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    Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.


    Multiplayer is accessed from the main menu, and contains a variety of game modes for competitive and cooperative multiplayer. You can also play one of the modes - Wolfpack - solo if you are not a fan of the multiplayer. You will need 526,000 experience to reach level 55. The fastest two ways to earn experience are Wolfpack either solo or with a good group of four, or stun boosting in Manhunt with a group of 6.

    Currently you get a daily bonus for XP for the first 20 minutes of play if you played the day before. All XP and credits earned are doubled (including what you earn for accolades and challenges), so you are better off playing at least two rounds of Wolfpack a day to maximize the bonus. If you play Standard Wolfpack solo and never run (unless you get detected and the enemy is fleeing) you can blow through the 25 sequences in about 15 minutes.

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  • Well..multiplayer achievements weren't too bad in AC3. Guess they decided to go back to the Brotherhood model.
  • Ugh getting to 55 is going to take literally 30 hours. That is always the worst achievement. I guess it pairs with the get a kill with every weapon as I am sure one specific weapon doesn't unlock until level 50.
  • Wolfpack used to give a nice chunk of xp. Just hope this is the same for 4. Was level 38 without even trying on 3 due to how fun Wolfpack was.
  • I do like the multiplayer, and i guess this just gives me a reason to keep playing it
  • fuck the mp
  • AC III had the most generous levelling up requirements ever. Hitting max level barely took any effort compared to most titles. Perhaps this is a breeze too.
  • I love mp in ac but come on, level 55 this time, what can't put a level 30 at least!
  • Fuck... To be fair, I do like AC's multiplayer...I stopped playing AC3's though because I got every MP achievement
  • I'll be waiting for the Xbox One version then lol.
  • Sucks if you don't like the MP. But I love it so I'm glad they bumped it up. I plan to complete this on 360 and One!
  • Annoying. They had it right with 3, why screw it up again?
  • Never played AC before, can you level up in the mode Wolfpack? I hate vs. MP.
  • another grind in Wolfpack which I dont mind at all :)
  • Damn, this isn't going to be fun...
  • Damn, this isn't going to be fun...
  • i really wish ubisoft would shove the mp achievements like this up their ass
  • I hope they have something similar to Wolfpack like the previous game did, otherwise this is going to be a nightmare as Multiplayer things are irritating... Don't feel like dealing with 13-year-old-boys after all.
  • hhaha asame here
  • Ac brotherhood was bad enough and I haven't even reached level 50 yet. If I can level up in wolf pack like ac3 then I'll be happier
  • As long as it's not as hard to hit level 55 as it was to hit lvl 50 in Brotherhood, I'll be fine with it.
  • Ac3 online chevos I got in a day! This one will need a boost no doubt. I hate MP but play to feed my chevo OCD
  • commited my arse!! they should of called it 'forcing u to keep playing mp' WANKERS.
  • Level 55 - not going to have the time, with BF4 coming out
  • Yup, forget this.
  • I always love their campaign and multiplayer but come on why 55!!? Whats wrong with rank 20?
  • Such a pointless achievement..Level 55 is hours on end of gameplay AC series should be offline gaming
  • Looking for smart wolf pack players as most are running killingeverything with no bonus points. Smart players add DizzyDon420
  • Just doing the Wolfpack Discovery mode for the achievement netted me level 8 or 9. You should be fine. Plus you get double xp for the first 20 minutes you're on per day.
  • this is kind of ridiculous for only 20 points. im around level 33 right now and only gaining like 2 levels per every Wolf Pack completion. i can imagine it will only take longer and longer. will probably move on to the campaign and come back.
  • Jesus h Christ. What is it with game and multiplayer achievements? I hate these. They are never fun, their is always put pressure on me because eventually people will move on and then I'll be stuck. It has happened before on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. At least this looks like the only one that will be a grind, but I seriously lack free time to get this any time soon.
  • Gamertag: Bam31788 I'm interested in boosting this, hit me up if you need an extra player!
  • At least this is tolerable unlike Spartacus legends lvl 50
  • mp achivements for this kind of game, for me, nonsense..i think we need more discovery and more fighting. MP achievements bored!
  • Another 1000G missing cause of MP achievs, I really hate MP so much like I love SP...
  • anyone wanna do wolfpack for this?
  • You guys think this is bad? Check out the leaked achievements for the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC, that shit looks stupidly hard haha. Also with this just persistently play wolfpack and try to get lots of hidden kills, you can level up more or less each game.
  • to say that MP achievements aren't was is wrong. in BF3 the was one were you had to jump off the side off a sky scraper. that was hilarious in itself
  • This one isn't too terribly bad since Wolfpack Unleashed is pretty much the same as it was in Assassins Creed III. Thankfully you can solo it as well, and I think, on Standard at least, you can complete all 25 sequences Solo which means no having to worry about idiotic FPS Blitzers
  • They really missed a cool opportunity for better MP...pirate crew clans vs pirate crew clans. One person is captain (ur clan leader) and everyone else does cannons or whatever depending on ur crew rank. Sort of open world, red dead redemption style but pirates. I kindof like current mp but it feels dated and they could easily make it a game type but also have free roam game type
  • just for easy leveling. get yourself and three of your friends and go through wolfpack and each of you lock onto one target each and time it to were you get quad kills every time and definitely make sure you do the sync kills and you should rank up once if not twice every session.
  • I am willing to help out anyone with wolfpack for help in return. Also looking to setup a group to knock out the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC achievements. add me: KILLERCLAW
  • I did this solo in wolfpack,, normally got 1-2 levels until the last few.. it takes about 10-13 mins per game solo if you max your kills and do the objectives
  • hey im available to boost myself and others add and message me and we'll sort it out Gamertag: ConMan739
  • If Assassin's Creed IV has a similar multiplayer mode to Brotherhood, I shouldn't have a problem unlocking this achievement. It sucks for those who don't enjoy the online mode, though.
  • Looking for others who know how to get the most out of Wolfpack for this achievement. GT is The 23 Freak If you run around like an idiot getting 100 pt kills, don't add me.
  • I hate multiplayer achievements in any game, as they rely too heavily on other people in too many ways. The worst is when you can't get anyone in a game, like if I wanted to get the MP ach's in some games, it's now impossible to get them because no one plays the games anymore. Other times, other people just ruin your chances of getting them. "Do this super specific thing during this super specific time in this one specific game type one a specific map". I need enough people to play a match of this type, then hope I find an enemy doing this certain thing so you can kill them. Never happening with my luck. However, the AC4 MP stuff doesn't seem all that bad, aside from some of the DLC stuff.
  • Gamertag: Bam31788 I'm looking for people to boost with, I'm bored of playing Wolfpack by myself and everytime I play with people they're stupid and just charge in and make us have shit for scores. If you're willing to boost and do it smart, please message me, I just want to get the level 55 out of the way.
  • Gamertag: Bam31788 If anyone is down for level boosting, I'm down, I'll be on most days this week, so please drop me a message.
  • Please add me if you need help with wolf pack....i know how to play and do not just run around like an idiot. My gt is spclblend88 when you add me please also send a message stating its for ac4 wolf pack and I will accept, if you don't include a message I will not accept. I'm looking to get this achievement and all the other mp ones done asap.
  • I have no idea how to multiplayer but if you need help, I will gladly learn the ropes fairly quickly. I can obey orders very well.
  • Add me if you want to boost levels in multiplayer, willing to play wolfpack the correct and a lot easier and more points way or any other game mode if you think leveling up is quicker in another game mode Add/message me: XxINxDUExTIMExX
  • If anyone wants to do all multiplayer cheevos on the One message me GT: ChRoNIc Tetanus
  • Thank you ubisoft for NOT letting me Download the Compatibility packs!!
  • If anyone wants to play Wolfpack let me know I'm tired of randoms. >> Keep rushing. GT: MissJaded
  • Same Intrested on 360 GT: Kopalco
  • looking for ppl to do all online achievements GT: BrutexCHieftain
  • looking to do some boosting if anyone is interested my gamertag is tomster1990
  • I play the game on PC. How can I add people to boost? I have a uplay account: nanas77
  • Looking to play wolfpack with someone, but only with those who don't rush to get a kill, but instead tries to get max score for each kill. GT: ForceTeam
  • can anyone help with these only achievement if can help mead me my gt is Sassyomnivore0
  • Looking to boost all the Multiplayer and DLC: Blackbeard's Wrath Achievements. Message me. gamertag: silverkngt101
  • Looking for someone to boost to level 55 with. Need a mic and headset. Will play Wolfpack GT: WiizKiin
  • This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't keep getting disconnected from Ubisoft servers every 2-3 games.
  • Hello. I'm looking for help with the following achievements: All of the multiplayer achievements along with the Sharing is Caring achievement. I want to boost these together with a party so if you can help please respond to my GT: Joshywa7 saying you will help me. If you send a friend request send a message why or I will delete it. Thank you =3
  • Got this one another playing 60 matches of Wolfpack. Do them solo, as it allows you to get good payouts for the kills as opposed to having to deal with stupid randoms who kill everything.
  • *After
  • Need help with this. Gt: Kehayad007
  • Looking to do mp cheevos gt: rbirch89 timezone: gmt
  • Looking to do all achives on xbox 1 message me if interested my tag TheRealMustard5
  • Add to friend, my GT: KTommyChris I want to get all AC4 achievements!
  • Still looking for people to get all the multiplayer achievements! GT: blob197
  • Still looking for people to boost the achievements. Uplay tag: Theonar
  • looking to boost all dlc mp cheeves, as well as grind to lvl 55 message me, thanks!
  • Looking to boost this, add me if interested GT: Cioudss
  • Looking for all MP achievements, GT = kaelnysa Send a message and let's get boosting.
  • The_Only_OPIE looking for online achievements, both here and on the xboxone version.
  • Looking for all mp and dlc achievements as well.. Can help boosting... My GT is marston89

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