I'm a Legend Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • I'm a Legend



    Be equipped with only Legendary equipment.

    How to unlock I'm a Legend

    Legendary equipment is gold/yellow in color. They are very powerful weapons that deal extra damage. They can have some of the qualities below:

    • Adrenaline on kill
    • Adrenaline on hit
    • Fire
    • Health on kill
    • Cursed - extraordinary damage (kills most enemies in 1-3 hits) but health is reduced to 33%

    Legendary gear is harder to come by at first, but just be patient. You will more than likely find all the pieces naturally via exploration, completing quests, or purchasing them.

    You do NOT need to have all the gear upgraded to max!

    NOTE: You will also need a legendary outfit and horse. Legendary outfits can be purchased from the u-play store or earned from certain side quests, and you can purchase legendary steeds from any stable provided you have the skill that allows you to purchase rarer quality gear.

    Once you have all the pieces, simply equip them all at once and the achievement will unlock.

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  • You need to have Legendary equipment on all slots. Weapons, armor and mount must be Legendary (yellow color). All crafting must be completed. Tool does not have to be yellow.
  • I confirm that none of the crafting is needed for this achievement.
  • Its worth noting that you nedd to have bow beaer and weapon beaer skills in order to unlock this. I didn't understand why it wouldn't unlock for me until I got weapon bearer. Then it popped.
  • Play the side mission Gift from the Gods ( blue diamond) itll reward you with legendary sword, shield & steed. Plus it's a nice nod to Final Fantasy.

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