Stargazer Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Stargazer



    Complete all 12 Stone Circles.

    How to unlock Stargazer

    Refer to "Old Habits" for more information.

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  • Link below has good photos and maps of the locations and a walk through of how to align the stars. On your map there will be a question mark (?) at the Stone Circle location. This will help you in putting down custom markers.
  • A helpful note to others too is stone circles. As well as tombs, are marked on the map with golden, shining question marks, as opposed to a plain white one.
  • There are 12 stone circle locations. These are tied to the Bayek's Promise side quest. None of them are missable. Interacting with the first stone circle will begin the quest. When interacting with a stone circle you must align it with the stars in the sky. If you have trouble finding the correct stars just wait a bit until the game gives you a hint (some white dust flowing in the correct star's direction). TIMELINE: #1 – Amun Stone Circle (Siwa) - 0:48 #2 – The Divine Lion Stone Circle (Iment Nome) - 2:59 #3 – Serquet Stone Circle (Iment Nome) - 4:09 #4 – Goat Fish Stone Circle (Isolated Desert)- 4:57 #5 – Apis Stone Circle (Isolated Desert)- 5:56 #6 – Osiris Stone Circle (Qattara Depression) - 6:52 #7 – Hathor Stone Circle (Ka-Khem Nome) - 7:52 #8 – Pisces Stone Circle (Faiyum) - 8:47 #9
  • #9 – Taweret Stone Circle (Faiyum) - 9:43 #10 – The Great Twins Stone Circle (White Desert Oasis) - 10:46 #11 – Horus Stone Circle (UAB Nome) - 11:51 #12 – The Scales Stone Circle (UAB Nome) - 12:46 Here is a video guide with English commentary! Here is a playlist of guides for this game!

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