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    Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with "dancers."

    This achievement can first be earned in Sequence 3, Memory 2 - Now Hiring. You will start the memory at a tavern. If you open up your map you will see a blue flower icon just northeast of you across the square. Approach them and press to hire them. On the north side of the tavern you started in are some stairs, so walk up those and then head south toward the church in the restricted zone. Stay on the right side of the church and make sure that you have the dancers with you so that you are hidden. If you get ahead of them the guards will detect you and shoot the hostages. The two gunners guarding the hostages are on the south side of the church, so press when you see it pop up as an option over their heads, and then approach the hostages and press to recruit them and unlock the achievement.

    You can also unlock this achievement in free play if you see a rescue pirate icon where they are going to be executed and have dancers nearby. However, those stop spawning at a certain point in the story, so at that point you will need to replay the memory above if you have yet to earn Siren Song.

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  • To do this you must let some of your crew members die. Just board an enemy ship and sit back while your crew does the fighting. Many will die. After that, head to Kingston and go to coordinates 623,172. There is a restricted area where two enemies are aiming at captured pirates. You can hire some dancers nearby, just up the street. Send the dancers to these two enemies and once they are distracted sneak behind their backs and free the pirates. Alternatively, you could replay DNA Sequence 3, Memory 2 where you had to free some pirate hostages during a story mission. This does only work with enemies aiming at pirates.
  • The best and easiest Way is in DNA Sequence 3-2. Here you must Rescue some Pirates as part of the Story. Load this Sequence and follow my Vid. Easy Achievement in 1minute.
  • thanks guys. Ill try it.
  • Worked a charm , thanks #2
  • Rather than sitting back how abt shooting those barrels on the boat after ur crew jumps in the boat you r capturing.
  • By the way, the above comment is reffering to the first comment
  • I'll be trying that out, thanks #2.
  • Thanks #2. Worked perfectly!

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