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    Board a ship without losing any crew members.

    To unlock this achievement, you will need to cripple a ship and then approach it and initiate boarding action by holding . Once you do that, the entire time your crew are pulling your ship close and then actively boarding must be done without losing any of your crew. Since the enemy crew will be shooting muskets at you and your crew, this is partly luck. Set yourself up for success by upgrading your swivel guns and attacking a schooner since that only requires killing five enemy crew. If you see an explosive barrel on their deck, that can sometimes take out 2-3 crew with one shot. Speed is of the essence! If you run out of ammunition, or see your crew start to jump across, jump over as well and use smoke bombs to incapacitate everyone and finish your kills that way.

    Note that if your crew jumps across, the swivel gun can kill them as well and that will obviously void the achievement as well.

    *** Special Note *** Some people have reported that this would not unlock for them when attacking schooners. If that happens for you, try a brig instead as the next smallest ship.

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  • Play the support role when attempting this achievement. Board the ship immediately and start throwing smoke bombs to distract the enemy crew as you fight with yours; kill who you can, defend your crew, and the achievement will pop after you decide what to do with the ship.
  • I've read in Trueachievement that this achievement only unlocks when boarding a ship that requires at least 10 kills. Schooners that only need 5 kills to board do not count.
  • @2 That would explain why it won't pop for me, but I even did the brig AND hunter ship in sequence 3 w/o losing anyone and it didn't pop....I don't know what I'm doing wrong :/
  • got this one easy once i had the ammo for it, i shot them all without ever actually boarding the ship. not sure exactly why my crew didn't jump over to the other ship, i think it might have been because i came at the ship from to much of an angle and they couldn't get the ships together before i was done.
  • Did this with numerous ships and no achievement. Did it with a Hunter and it popped immediately
  • i can confirm #5 do it on a hunter ship
  • This Is The Achievement On This Has A Step Guide In Description Alot Of People Asked Us To Stick It Up So Check It Out And See If It Helps you.
  • I ended up getting this when I boarded a ship alone, instead of getting close enough for it to actually start a normal boarding, I just got off my ship and swam over by myself and killed everyone. Then I went back to my ship and attempted a normal board, and it gave me an automatic victory and achievement popped.
  • Easy to do it on a schooner. Just use the swivle guns and they should take out 5 guys really easy.
  • I Use the swivel gun for this one
  • Battletick (#8) is right. This is the easiest way to get the achievement and gain a ship for the fleet and only make one shot at the ship from the Jackdaw. You can swim to a "parked" ship (without engaging it in battle), kill all the crew members, swim back to your ship and fire upon the enemy ship once and it's yours without losing a single crew member. This is a great way to easily attain Man-O-Wars as mentioned in the abbreviated walk through.
  • I got this on an assassin mission, the target left on a boat when i did the boarding tho we pulled up to the ship no one else but me jumped aboard so i had to kill everyone myself but didnt have to worry about any of my crew being killed all the excess enemies would do is try to cut the boarding ropes
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