Master Of The Caribbean Achievement

  • Master Of The Caribbean



    Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.


    The Discovery Mode of Wolfpack is essentially the training on how to play Wolfpack. Access the multiplayer menu from the main menu, and scroll down to Wolfpack. Press and you will have Discovery on the left. There are eight missions you will have to complete, and the whole event should take less than 30 minutes.

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  • if anybody wants to do this here is my gamertag ShaunR95 LFC
  • You can do it alone on a private match
  • its much easier by yourself. and its actually pretty fun. repetitive? yeah but there are only 8 missions and if you know how to do them right you only have to kill around 8 or 9 targets each mission.
  • diesel25034845 add me much quicker to do with friends
  • Can anyone help me please? I'm stuck on the 4th one. Add me: Lombax666. ^^
  • hey I dont know anything about AC online, anybody going to get this, if you wouldn't mind invite me over, go through what i need to do thanks TOGA TOM
  • This is just a piece of cake, I did it in 30 minutes on limited mode (I don't have gold, maybe around Christmas I'll do some). Wish I could do the others too, but you don't get XP in limited mode...
  • Its glitched for me, completed discovery mode 3 times (2 with friends, 1 on my own)and I still don't have this achievement...
  • I completed the discovery mode and didn't get the achievement. However, once I finished a public wolfpack, (completed all 25 parts) it unlocked for me on xbox one. Hope that helps.
  • Hey I am looking for boosting partner for all the MP achievements, GT:Thedaywalker888
  • Hey im lookin for someone so do this with send me a message GT: MSF ScArEcRoW
  • Any uk/us gamers my tag is foyez5.
  • Hey im looking for people to do this and the other multiplayer achievements for the xbox one version so if someone wants to Join send me a message my game Tag is rosember96.
  • Hey if someone want to do this with me send me a message GT:CHIPS0069
  • I am after a team for this on 360. Live in UK. Message me at Gamer tag cmcnallenjones
  • This is basically tutorial. GT:Indy 1T0 East coast, North America
  • looking for ppl to do all online achievements GT: BrutexCHieftain
  • Looking for people to do this with and just to play the multiplayer also for the XBOX 360 my gamertag is COLORADO DEMON add it up gotta have a mic tho
  • Looking to boost all the Multiplayer and DLC: Blackbeard's Wrath Achievements. Message me. gamertag: silverkngt101
  • Is this achievement not supposed to be 10g rather than 20?

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