Lab Technician Achievement

  • Lab Technician



    Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.

    The Game Lab is designed to let you create customized games with special rules. You can also join custom games other people have created. The achievement requires you play a complete session from start to finish in a public game, so setting up a private game with friends does not qualify.

    To access the Game Lab, choose Multiplayer from the main menu, then use the to select Game Lab in the middle of the screen and press . From the Game Lab menu, choose the default option on the left by pressing and then again to search for a public game.

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  • This Is The Achievement And Step Guide In Description
  • @ BADB0YBLITZY Thanks for the video dude much appreciated.
  • Get a group together for this one. It's only March, but it can be dead in there if you just check randomly.
  • Need a team for this add me if interested z seifer z
  • very dead dreamz69 if you feel like a quick cheevo session
  • Intrested GT: Kopalco if someone still do it!!
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  • If you're still interested (and getting some other achievements), add me. Make sure to send me a message, so I know you add me for Black Flag. Gamertag: ReactedThunder3
  • going for this achievement if anyone would help that would be appreciated my gamertag is tomster1990
  • Is this one bugged? Tried to do this one for about 1-2 hours yesterday. Didn't get the achievement.
  • @11 - same!
  • Anyone else not able to get into a game lab match? For me it always brings up an empty session based on Artifact Assault and then "waits for more players" for about 10 minutes before bringing up a failure message.
  • glitched for me as well Available to do any multiplayer achiev GT : ythanosia
  • Can never find a game on Xbox One, add me and lets get this done TheTokenHobo
  • Can't find a session anybody looking to play/get achievements hit me up GT: Ar4bAce
  • On the Xbox One
  • On xbox one add me: MrPrissypants
  • Thanks for the video. It helped.
  • If anyone can help me with this please. Its impossible to find a game so i need more people. Add me on xbox and let me know when you can play. Thanks! GT: CRGANGSTA6
  • can any help me on the cheevo if yes add me my gt is Sassyomnivore0 and send me a meesage saying lab tec
  • Looking for anyone to help with this, one of my last few for the game GT: FURburger241
  • Late to the party...looking for 3 people to complete a Game Lab....anyone? :) -Zeke
  • Need help for this one GT:Rknb117
  • Need another 3 players for this, home 24/7 with a broken arm so message me whenever you can and ill respond
  • Need another 3 players for this, home 24/7 with a broken arm so message me whenever you can and ill respond GT - a BIG burg3r
  • I still need help with this if people are willing msg or add me Gt:reapertime
  • Need help with this achievement and playing all game modes for the other achievement add me GT: Robbo1991
  • Looking to boost all the Multiplayer and DLC: Blackbeard's Wrath Achievements. Message me. gamertag: silverkngt101
  • Just created a session to boost this. Feel free to join so we cna get this.
  • looking for people to boost sacred land and lab technician achievements message me XBOX ONE GT: KLM XIII
  • add me for this charg1nmalaz0r
  • Looking to get "Lab Technician" and "Sacred Land" anyone want to help? Hit me up gamertag: DrunkLostTambo
  • add me for this GT:ReddishJanne
  • Myself and a friend are after getting this one. Add me if interested Gt: sun tan vampire
  • I'm looking to get this achievement if anyone wants to do it. Gamertag: ArabianAzzassin
  • Can't find any players so, I'll leave it here until I get it... GT: Crptodekk
  • Add me for Xbox one arikmoon
  • Hey if anybody wants to help me get this, that'll be great. GT is: KierenGriff
  • Need some people to help me get this GT same as username I'm on Xbox 360
  • Looking to get this on 360 if anyone is interested add me GT: RWolf2424
  • anyone wanna get together and knock this out, this type of game is dead online. hit me up and we can take care of it. just need one match and done.
  • I need help with boosting, message me PLEASE :) GT: Bretho96
  • I need help with boosting, message me PLEASE :) GT: Bretho96
  • Looking to do no cheevos gt: rbirch89 timezone: gmt
  • Mp*
  • need help with this achievement and sharing is caring gt:jeronnan
  • looking for a group to knock this one out after realizing that it is pretty much impossible to get this one with matchmaking anymore GT: H00T3RS69
  • Also looking for help on this one GT: Hayek
  • Looking for help to get it. GT: Kvaku
  • Need help with this GT: jwrussell1991
  • Getting a crew together for this GT: mydadisaplumber
  • Looking for a session of this on Xbox One. GT: Maldrick
  • Eventually devs will stop making multi-player achievements that require many people in a specific game mode that they ought to realize will be DOA on launch day. Arcade games are the worst for this but the AC franchise is a close second. Until they figure it out, boosting Ahoy! GT tytanikzer0 for this and any other mp you might need help with.
  • Looking to boost acBH, acRev, & ac4 mp cheeves Thanks
  • Looking for people to boost achivments
  • Message my GT: "Dutchy OD" if you want to gather four people to do this achievement.
  • Anybody still trying this?
  • Wanna try this.. My GT is marston89.. Add me and i can help
  • GT Is: J The Altruist Last MP achievement i need
  • i need to unlock this... anyone available? My GamerTag is AlienoAngel
  • I know this is a long shot, but is anyone still playing the Xbox 360 version of this game, either on Xbox 360 or in compatibility mode on Xbox One? I still need help with All Rounder, Lab Technician, Sacred Land, and Elevator to the Gallows. You would think the first two don't need to be boosted but I haven't been able to find any public matches since the multiplayer mode doesn't support mixing Xbox 360 players and Xbox One players......

    Message me if you could help. My GT is MarsianOnFire.

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