-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 50 (1050)
-Online: 10 (200)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 hours+ (20+ for Singleplayer and 10 for Multiplayer if boosting, much more if not)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: 2 (Mailer Daemon and Dust to Dust)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood will play almost identical to Assassin's Creed 2. It does offer however offer AI controlled assassins to help you out. There is also the addition of multiplayer. There are 3 types of achievements, story related (with misc. based), multiplayer, and collectible. There is no difficulty settings to worry about, and you will only have to beat the game once. There are 2 missable achievements, but you have 3 save files and those can be obtained early on in the game. So if you miss one, just use another save file. The multiplayer achievements can all be boosted, and the collectibles are, for the most part, easy to get. You will get the opportunity to buy an in-game map that will locate the majority of them. The ones that won't appear on the map, will be explained in the guide. You will also at any time be able to replay memories and after you complete the game, you will be able to free roam and be able to tackle any unfinished business you have left.

Step 1: Campaign
All campaign achievements can be obtained in one play through. Playing through the game without doing anything other than the story, will earn you a total 13 achievements, and 280. There will be a point in the story where you recruit 2 Assassins. After recruiting the first two, complete the mission, hire one more assassin, and you’ll unlock the Brotherhood achievement. Level up any recruit to the rank of Assassin, and you’ll unlock the Welcome to the Brotherhood achievement. If you manage to complete a sequence to 100%, you’ll earn the Perfect Recall achievement (sequence 3 is the easiest). Replay a memory and you’ll earn the Déjà Vu achievement. The Mailer Daemon and Dust to Dust achievements are not able to be completed once you beat the game, so be sure to exit the Animus to check your email and find at least one artifact to unlock the achievements.

Step 2: Misc.
There are a total of 6 shrines to be found in Rome, with achievements associated with each. They are highlighted on your map and are set up as kind of an acrobatic maze. These are tied to the Flag collectibles, so be sure to check the guide descriptions for those specific locations. Destroying all 4 of Leonardo’s war machines will earn you an achievement for each. Complete 10 Guild challenges, and you will unlock the Show Off achievement. Parachute off the top of the flagpole atop the Castel Sant’Angelo in the Vaticano district, and you’ll earn the Fly Like An Eagle achievement. Kill an enemy with a broomstick and you’ll earn the Spring Cleaning achievement. Upgrading 5 buildings in the Antico District (Southernmost) will earn you the Home Improvement achievement. Earning 3 Gold medals in the Virtual Training Program will earn you the Perfectionist achievement. Toss some money into the nearest well and you’ll earn the Your Wish is Granted achievement, and win the highest amount of money at the last fight beneath the Barracks will earn you The Gloves Come Off achievement.

Step 3: Collectibles
There are a few different types of collectibles to be found. There are a total of 101 Borgia flags, 10 feathers, 12 Borgia Towers and 10 of Subject 16‘s puzzles. Collect all flags and you’ll earn Capture the Flag, collect all feathers and you'll earn In Memoriam, burn all towers and you'll earn Tower Offense, and complete all puzzles to get .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- .. See the descriptions for the Shrines to collect the flags within. The feathers and outside flags may be found by using in game maps you can buy at the Art Dealer shops. They become stocked in those stores when you either complete the game, or collect 25 flags on your own. To find and complete the 10 puzzles, see the Subject 16 Puzzle Guide.

Step 4: Multiplayer
Most of the multiplayer achievements can be boosted easily in Private matches. However, the Download Complete achievement requires Ranked or Player matches to earn experience. Be sure you check out the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners. Be sure to check out the Abstergo Employee of the Month Guide. It will help you keep track of the Abstergo Employee of the Month achievement.

Step 5: Da Vinci's Disappearance:
You will earn GPS for completing all missions in the DLC. The biggest achievement on this list is il Principe. Unless you have fully synced all other story missions, you will need to re-do them and complete them to 100%. Including the DLC. You can earn Airstrike in the DLC mission "A Roll of the Dice" since there are exactly 10 guards right in the beginning of the mission. Head to the Thieves Guild and earn 10,000 florins for the High Roller achievement. Grand Theft Dressage, Special Delivery, Clowning Around and Strong-Arm are all miscellaneous achievements that can be completed whenever. Going Up and Easy Come, Easy Go are both extremely easy which can both be completed in 5 minutes.

You should have all single player achievements by the end of the game. When you're done, just grab the last of the collectibles and anything else you may have passed on for later. Multiplayer will take some time to boost, but if done efficiently you will have this game completed without too much effort. The only part that could be troublesome is finding good people to boost with that will be committed.


[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 and YUNDER for this Roadmap]


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed. You will get this very early on, after the introduction to the game.


  • Complete DNA Sequence 1.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 1; "Peace at Last."

    Sequence 1 includes the following memories:

    • Mass Exodus
    • Homecoming
    • R & R
    • Horsing Around
    • Target Practice
    • Reunion
    • Vilified
    • Emergency Exit
  • Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon re-entering the Animus early on in the game.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 2.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 2, "A Wilderness of Tigers."

    Sequence 2 includes the following memories:

    • As Good as New...
    • Well Executed
    • New Man In Town
    • Easy Come, Easy Go
    • Who's Got Mail?
    • Crepi Il Lupo
    • The Halls of Nero
    • Roman Underground
  • Complete DNA Sequence 3.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 3; "The Fighter, The Lover and the Thief."

    Sequence 3 includes the following memories:

    • Double Agent
    • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    • High-Stakes Negotiation
    • Collective Intelligence

    Note: You will want to try and get 100% synchronization on all memories in this sequence to obtain the "Perfect Recall" achievement. This is the easiest sequence to get it on.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 4.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 4; "Den of Thieves."

    Sequence 4 includes the following memories:

    • Castello Crasher
    • Femme Fatale
    • The Burdens We Carry
    • Guardian Of Forli
    • Man of the People
    • Serial Offender
    • Human Cargo
    • An Unexpected Visitor
    • The Plan
  • Complete DNA Sequence 5.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 5; "The Banker."

    Sequence 5 includes the following memories:

    • Escape From Debt
    • Follow the Money
    • When in Rome...
    • In and Out
    • Paper Trail
  • Complete DNA Sequence 6.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 6; "The Baron De Valois."

    Sequence 6 includes the following memories:

    • Gatekeeper
    • French Kiss
    • Trojan Horse
    • Au Revoir
  • Complete DNA Sequence 7.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 7; "The Key to the Castello."

    Sequence 7 includes the following memories:

    • Patching the Leak
    • Calling All Stand-Ins
    • Exit Stage Right
    • Intervention
    • Ascension
  • Complete DNA Sequence 8.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 8; "The Borgia."

    Sequence 8 includes the following memories:

    • Requiem
    • An Apple a Day
    • The Apple of Eden
    • Demilitarization
    • Seeing Red
    • All Roads Lead to...
  • Complete DNA Sequence 9.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
    You will receive this achievement upon completing DNA Sequence 9; "This Fall."

    Sequence 9 includes the following memories:

    • Pax Romana
    • A Seed
  • Secure the Apple of Eden.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed. You will receive this achievement after the credits end.

  • Achieve 100% Synchronization with a Sequence.

    This cannot be achieved in Sequence 1.

    To achieve 100% Synchronization for a Memory, you must complete a secondary objective for that memory. These secondary objectives can range from completing the memory within a set time, complete the memory without getting detected or playing through the memory a certain way. Once 100% Synchronization has been completed on a certain memory, it is complete and does not need to be replayed. You can replay any memory that you have not completed to 100%.

    The easiest Sequence to complete is DNA Sequence 3; "The Fighter, The Lover and The Thief." The following is the second objectives for each memory. Complete each secondary objective, and you'll earn 100% synchronization for each memory. After you've earned 100% for each memory, the achievement will unlock.

    • Sequence 3-Memory 1: Do not be detected while reducing Notoriety. Remain undetected until rejoining La Volpe at the Thieves Guild.
    • Sequence 3-Memory 2: Kill only the Borgia Captain.
    • Sequence 3-Memory 3: Do not Swim.
    • Sequence 3-Memory 4: None
  • Replay a Memory.

    Press the button and you’ll see the DNA tab. Select it, then choose any Sequence you have played before. Now select a memory you have played and choose to replay the memory. The achievement will unlock as soon as it's starts. After unlocking the achievement, feel free to exit.

    Note: You will not get this option until Sequence 2.

  • Discover the Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma.

    See the "Amen" achievement description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano.

    See the "Amen" achievement description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in Il Colosseo.

    See the "Amen" achievement description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima.

    See the "Amen" achievement description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in Palazzo Laterano.

    See the "Amen" achievement description for more information.

  • Amen



    Discover the Shrine in the Basilica di San Pietro.

    Shrines are automatically shown on the map during Sequence 2, after completing a story related event. The shrine you must complete is part of the story (Terme di Traiano), and the rest will then show up as black wolf icon. Once you complete any given shrine, they will vanish from the map but can be replayed in the DNA menu. Also be on the lookout for 3 flags per shrine, since 18 of 101 flags are actually in the shrines and the map will not show them unless you see them in Eagle Vision first (but you'd be grabbing them in that instance). Below are the locations of the flags within each shrine.

    Note: All shrines can be replayed by selecting them in the DNA Menu and going to Secret Locations. Terme di Traiano is the one exception. You can find this shrine by selecting it in Sequence 2.

    Terme di Traiano
    This shrine is associated with the "Golden Boy" achievement.

    Flag 1: When you dive into the water and go through the only open gate, take a left.
    Flag 2: You'll reach a gate/archway where you must use the broken piece of debris to climb over it. Instead of climbing over it, look left to see the flag. Jump back to the first piece of debris and jump to the wall to start making your way to the flag.
    Flag 3: In the area with the balconies and pillars, it's on one of the pillars.

    Basilica di San Pietro
    This shrine is associated with the "Amen" achievement.

    Flag 1: When you get to the top area where there are two doors leading outside to the rain, take the open area on your right. You'll see the flag which you must run up the wall and jump to the right.
    Flag 2: As you chase you'll eventually start using lanterns to swing to different
    platforms. Keep an eye to your left when you see two NPCs working on the building.
    Flag 3: After defeating the Cardinal, go through the curtains, but don't leap. Instead, drop down to grab the last flag here.

    Palazzo Laterano Shrine
    This shrine is associated with the "One-Man Wrecking Crew" achievement.

    Flag 1: Once you get to the second level area running along the beams, take a left when you have the option to go left or right.
    Flag 2: You'll be in a room with a broken staircase and a statue. Climb the statue or wall climb and jump to get to the next flag.
    Flag 3: For the last flag you'll drop down to the middle of some stairs. Look to your right to see where the flag is. Run up the wall and jump left to get across the gap to grab the flag.

    Catacombe di Roma
    This shrine is associated with the "Undertaker 2.0" achievement.

    Flag 1: When you get to your first checkpoint (after climbing a ladder) look to the right in the big area to see the flag.
    Flag 2: After you go down the big hole, you'll see a wall with a torch and some rings. Above is a gate with the flag behind it. Keep going, taking a right when given the option, then another right which eventually leads to the flag.
    Flag 3: When you get to the chapel area (you'll see one of the wolf men), climb up and when you get to the poles, climb backwards to go higher to get a flag instead of going to the normal route.

    Shrine in Il Colosseo
    This shrine is associated with the "Gladiator" achievement.

    Flag 1: The first flag is behind a prison gate in the first in the shrine. Go about your normal way up and just remember to jump over and drop down to get the flag before you leave the area.
    Flag 2: You'll enter an area (after a chase) with a bunch of people. In this area when you get higher, you'll notice a red structure with red drapes. The flag is inside.
    Flag 3: The last flag is very shortly after. You'll notice it moments after starting the horse chase. Either jump off and grab it quickly or dismount-jump (tap ) and mount on the new horse on the left.

    Cloaca Maxima
    This shrine is associated with the "Plumber" achievement.

    Flag 1: After doing a small chase scene you'll end up facing 7 wolf men at once, then 4 more. In this area is the flag high up to the left of the direction the game wants you to go.
    Flag 2: Continue on your normal path in the room with all the laundry. You'll get to the second floor area where more enemies will attack. The hallway they come from has the flag.
    Flag 3: After fighting the leader jump into the water to the right of where you fought him, and dive under the gate to get the flag.

  • Bang!



    Destroy the Machine Gun.

    After progressing through the game, you will meet with Leonardo da Vinci. When talking with him, he’ll tell you that he has created several war machines for the Borgia against his will. To access these side-missions, you must first kill an Overseer, and obtain the map to where its located. After obtaining the map, start the mission. The missions are very linear, and can be completed within 10-20 minutes. Complete the mission and the achievement will unlock.

    Phase 1: Kill the Templar Overseer to recover a map
    Phase 2: Burn the blueprints (remain undetected)
    Phase 3: Trigger the explosives
    Phase 4: Capture the Machine gun, escape with it, and destroy it.

  • Destroy the Naval Cannon.

    Refer to “Bang!” for more information.

    Phase 1: Kill the Templar Overseer to recover a map
    Phase 2: Talk with Eduardo
    Phase 3: Follow Eduardo to the dry dock
    Phase 4: Destroy the blueprints, flood the dry dock, and steal the machine
    Phase 5: Sink the Borgia ships

  • Boom!



    Destroy the Bomber.

    Refer to “Bang!” for more information.

    Phase 1: Kill the Templar Overseer to recover a map
    Phase 2: Follow the architect to a secluded area, and beat him up (use your fists)
    Phase 3: Reach the bomber
    Phase 4: Destroy the workshops, etc

  • Destroy the Tank.

    Refer to “Bang!” for more information.

    Phase 1: Kill the Templar Overseer to recover a map
    Phase 2: Follow the architect to the fortress and beat him up (use your fists)
    Phase 3: Burn the blueprints and free the mercenaries
    Phase 4: Protect the mercenaries and lead them through the tunnel
    Phase 5: Destroy the cannons and war machines

  • Upgrade 5 buildings in the Antico district.

    There are multiple buildings around Rome that can be renovated. These buildings can only be renovated once the Borgia tower has been destroyed in the area. Once its down, buildings can be renovated. Walk up to a un-renovated building, press and select the option of “Renovate.” The building will then be open for business and will increase your total revenue. Buy five and the achievement will unlock. Renovating any building in the Antico district will count toward the achievement.

    The Antico district is the Southern-most district.

  • Burn All Borgia Towers.

    There are a total of 12 Borgia towers to burn down in Rome. To access these buildings, you must first kill the Borgia captain. If you happen to get caught while trying to kill the Borgia captain, he will flee. If you are unable to kill him before he flees, he will be gone until the next shift. Kill him when he appears again. You can use your Assassins to kill him rather easily. Upon killing the Borgia captain, the tower can be climbed and set ablaze.

    You cannot access all 12 Borgia towers right at the start of the game. There are several locations in Rome that you cannot access. Upon completing Sequence 6, you will be able to locate the final Borgia Tower.

  • Complete 10 Guild Challenges.

    In each Guild, (Assassins, Thieves, Courtesans and Mercenaries) are several challenges that you can complete. These challenges can be viewed from the main DNA menu, as well as from each faction building. Some of these challenges can be completed by simply playing the game, however some are a bit harder to complete. Complete ANY 10 challenges and the achievement will unlock.

  • Solve all of Subject 16’s Puzzles.

    Subject 16’s puzzles can be found throughout Rome. Upon finding them, you’ll be transported into a separate world with a box. Walk up to the box and the puzzle will begin. Each puzzle can be replayed in the main menu beneath “DNA.” After the last puzzle is completed, the achievement will unlock.

    If you need help on some puzzles, be sure to check out the Subject 16 Puzzle Guide.

  • Earn 3 gold medals from the Animus Virtual Training Program

    You will get a small tutorial of the Virtual Training Program when you first access it. The game will explain what it is, and after that point you can do it whenever you want by hitting . To earn this achievement, you must earn a gold medal on at least 3 different challenges (but they can all be in the same category). These categories are as follows:

    • Free Run
    • Stealth Assassination
    • Locate
    • Combat

    The first 3 Free Run Challenges are the easiest to get gold in. Just run the courses to get the gold medals (probably attempting each a few times).

  • Recruit 3 Assassins.

    You will recruit 2 assassins as a part of the main story. Find one more, and the achievement will unlock. The assassins will show up on your mini map as a new icon which the game will introduce you to. Go there and kill the surrounding guards attacking the person (they look like a civilian). Once you have saved them they will join you. If you wait to long, they may be killed and you will have to move on to another (there are many on the map).

  • Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin.

    A recruit can be leveled up by sending them out on contracts. Do this by visiting a Pigeon Coop or an Assassin Tower. Check the icons (hitting ) on your map if you need to know what they look like. Once you have hit the top rank (rank 10) you must visit Ezio's hideout to hold the introductory ceremony. The achievement will unlock after the ceremony ends.

    A contract is a mission you send your recruits out on to gain experience to level up, which gives them extra equipment as well as increases their stats. They range in difficulty and the game will show how high of a chance your assassin has to completing it successfully. It also has a timer on how long it will take. The best approach is to rank up with an extreme high percentage (involving multiple assassins if need be) and picking the lowest amount of time possible. The higher the rank and experience needed, the more dangerous jobs you will be sending them out on to benefit from higher rewards. For every assassin added to the contract, it will divide the experience equally. This is a way to power boost later on to rank up everyone quicker.

    If an Assassin is killed while in battle, or killed while on a contract, the Assassin dies forever. He/she will be erased from your roster and you will have to replace them. In order to ensure your assassins are all safe and sound, never send them on suicide missions (ones that are low percentage of success). To raise the success level, have a few assassins go on one mission. With a larger roster of assassins, you'll be able to have a few groups out at once. You should be able to level a good amount of them up to the highest rank by the end of the story if you utilize it correctly.

    Assassin Levels:

    1: Recluta (0XP)
    2: Servitore(10XP)
    3: Assistente (30XP)
    4: Milte (80XP)
    5: Discepolo (180XP)
    6: Mercenario (350XP)
    7: Guerriero (600XP)
    8: Veterano (1200XP)
    9: Maestro (2000XP)
    10: Assassino (3500XP)

  • Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome.

    There are a total of 101 Borgia Flags in Rome. You can find them throughout Rome’s districts, as well as the hidden shrines throughout Rome (3 per shrine). You can track your progress of how many flags you’ve collected from the Main Menu. Go to Main Menu > DNA > Additional Memories > Flags. It is separated into districts, so you can track the flags easily. Although, you should never have to use this feature as there are maps you may purchase at an Art Dealer shop.

    Obtaining these maps will make 83 of these flags extremely easy to find. There are 2 ways to get the maps to show up in the Art Dealers' shops. Option 1 is to find 25 flags. Option 2 is to complete the game. Do not go out of your way to follow guides to get the flags, as you will be getting maps for them anyways. The only ones you may need help on are the flags in the shrines. See the "Amen" achievement description for those specific 18 flags.

    Location and Costs of Maps:

    • Centro District: 17,255 florins
    • Vaticano District: 16,788 florins
    • Antico District: 17,102 florins
    • Campagna District: 16,915 florins
  • Collect All Feathers.

    There are a total of 10 feathers that can be collected throughout Rome. After collecting a total of 25 flags or completing the game, you can buy the Feather Map. This map shows you the location of all feathers in Rome. Use this to help you find the feathers with extreme ease. You may buy the map from any Art Dealer. The Feather Map costs 17,425 florins.

  • Find 1 Artifact in the Present.

    *This achievement is missable*

    After completing the final Memory sequence, you cannot access the present. Be sure that you exit the Animus at least once to find an artifact.

    There are a total of 5 artifacts to be found in present-day Monteriggioni, but you only have to gain one for the achievement. Collecting the rest will offer no extra benefits. Pick any of the 5, or just follow the one chosen for the video.

    • Claudia’s Record Book- After exiting the Sanctuary, turn directly around, and its in the room off to the right.
    • Maria’s Feather Chest- After exiting the Sanctuary, head up to the top of the villa, and its in a hole in the roof.
    • Mario’s sword- Head south of the fighting ring, and head right. The sword is beneath a tree in a rock.
    • Ezio’s Belt- Upon picking up the sword, head straight down the alley and turn left. Head up the wall at the end of the alley, and the belt is in the corner.
    • Medici Cape- Head East along the main wall until you see the Church. Head inside, and the cape is inside.

    Check out this video for the location of Maria's Feather Chest:

  • Perform a Speed Kill Streak of 10.

    You can do this in a few places where there are a lot of enemies. The best place to do it is in the Animus Training Program, where you can do it at your leisure. The best place is the Long Kill Streak challenge (last one on the list). Hold to start blocking when you have your weapon out. When a guard attacks you, press (while still holding ) right when the attack is about to hit you. This will cause you to counter and execute. Right as your execution is finishing up, press again highlighting any enemy nearby with the . Keep killing guards like this, keeping an eye out for an attack to counter sometimes by another guard. Explaining it makes it seem like a long process, but really it's all very quick. Watch the video if you'd like a better example on how it should look.

  • Kill a guard with a broom.

    At first you may not see any brooms until you advance through the story line. Just keep an open eye out while playing the game naturally until you see someone sweeping. They will be more frequent in the Centro District. To get the broom you can run into the person, grab and throw them, or even kill them to make them drop it. Pick the broom up and go to any guard and press to assassinate the guard.

    Note: If you have the broom in your hand, you may still use the hidden gun. Using the gun (holding to initiate, letting go to fire) will not make you drop the broom. You may still obtain the achievement this way, even though you're technically getting the kill with the gun.

  • Throw money in a well

    The first requirement is to have money. The currency in this game is Florins. You will no doubt be getting a lot of these in the game, but if you want to get it right away just steal money from the various people walking around by pressing near them.

    Wells can be found throughout Rome. There is one just about in the middle of the map, on the far East side of Centro District. It's right in front of the gray building on the map, by the bank and the blacksmith. Wells will have a rope and bucket, with an outer octagon shape. There is wood around it as well, so if you find a hole and it doesn't look like this, it's not a well. To throw the money, hold and select the money bag icon. Now face the well and press and the achievement will unlock.

  • Jump with the parachute off the top of Castel Sant' Angelo.

    The parachute unlocks after all of Leonardos’s war machines have been destroyed. Meet up with him at the usual meeting place (the L icon), and you’ll have access to them. Once you have the parachute, climb to the top of Castel Sant’ Angelo (the top of the flagpole with a red flag) and jump off. This location is at the top of the map indicated by a circular shape. It is within a restricted area. The easiest way to get there is to wait until playing Sequence 8 Memory 2: "An Apple a Day". This mission is after a lengthy cutscene where a female is moaning and crying in a window. Look up and you'll see the flagpole you must climb. Get to the top of it and jump by pressing then press to open the parachute moments after jumping. If you die during this mission, you will spawn at the checkpoint near the window.

    You may purchase parachutes by going to a tailor. To check if you have parachutes, press and select Inventory > Supplies > Parachutes. They cost 170 florins each.

    Note: Sometimes the achievement won't trigger if you activate the parachute instantly after jumping. You should wait a moment before using it.

  • Win the highest bet at the Fights.

    Fights can be participated in by going inside and beneath the Barracks. The Barracks will unlock after completing Sequence 3 and is in the Campagna District (icon is a white sword with a black background). Be sure to have plenty of florins in case you lose the bets. There are a total of five fights to partake in. After finishing the first four, set your bet to the highest amount (500 florins) and win. You must defeat a total of 5 mercenaries within 40 seconds.

    There isn’t a real strategy here, besides spamming the button. Continue knocking mercenaries out, and you’ll earn 1150 florins. You can only use your fists, but you will still be able to do counter attacks which will save you lots of time.

  • Access your email in 2012

    *Obtain this achievement as early as possible to avoid missing it*

    At a certain point in the game, you’ll be told that you have new emails waiting for you. Exit the Animus, and head towards Altair’s statue. Press any button to access your computer and the achievement will unlock.

    Be sure that you check your email before the final memory sequence. After completing the final memory sequence, you cannot exit the Animus (not even replaying DNA). If, for some reason, you do miss this achievement, don't be too stressed out. The email can be checked as early as sequence 2, so just start a new game on another save file if that happens.

  • Complete an entire Session with at least one kill (Multiplayer Only).

    A session in multiplayer is any full game played. You must kill another player to gain this achievement. To kill someone, follow the indicator to your target and assassinate them (hitting ). You will most likely be targeted as well by someone else. Pressing to stun them does not count as a kill. You will be getting many kills while going for other achievements.

    Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

  • Kill your target while hidden in a hay bale (Multiplayer Only).

    Hay bale's are scattered within the various levels in multiplayer. Just move towards one to jump in, and don't move at all to stay. When an unsuspecting opponent is walking by, hit when indicated and you should get the achievement.

    Note: This achievement can be boosted in private matches.

  • Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of the session and go on to win (Multiplayer Only).

    You cannot be in first place when there is 10 seconds remaining on the timer. It has to be the last 10 seconds of the game and not just the end of a round. When not in 1st place, take the lead in the last 10 seconds. This is hard to do legit, but with a high enough kill combo you may be able to get it with luck. Instead do it in a private match with a friend. Stay on the rooftops to avoid getting sucked into crowds thus earning blend points. You can do this with just 2 players in a Manhunt game.

    Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

  • Kill your target and escape your pursuer in less than 10 seconds (Multiplayer Only).

    To get this, you must be playing a match where you have a target, as well being a target at the same time. You must kill your opponent and escape your pursuer within 10 seconds of the kill. Stunning your pursuer will give you an auto escape. The best way to lose someone is to run through the open gates that shut. You may get it playing normal, but this achievement can be boosted with a few friends in Alliance mode. Have your pursuer run around in circles while you have above your targets head. Make the kill and stun the pursuer (or run).

    Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

  • During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape (Multiplayer Only).

    For this achievement you must have a minimum of 3 or more players (must have 1 as a target and 1 as a pursuer). Open Conflict is when a Target is aware of it's Pursuer. For this to work, your Target must be aware of you, and you must be aware of your Pursuer. Chase your target and kill them, then either run, hide, stun your pursuer, or have your pursuer kill a civilian. If boosting, just have all participants running around each other and then the one getting the achievement kill it's target, and stun it's opponent.

    Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

  • Reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only).

    This one achievement is going to take a good amount of time, especially if you go for it legit. You may rank up in both Ranked and Player matches. The best boosting method is in the gametype Alliance. Alliance is not available right at the start, and requires a minimum level of 5 to play. Alliance requires a minimum of 6 players to start the game. The method is described below;

    Mode: Alliance


    There will be 3 teams of 2 people each. While boosting, always stay on the same team. The matches will last 2 rounds, and whichever team is boosting must boost for that entire round. They will be killing their targets and stunning their pursuers. Everyone must meet in a central area of the map, or a place that's easy to get to (usually somewhere like a big water fountain for example, or in front of big pillars). The team getting the points will be stunning the pursuers. It's best to switch targets each time you stun because the game will give a delay on the stunning if you keep stunning the same person. The targets must keep running into that area and let themselves be killed. You should take mental note and kill every other target that runs your way. Be fair and give your partner their fair share of kills. Below is an example of the roles.

    Note: There are 2 rounds. The teams will be switching roles, so if someone was being stunned one round, the next they will be dying, etc.

    Team 1: In this example Team 1 is the boosting team. They will never die, and will always do killing and stunning. The perks don't really matter for this team, but they will want to make sure they have a kill streak award set to give bonus points.

    Team 2: This team is the targets. They will continue to run to the meeting place to get killed. A good idea is to have perks that allow faster running and climbing (certain perks are obtained at certain levels). This team will change to the pursuers in round 2.

    Team 3: This team is the pursuers. They will be having a bit of a break during their round. All they have to do is get stunned, and sometimes maybe move a little bit if they wind up being far away from each other. This team will change to the targets in round 2. If anyone has the Resistance Perk (unlocked at level 27) it should be applied. This will let you get up faster after being stunned, and will really speed up the boosting.

    Using this boosting method and depending on how organized your boosting party is, you can get on average around 30k to 40k or even higher per match. Each match takes 8 minutes (4 minute rounds). So you will get that experience once every half hour. Remember to always be fair during your boosting sessions and before it ends, make sure the last team has gone. Also, if you're going to leave the boosting sessions, alert the party you will be leaving so they can look for a replacement.

    To find a boosting party, please use the Achievement Trading Thread.

  • Get all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session (Multiplayer Only).

    This is a very easy achievement but you will need at least 4 people to boost it. This is best done in an Manhunt private match. You will need to do the 3 stun related bonuses in one round, and the 3 kill related bonuses in the next round.


    Co-Op Stun: Target the pursuer with  and have your team mate stun them.

    Knock Out: Both you and your partner stun both of the pursuers at once (or within 10 seconds of each other).

    Rescue: Have a pursuer get in a chase with your team mate (the pursuer runs around with the near your partner). Now stun that specific pursuer.


    Co-Op Kill: Press  on your target to lock on. Have your partner kill your target.

    Multi Kill: Both you and your partner kill your targets at the same time (or within 10 seconds of each other).

    Diversion: Have your partner get into a chase with a target (using to run around). Now kill that target without yourself being in the chase.

    To find a boosting party, please use the Achievement Trading Thread.

  • Score 750 points or more on a single kill (Multiplayer Only).

    You must get a string of bonuses that equal 750 points or higher. You can do it in any way you want, as long as your bonus for that kill gives you the score. Look through the bonus menu and you can see which ones give what amount of points. You'll likely get this while boosting and it can all be done in a private match. Pick whatever combo of points will get you the achievement and do those. A good example is to kill someone while hidden (hay stack or blended) while in focus mode (when the has a full white circle around it).

    Kill: 100 Points
    Incognito: 300 Points
    Hidden: 200 points
    Focus: 150 Points
    Total = 750 Points

    You can boost this in private matches or you'll probably just get this randomly while playing in multiplayer. All types of bonuses count, even variety and kill streak bonuses that occur.

  • Get every bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only).

    This is one of the more difficult achievements in the game. You must get all bonuses in multiplayer at least once. All bonuses can be obtained in private matches except for the End Bonuses. For those it must be at least in player matches, but can still be boosted. For some of them you will have to play specific game types and have a minimum amount of players. There is no way to track of what bonuses you have completed. There are many bonuses to complete, so a separate guide for this achievement has been created.

    Check out the Abstergo Employee of the Month Guide for more information.

    Note: The Abstergo Employee of the Month achievement cannot be unlocked until you are at least level 29. This is because players cannot unlock the "Poison" ability until that level. There are two bonuses that require the Poison ability. These two bonuses are; Poison and Intercepted.

  • Perform a double or a triple escape (Multiplayer Only).

    To do a double or triple escape, you must have 2 or 3 people pursuing you in Chase mode. To know if they are in Chase mode, they will have red (triangle-shaped) indicators above their heads. You can only get multiple people chasing you when you are doing extra well in the match. The game will try to balance things out and have you as the target to more opponents. The amount of pursuers is displayed on the top of the HUD where there are 3 triangles. The triangles that are lit up red are how many are after you. Having 2 or 3 people after you will not guarantee you get this achievement as you must escape them all at the same time, not just have two or more pursuers and escape from 1.

    This is very easy to boost in private matches. Play a team game and have 1 person in the first group, and 2 in the second group. The pursuers must free-run around the map (using ) until both are in chase mode. Now have the sole person in group 1 either stun both, escape, or even have the two pursuers kill civilians.

    Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

DLC: The Da Vinci Disappearance

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Throw a Long Weapon, Heavy Weapon, and Smoke bomb more than 10 m at a guard.

    Smoke Bomb: Target an Enemy from more than 10 meters away by pressing and then press to throw it at him. If you want, go on top of a roof and throw it down on an enemy to make it easier.

    Long Weapon (Spear): Find an enemy with a spear. Kill him along with all the guards and then pick up his spear. Find an enemy that isn't moving and go as far away as you can from him (within the range or targeting him). Press to lock onto him and then Hold to charge the throw. Once it is fully charged throw the spear.

    Heavy weapon: You can buy heavy weapons from blacksmiths. You can tell what item is a heavy weapon because it says heavy weapon on the item. There is also a picture of a hammer instead of a sword. Find an enemy that isn't moving and go as far away as you can from him (within the range or targeting him). Press to lock onto him and then Hold to charge the throw. Once it is fully charged throw the Heavy weapon.

  • Win 10000 florins playing Hazard.

    Note: You need to wager 10,000 florins or more (you can only wage 7,500 on the first roll). To do so, you need to get a chance roll then win.
    To play Hazard, go to the thieves guild. When you start to play, press to max wager. Then place the wager to roll the dice. Keep rolling the dice and maxing the wager until you get the achievement. There's nothing special here because it is just luck.

  • Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance.

    Click HERE to see what you need to get 100% synch in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Retail).

    Click HERE to see what you need to get 100 synch in The Da Vinci Disappearance (DLC).

  • Kill 10 guards with a single arrow storm.

    The first time you encounter enemies in the DLC (Mission: A Roll Of The Dice), there will be exactly ten and you need to kill all of them. Try to gather them up in a bunch. Call the Arrow Storm (Hold ) and you should get all ten, unlocking the achievement. If you don't you can restart the mission since it is right at the beginning of it.

    Alternatively, load up Sequence 6, Memory 1, entitled "Gatekeeper." In this mission French Soldiers will rush in from three gates. Simply wait for a little bit after the mission starts for a bunch of enemies to amass. Once there are a lot of them unleash your arrow strike and you should be able to get at least ten kills.

  • GPS



    Complete the Da Vinci Disappearance.

    There are 8 Missions in this DLC.

    This achievement will unlock once you complete the DLC.

  • Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins.

    Note: Sometimes they won't appear so run away and come back. Or use a Tunnel to travel away and then back. Also, if they die by some means other than your fists, do the same thing as above because they respawn.

    You have to beat up (you must use your fists) five thirsty Harlequins. You will know if it counted because it says "X of 5 Harlequins beaten up." They are near the water, hence the thirsty part, so look along the river. Four are in Centro District and one is in Campagna District.

    I. The First Harlequin is in Centro District North and a bit west beside the river. He is between the Highest Doctor symbol on the map and the second Highest Tunnel Entrance. He is on some stairs going into the water.

    II. The Second Harlequin is in Centro District North West beside the river again. He is to the East of the Bridge that goes to Vanticao District. Starting from the beginning of the bridge, if you use your map and go along the river East you will see a shaded area with a lighter circle in the middle. Go North of that circle and you will see a set of double stairs. He is on those stairs.

    III. The Third Harlequin is in Centro District West beside the river. Go to ROSA IN FIORE and go directly west from there. He is on a set of stairs again.

    IV. The Fourth Harlequin is in Centro District South East under a bridge beside the river. Go to Ezio's Hideout and go DIRECTLY south of it. On your map you should see a Bridge that has lines going across it. He is under that bridge on the left side.

    V. The Fifth and Last Harlequin is in Campagna District beside the Borgia Tower (Or Assassin's Tower) that is surrounded by water and cliffs. If you use your map and go West slightly from the Borgia/Assassin's Tower and then go slightly North, you will see a small rectangle that represents a small building. Go there and the Harlequin is behind the Small building along the edge of the cliff.

    Click HERE for a map showing the locations of the Harlequin's.

  • Double Assassinate from a parachute.

    Make sure you have some parachutes. More the better in case you mess up. Now find two or more guards standing still beside each other. Climb to the top of a building (high or low) and jump off the building. Press to use your parachute and glide towards the group of enemies. Once it says Assassinate in the top right corner, press . If you get two enemies, the achievement will unlock.

  • Steal 5 horses from their riders, while remaining on horseback.

    Note: This has to be done in consecutively without getting off a horse.

    First call your horse or mount a random horse. Then you must find a Guard on another horse and press to assassinate him. You must repeat this four more times. If you get pulled off your horse or fall off somehow you have to start from the beginning. It is easier to find guards with horses in the Antico District.

    Alternatively, the fastest way is probably to do the assassination mission Serf's Turf. You have six guards on horses right there. Start by the one who is alone when he is near the cliff as you won't get detected. Then go for the two together. Wait until the three guys are far and kill them both quickly.

    You should now be undetected again. Now kill one of the three remaining. Both the others should become alerted. Just go close to one and assassinate. Be careful as one of the guards might get down off his horse and try to pull you down. Even if you have to replay the mission the starting point is really close.

    Note: If you haven't done the Assassination Contract Serf's Turf, it is in the Campagna District North West. It is the one that is farthest up on the map in the first set you do.

  • Kill a guard with the bag that drops from a lift.

    Just find one of those lifts that you use to go up a building quickly. Once you find one, find a group of guards and get them after you. Once they are after you, run to the lift. Wait until a few are right underneath and then use the lift.

  • Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket him afterward.

    You must first increase your Notoriety, so make sure you don't have the cape on that doesn't allow your Notoriety to go up. Once you have done that, find a Herald (use your map). Go up to him and Bribe him with (500 florins) and your Notoriety level will decrease. Once you have done that, hold to steal your money back from him.

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