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    Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.

    You will perform one during Sequence 10 Memory 1 if you complete the optional objective, and that memory is set up to make the air assassination extremely easy. It is at the very end of the memory, so it isn't fast to grind out, but if you have problems that is an option.

    When boarding ships to capture and plunder them, the easiest way to board is by using a rope near the front of the ship or next to the wheel. If you hop up on the railing you will see a short beam sticking out from the rail with a rope attached to it and leading up to the rigging or a spar. The rope shimmers to let you know you can perform an action with it. Hold down to swing, and if the ship you are boarding is on level with you or lower in the water, you will swing above its deck. If there are any enemy crew nearby, watch for them to shimmer and when they do, press to assassinate them. You will likely board several hundred ships during the game, so you will have a lot of opportunity to earn air assassinations from swinging ropes.

    The achievement will unlock after your fifth successful air assassination from a rope swing.

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  • Ah. So they didn't forget this was still an AC game. Good to know
  • When you're boarding an enemy's ship, use one of the hanging ropes near the captain's wheel. As you swing across, if an enemy is near you, hit X to air assassinate him. Repeat 4 more times.
  • #2 Perhaps AI in my game is somewhat special, i only managed it once. Even the basic soldiers have sixth sense and manage to jump away.
  • You can also do this by using the lift in front of the captain's wheel to get to the higher platform and using the ropes on either side there, I found this to be much easier than the ropes next to the captain's wheel!
  • @ L3W1Sp, thank you, much easier.
  • I find the only time enemy soldiers dodge my air assassination is when I swing to the captain's end of the ship, as mostly higher ranked unit types stand there. When I swing to the other end, which is primarily lower ranked meat fodder, it's always a success.
  • I found that it only works one per ship, cause I did all 5 on one ship by jumping back onto my boat and retrying etc and only one would register
  • This was probably one of the more annoying achievements in this game, as I could not land these to save my life. The rope assassinations are so annoying, and the "Kill the captain by swinging on a rope" objective in one of the missions was the last one I got, and it took me forever.
  • This game really hates me, I've met the criteria for this achievement and also Barfly and Cartographer but for some reason I don't have any of them, someone want to shed some light for me?
  • Scrap my last comment, got Roped In second attempt. Still don't get the problem with the other ones though
  • I just got this achievement. Here is how I did it. First, I equipped the Stealth Suit. It seemed to give a bit of an advantage. I went after Schooner off the Salt Key Bank. They are low level and are usually in groups of four or more. I took the advice of another poster and used the lifts. Worked like a charm.
  • Ninja
  • Evidently I suck at this. Tried dozens of times from high and low ropes swinging to front and back of the enemy ship at various distances and literally 100% of the time I fall short into the water, land on a mast or the deck rails, or simply clear the ship entirely and sail into the drink on the far side. I'll work it out some day....
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