can upgrade various locations for some benefit. Your hideout is located at Great Inagua (845, 468). The upgrades required for the achievement include the following:

    • Brothel (lets you hire dancer groups for free, cost: 15,000R)
    • Campfire (lets you hire drunken pirate groups for free, cost: 7,000R)
    • General Store (cost: 700R)
    • Guest house (cost: 40,000R)
    • Harbormaster (cost: 500R)
    • Manor - Facade (cost: 6,000R)
    • Manor - Tower and Gardens (cost: 18,000R)
    • Tavern (cost: 3,500R)

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  • The house have three upgrades (Facade, Tower and Guest House) and there is five upgrades in the city (Tavern, Harbor Master, Campfire, General Store, Brothel)
  • pretty low on the priority list...
  • Upgrading wasn't that bad, added some nice little side things to check out on random stops between pillaging!
  • If anyone needs more Reales/Money best way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq8dtfPBZxU if you need cargo do sequence 8 memory 1 over and over.
  • I just wish the house upgrades did something useful. This is kind of stupid.

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