Slasher Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Slasher



    Kill 3 enemies with one hit.

    How to unlock Slasher

    There are many opportunities to get this achievement. An easy way to get this is to go back to one of the starting locations of the game after you are a much higher level. Look around for enemies that are clumped together (it can be humans or animals). Tap to attack all three enemies at once, and the achievement will unlock. For further assistance, refer to the video below. Full credit to CamDeeGaming for the video.

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  • I did this by finding a hyena cave and jumping down in the middle of them pressing LB
  • Here is another way to get it as well in case you don't have the air attack ability.
  • You can get it on horseback, too. Find a hyena den (lower level is good, and ride through it and give something like a spear a swing.
  • The animals / enemies I try it on always back away from me so I end up only hitting on at once. Any suggestions?
  • I was able to get this before I received the hidden blade. If you “assassinate” someone beforehand, you simply disable them. I hid in the brush and whistled as an enemy approached. Just get three one in spot so they’re all laying there and one attack should wipe them out in one shot. I had six or seven enemies laying there just to be safe.

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