- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline achievements: 30 Achievements [400]
- Online achievements: 0 Achievements [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 400 : 15-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 [Mission Select]
- Number of missable achievements: None [Mission Select]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty setting
- Glitchy achievements: "Complete all Mission Constraints" is the only achievement that is buggy for some. The fix is simple and described below.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

Welcome to Abstergo Industries! Assassin's Creed Liberation HD is the graphically improved port of the game of the same name for the PlayStation Vita that released in 2012. The game itself is a gaming simulation created by Abstergo Industries to be used as propaganda. Abstergo censored many of the scenes to shine the Templars in a better light over the Assassins. A hacker will show you the way to find the truth that is hidden away in the simulation. In the simulation you play as the female French- American assassin named Aveline de Grandpre during 1765 to 1777 in New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou. The story takes place during the ending of the French-Indian war and the Spanish have started to gain control over the area. There is a struggle between the two nations for control over the land but most of it comes from underhanded tactics from the Templars. Aveline must face her own life's mysteries as well as those imposed on her from the Assassin order. As she progresses through the game many of these mysteries are solved and bring to to an interesting revelation at the very end of the game. There is a different concept in the game that other Assassin's Creed games don't use called Persona's that alter how you take on enemies and complete missions. It adds a level of depth to the gameplay and for some interesting interactions with the NPC in the game.

Playthrough 1:
In your first playthrough you will naturally obtain the achievements "Sequence 1", "Sequence 2", "Sequence 4", "Sequence 6", "Sequence 8", "Complete Aveline's Story", and "My 1st Dressing Chamber" just for playing through the story. I strongly advise that if you want to get the "Complete all Mission Constraints" achievement, you make sure to get every optional objective in the missions and find every Citizen E for "The Truth" achievement. This will save you a lot of time and reduce the need of replaying missions a second time as well as getting you the true ending of the game. As you play there will be particular missions which will offer great opportunities for some come combat related achievements that the guide will point out for you. The side missions can be completed at any time and do not count to the 100% sync so you can save them for later if you wish. During this playthrough you should try to conserve money as much as possible and play the economic ship mini-game often to get fund ups for the "One is not Enough" achievement. Doing so will greatly reduce how much time this game will take you to complete.

Playthrough 2/Clean-up:
Since there is mission select and you can free roam in this game the clean up is pretty straight forward. You will be searching for any missed collectables, finishing weapon achievements, and killing any remaining Citizen E's you may have missed. You may have completed many side missions while you were playing but any still active on your mini-map should be completed now for their respective achievements. "Persona Collector" items can only be obtained when you are wearing the specific Persona for the given collectable. This will require you to check each zone three times one for each Persona. Using the map in the achievement guide will point you in the right direction and reduce random roaming around the map. The "Collector" is more of the same except the items can be picked up by any Persona. The only issue that may arise is the need to replay 2 Chichen Itza levels for two Mayan Statuettes. The most time consuming achievement is "One is not Enough" it requires you to buy 10 pocket watches from smugglers. You will need a total of 165625 écu to purchase all of them. Saving money and playing the economic ship mini-game will give you much of the money.

Overall it is an enjoyable game a must have for fans of the Assassin's Creed franchise. Aveline is one of the more enjoyable assassin's to play as. She has an interesting back story and has a likeable personality. There is a decent amount of content for a game of it's price point and you won't feel short changed for a lack of things to do. The missions and activities are varied and well paced, which will surely keep you interested and having fun through out your time with the game. One issue with the game is that the graphics are not on par with recent releases such as Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This is not to say it is an awful looking game, it is not. You also have to consider it is a port from a hand held console and had quite a bit of graphical improvements from that version of the game. I would strongly suggest this game for any players who enjoy action adventure or open world games.

[XBA would like to thank WORLDEATER for this roadmap]

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Kill an enemy with a poison dart.

    This is one of the primary weapons in the game and will kill many enemies with it, making this achievement pretty hard to miss.

  • Tree Run for 10 branches without touching the ground.

    This achievement is best obtained when you first get to the Bayou but can be done on any place there are trees close together.

    Shortly after investigating your first clue in the Bayou you will run along a big log and jump onto a couple of trees in front of it. Simply jump back and forth on them until the achievement pops. There is no need to find a long tree jumping section to get this achievement.

    An alternate method is to find a tree around New Orleans with two parallel branches and jump back and forth until the achievements pops.

  • Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill).

    This is best obtained on Sequence 2 mission "A Faithful Acolyte".

    After you kill the alligator you will have to kill a whole encampment of enemies. Simply go in poison the guy watching from a post to the right then jump down. Alert the enemies and when they come in close drop a smoke bomb and use the Sugarcane Machete to kill them one by one.

  • Buy your 1st Dressing Chamber.


    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

    There are a total of 9 sequences with missions to complete within. The true ending counts as part of this achievement. Some missions will offer optional goals that can be accomplished for a full sync. To avoid replaying missions try to get the optional goals as you play the game in your first playthrough. If you screw up you can replay the last checkpoint and give it another shot.

    If you are having difficulty with the constraints where you can't take any damage simply always make sure you have loads of smoke bombs and use them when ever you are in trouble.

    In sequence 8 there is a second mission you won't play unless you start it in mission select. The mission does count for the 100% sync.

    *Note If you completed everything required of you and the achievement did not pop, simply replay any story mission with a constraint and complete it. The achievement should pop after the level is finished.

  • Block 10 shots or firing lines with a human shield.

    When an enemy is aiming their rifle at you, press before they fire and you will grab a nearby enemy to pull in front of you and take the hit. The enemy who is aiming at you will also have a yellow triangle over their head. It is best to start a fight in a open area as the enemy tends to fire at you more often. You can check your progress on this by pressing start and going to Database / Stats / Fight and Kills / Enemies Killed In Human Shield.

    The best location I found is in New Orleans, the top left corner of the map is an entire encampment go guards run through the doors and lure them into the open area in the middle. This is where you will see guards shooting rifles at targets. Once there keep on countering and eventually a group of guards will line up forming a firing line. They will continue to reload and fire at you as long as you keep your distance from them.

  • Collect all diary pages, alligator eggs, Mayan statuettes, and mushrooms.

    Diary pages can be found in New Orleans, De Bayou, and Chichen Itza.
    Alligator eggs and mushrooms are only found in De Bayou. Mayan statuettes are found in Chichen Itza. There are two Statuettes that are found only in specific missions in the game. You will find them in Sequence 4-6 and 6-1. They are hidden pretty well in the levels but if you take your time you will find them with out too much trouble. To check your progress on this go to the DNA Database / Stats / Exploration. The maps below will show you the locations for each of the collectables minus the two in specific missions.

    New Orleans

    De Bayou

    Chichen Itza

  • Collect every persona-specific collectible.

    Each of the 3 Personas of Aveline has different collectables to obtain. The Assassin collectable is a coin symbol and you will have to kill the thief and loot his body. The Lady is a Brooch Symbol, where you will charm a guy to give you the brooch. Lastly the slave has to pickpocket voodoo dolls, the symbol is a voodoo doll that looks like a ghost. To check your progress on this go to the DNA Database / Stats / Exploration. For maps of all the collectable locations in the game check the Collector achievement.

  • Survive 10 animal encounters.

    There are alligator nests where you will be getting eggs collectables. These are accompanied by a animal encounter, which is a quick time event sequence of you defending yourself and killing the animal. Seemingly random in De Bayou an ocelot will pounce you and are also an animal encounter. You can also replay Sequence 2 Mission "A Faithful Acolyte" there is always an encounter during the mission.

  • Buy the maximum number of ships (8).

    In the Assassin HQ and vendors throughout the map you can access a ship mini-game where you manage exporting goods to and from different locations. Initially you start with one ship and each port can hold 4 ships so you need to buy 7 more ships split between at least 2 posts. You will be doing this naturally if you are accruing money to purchase the pocket watches for the "One is not Enough" achievement.

  • Complete all persona-specific side missions.

    Each of the three persona's has a sequence of 5 side missions of their own. Follow each sequence to the finish to get the achievement. The missions will not show up on the mini-map unless you are wearing the specific persona for that mission. The mission constraints do not effect the 100% achievement.

  • Kill 25 enemies with the Parasol Gun.

    Late in Sequence 3.2 you will be giving the Parasol Gun, which shoots poison darts. The weapon is used only as the Lady Persona. It works like the blow pipe except it has a long reload in between shots. Simply just shoot this at guards whenever you get the chance and this will pop.

  • Buy every Dressing Chamber.


    New Orleans and De Bayou have locked dressing locations that need to be bought for 500 écu a piece. Once every one is bought the achievement will pop. It is advised to buy these as you see them as it will make it easier when you want to switch to a different Persona. Closed Blacksmith and tailor shops do not need to bought.

  • Pickpocket 5000

    You can obtain this by pickpocketing everyone around you like a kleptomaniac or you can do it the fast way. To do this quickly get full notoriety as the Assassin Persona, then bribe a magistrate 2250 écu to clear your notoriety. Once you have done this pickpocket the money back. Just do this a few times and you will have the achievement.

  • Perform 10 predator moves using the Whip.

    This achievement can be obtained at any point in the game after you acquire the whip in Sequence 4.

    In order to do the move you must be above your enemy crouching on any signposts, wires, or tree branches. Once you have an enemy targeted press and hold to bring him directly below you. After that press down on the left stick, you will jump off and the enemy will be launched up into the air killing him.

    You can check your progress on this by pressing start and going to Database / Stats / Fight and Kills / Enemies Hanged During Predator Move.

    If you want to grind out any remaining kills you may have left you can go behind the tailor near the Assassin HQ and climb up onto beams running across the buildings. When you look down you will find 3 guards having a conversation. You can hang one of them and if you are lucky a second one. After this run into the HQ to let them respawn and do it again.

  • Collect all the pocket watches.

    There are 10 pocket watches in which are bought from smugglers. This will cost a exactly 165625 écu in total. Make sure you are keeping you ships exporting goods in the economic mini-game as you progress through the game to save you time later on. You can visit the mini-game in the Assassin HQ at the desk or at any owned shop at the bottom of the menu listed as "Trade System".

  • Poison



    Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies.

    This achievement is best obtained in Sequence 3 Mission "Vanishing Slaves".

    After you race Elise to the slavers you will climb a set of trees to a platform. Once there Poison dart the third enemy to the left and then Berserk dart the enemy in white. Now all you do is wait on the platform and just wait for the fight to finish.

    Using a berserk dart on the third enemy to the left instead of poison is a viable alternative. This will cause the enemies to focus on him while the white guard can back stab them.

  • Synchronize all viewpoints.

    Each zone has viewpoint locations that are seen on the map. Simply climb to the top of the tree or building and go to the spot where you see birds fly away from. Hit to Synchronize. Once every viewpoint has been synced the achievement will pop.

    The viewpoints in De Bayou can be tricky to get to. You either need to find a small section on a large tree to climb initially or find braches around it so you can jump onto it. Once on the tree you will be jumping from branch to branch with occasional climbing until you reach the top.

  • Complete every Business Rivals mission.

    These appear on the map with a cross-hair symbol. The missions consists of assassinating a business rival. This will allow you to purchase your rivals shops and open them up as your own. The mission constraints do not effect the 100% achievement.

  • Complete every Ship Crew mission.

    After you ruin Capitan Dominguez operation in the main story Crew Three Crew missions will appear. One mission is a minute long "race" where you have to get from checkpoint to checkpoint. It can be challenging but once you are familiar with where you have to go it's not too bad. Once all three mission are finished the achievement will pop. The mission constraints do not effect the 100% achievement.

  • Complete every Bayou Fever mission.

    The Witch Doctor will give you a side quest that will open these missions up. The mission is called "De Bayou Fever". You will need to collect mushroom in De Bayou and give them to people inflicted with the fever. The people who have the fever show on the map as skulls and when you see them they are flailing themselves in a crazy manner. The good news is you will be collecting the mushrooms for the collector achievement anyway. See the "Collector" achievement for a map of their locations.

  • Complete every Free Slaves mission.

    There are 3 missions to complete The first two are started in the Lady Persona in New Orleans. The last one is in De bayou in the Assassin Persona. Once finished the achievement is your. The mission constraints do not effect the 100% achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Complete Sequence 1.

    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Complete Sequence 2.

    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Complete Sequence 4.

    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Complete Sequence 6.

    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Complete Sequence 8.

    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Complete the game (fake ending)

    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

  • Kill all Citizen E and experience the true ending.

    There are 6 locations Citizen E will show up 2 are during missions the other 4 will appear at certain locations as you playthrough the game. Going into sequence 9 you should have killed 5 citizen E targets. If you go for this achievement in your first playthrough both ending achievements will pop.

    1. Memory 2-6, Eve of Saint John. This one is automatic after killing Mackandal.
    2. After Memory 3-8, A Governor No More. Citizen E is in the northeast part of New Orleans, as indicated on your map.
    3. After Memory 4-4, The Company Man. Citizen E is in the south part of Chichen Itza.
    4. After Memory 5-3, Power of Voodoo. Citizen E is in the East part of the Bayou, south of San Danje.
    5. After Memory 7-2, Supplying the Revolution. Citizen E is located at the top of the church bell tower in New Orleans.
    6. Memory 9-3, Reconciliation. This one is automatic in the Animus building section.

    New Orleans Targets

    Chichen Itza Target

    De Bayou Target

  • Kill an enemy from a tree, with the blowpipe, while using eagle vision.

    This can be done at any point in the game and the achievement descriptions explains it pretty well what needs to be done. If you want a visual of where you can do it watch the video for the "Swamp Queen" achievement.

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