All Rounder Achievement

  • All Rounder



    Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

    You must play every game mode available and use each ability and ranged weapon at least once in Multiplayer. The lists below can be used to ensure you don't miss anything:

    Game modes:

    1. Manhunt (requires 2 players for private, 4 for public)
    2. Artifact Assault (requires 2 players for private, 4 for public)
    3. Domination (requires 2 players for private, 4 for public)
    4. Wanted (requires 3 players for private, 4 for public)
    5. Deathmatch (requires 3 players for private, 4 for public)
    6. Assassinate (requires 2 players for private, 4 for public)
    7. Wolfpack (requires 1 player for private, 2 for public)
    8. Game Labs (requires 2 players for private, 4 for public)


    1. Disguise (level 1)
    2. Money Bomb (level 1)
    3. Time Phase (level 6)
    4. Decoy (level 6)
    5. Morph (level 12)
    6. Firecrackers (level 12)
    7. Tripwire Bomb (level 18)
    8. Bodyguard (level 18, cannot be used in Wolfpack)
    9. Booby Trap (level 26)
    10. Glimmer (level 26)
    11. Wipe (level 34)
    12. Animus Shield (level 34)
    13. Teleport (level 42)
    14. Poison (level 42)
    15. Smoke Bomb (level 48)

    Ranged Weapons:

    1. Disruption (level 4)
    2. Knives (level 12)
    3. Sabotage (level 28)
    4. Pistol (level 38)
    5. Poison Dart (level 48)

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  • My only question is can the abilities/ranged weapons be used on Wolfpack Mode, cause honestly the multiplayer isn't that amazing to me :
  • I don't wanna.
  • I can confirm that this will work in Wolfpack, for the majority. I just got the achievement now whilst playing that mode in a private solo session. Bodyguard will NOT work, because you never get pursuers in that mode, so use it for a Manhunt session or something just to help the achievement along. I can't tell you if Decoy will work because that's one of my most used abilities, but I'm going to guess it can work, because it's an ability you can use offensively and defensively. You can but try! What I did was set up a few different ability sets with all the abilities I know I've never used (and ranged weapons,) started 1 private solo match of Wolfpack & every time I set off an ability, I pressed by back button & held "A" to change my ability set. Wait for the cooldowns & you'll get this
  • The six regular game modes + wp discovery + wp unleashed are needed for this. I had an issue where I was kicked in to limited mode during discovery, and even though I knew I had done all the game modes and used all the abilities, no achievement. In the end, I had to run through the first level of discovery again to get it. Thanks, you crazy game! :P
  • Meh, so much work for 20G. Would give it a shot though. Thanks guys!
  • Actually this is not as bad as one might think. Just participate in each of the game modes first and then pop over to wolfpack to help you level fast even with a mediocre team you can level up fast. I'm nearly level 50 mostly through wolfpack mode and I played the other modes as well to work on this one. As for abilities, I can say that you only need to use the ability and do not need to score any points for them. I did use bodyguard and decoy in a manhunt but as for others such as teleport and booby trap, you just need to use them in a round. And just as #3 said, they can be used in wolfpack.
  • I used the COPY CAT PERK to help get this one. Teleport seemed to be the least used ability.
  • Do you HAVE to reach Sequence 25 in Unleashed for it to count on the Game Modes played? Or do you just simply have to play it? I played and finished each of the other modes and plan to use Wolfpack Unleashed to get the Level 55 achievement so I can get the remaining perks and abilities
  • Can the game modes be completed in private for the achievement?!
  • for this you can buy the ability and perks pack from the DLC menu and just play wolfpack and just switch out the ability sets when you get stuned
  • I don't quite understand what it means by "Game Modes" are they talking about. Are they talking about manhunt, artifact assault, domination, Wanted, Deathmatch, and Assassinate?
  • @ Micklee - Yes you would be correct in assuming that's what they mean by "Game Modes"
  • hey I dont know anything about AC online, anybody going to get this, if you wouldn't mind invite me over, go through what i need to do thanks TOGA TOM
  • Hey having a lot of problems with this one I've used all the abilities unlocked ones and using copycat perk as well as all ranged weapons a dozen times. I've played each game mode numerous times and used every ability in each one. I don't know what to do other than keep trying.
  • Got it never mind turns out I hadn't played assassinate when I had so yeah must have been on limited mode when I did it or something I don't know.
  • Looking for someone that has teleport, wipe, and animus shield to copycat.. Will help back GT : iMrDictator
  • Does it pop mid-game or after the game ends
  • I am level 50 and need 3 more abbilities to buy but i think im not gonna have enough cash. I need 3 more abbilities of 990 = 2970 fuds. I have been playing wolfpack none stop so is there a game mode where you can get enough of coins and level verry slowly?
  • @17 it will pop mid-game if a ability or range weapon is the last thing you need
  • How about you make some kinda check list for this ?
  • does joining mid game count as playing towards the achievement in terms of game modes?
  • Gamemodes: - Wanted - Manhunt - Deathmatch - Artifact Assault - Assassinate - Domination - Wolfpack: Discovery - Wolfpack: Unleashed Ability's - Disguise (Level 0) - Money Bomb (Level 0) - Time Phase (level 6) - Decoy (Level 6) - Morph (Level 12) - Firecracker (Level 12) - Tripwire Bomb (Level 18) - Bodyguard (Level 18) - Booby Trap (Level 26) - Glimmer (Level 26) - Wipe (Level 34) - Animus Shield (Level 34) - Teleport (Level 42) - Poison (Level 42) - Smoke Bomb (48) Weapons - Disruption (Level 0) - Knives (level 12) - Sabotage (Level 28) - Pistol (Level 38) - Poison Dart (Level 48)
  • For those frustrated with this achievement because they have played every mode and used every ability and weapon and the achievement still hasn't popped... Same thing happened to me. Then, I decided to do Wolfpack: Discovery again, even though I've already done it and gotten the achievement for it. After round 1, the achievement popped. Hope this helps.
  • looking for ppl to do all online achievements GT: BrutexCHieftain
  • Looking for a couple of people to help complete this achievement in private matches. GT: Behind My Mask Xbox One
  • Hi, im looking for at least 3 people to do this achiement in the xbox one version and if you need help with other I would gladly help. Gamer tag : rosember96
  • This takes FOREVER. Only 20G?
  • Thank god for number 23 his solution worked for me. Go back and do wolfpack discovery for achievement unlocked
  • Looking to boost all the Multiplayer and DLC: Blackbeard's Wrath Achievements. Message me. gamertag: silverkngt101
  • Looking to get this, "Lab Technician" and "Sacred Land" anyone want to help? Hit me up gamertag: DrunkLostTambo
  • Looking to Boost for all the multiplayer achievements Gamertag: Bretho96
  • Just boosting here for some gamemodes those have empty lobbies. GT: Crptodekk
  • need help with the online achievements gt: Thankz4thecarry
  • Hello. I'm looking for help with the following achievements: All of the multiplayer achievements along with the Sharing is Caring achievement. I want to boost these together with a party so if you can help please respond to my GT: Joshywa7 saying you will help me. If you send a friend request send a message why or I will delete it. Thank you =3
  • Looking to complete online achievements for this (xbox 360), add me if interested: Zhao86
  • NOTE : FOR THE XBOX ONE ! For a friend req please write IV in message THX :) Hey i was woundering about there are some nice people out there, as want to help with boosting on multiplayer ? Now i really dont want to offent anyone.... : I am a type as help people, even if i may have achivements myself, so be sure, that you dont only think on yourself and your own achivements. Just saying because i have heard a lot of... Like : "I can help you with those 3, because i have the rest myself". Forgive me, but i just find it..... Somekind of respectless to them who need achivements :) Thank you for your understanding about this :) I am in Europe time, so that would be best, but anyone who needs help and want to help, are very welcome to my friendlist :) GT is the same as my user nam
  • Looking to do this with one or two more people. PST TheRealJoeSchmo.
  • Have a few achievements left for this game that I would like to boost. All Rounder: Pretty sure I just need to use bodyguard. Elevator to the gallows Sacred Land I don't think any of these will take very long. Message me if interested in helping me boost any of these and I'll return the favor. console: Xbox 360, GT: Aronsky
  • Looking to do no cheevos gt: rbirch89 timezone: gmt
  • Need help with this on xbox one version coz of ubi's B.S matchmaking constantly searching for new session. All i need is 2 more game modes for the 1000g but that woman is really getting on my nerves now. I have all abilities and weapons unlocked so dont mind helping with that all you'll need is copycat perk. Want rid of this game ASAP to free space so first person with mic to msg me gets priority. GT- WittyMass27316
  • Need help with this one. Can someone join for private domination? Shit is dead asf...msg me asap.
  • looking to boost all dlc mp cheeves, as well as grind to lvl 55 message me, thanks!
  • So apparently after weeks of chasing this I hadn't played a round of wanted, although I could have sworn I did. oh well...can confirm a mid-round join counts though.
  • I'm looking for this as well, message me as well, I'm already working on unlocking everything so...
  • Looking for help on these online achievements, both on One and 360, add The_Only_OPIE
  • Looking for someone to boost with.
  • Also looking for players to do this.. My GT is marston89... Add me and can help
  • Im also looking for this achievement too.. My GT is marston89.. Add me and i will help ????
  • GT is J The Altruist. Need this and more.
  • I know this is a long shot, but is anyone still playing the Xbox 360 version of this game, either on Xbox 360 or in compatibility mode on Xbox One? I still need help with All Rounder, Lab Technician, Sacred Land, and Elevator to the Gallows. You would think the first two don't need to be boosted but I haven't been able to find any public matches since the multiplayer mode doesn't support mixing Xbox 360 players and Xbox One players......

    Message me if you could help. My GT is MarsianOnFire.

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