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    Visit every location of the game.

    This requires that you visit every location in the game at least once. You don't have to do anything while you are there. When looking at the main map, locations have a downward arrow mostly surrounded by a circle and are one of five different colors as detailed below:

    • Grey - unvisited
    • White - visited (named locations count, but not individual chests, fishing locations, etc.)
    • Red - fort that has not been captured
    • Green - fort that has been visited and captured, but not fully explored
    • Gold - visited and fully explored

    There will be other items on the map as well that are not locations and as such do not count. These include but are not limited to naval convoys, legendary ships you have yet to beat, individual chests and other items, harpooning locations, and ships you can attack.

    Note that many locations are unlocked through story progression, so you will not be able to unlock this until you start Sequence 10, Memory 3 at the earliest.

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  • Can anyone elaborate on this one a little? When it says "every location," what exactly does it define as a "location?" For example, would it mean visiting every town/tavern/etc., or would it also include hitting up everything else such as the synchronized viewpoints?
  • it gave me the achivement when i visited all towns and all underwater ship wrecks
  • So just the points on the map that say "Undiscovered Location," then. Thank you.
  • You need to progress into the game because some locations open up later in the game.
  • Does it count if it's still grey on the map and not classed as a fast travel location so it still shows up on the map but you can't fast travel there if that makes sense?
  • You have to be able to fast travel to all the locations to get this achievement.
  • You need to put foot into each location for it to unlock that way you can fast travel back there again.. i've unlocked all location but there are still some location from the storyline.. i have to finish the game to revel them
  • Including all underwater shipwrecks too?
  • Assuming you can read, all underwater locations become fast travel locations and this achievement requires all fast travel locations. So yes.

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