Defy Authority Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Defy Authority



    Defeat a Phylakes.

    How to unlock Defy Authority

    Phylakes are very strong bounty hunters who are much harder than regular enemies. They are spread all around the map and are a fixed level. They will hopelessly out-level you initially, so don’t worry about them right off the bat.

    For this achievement, you only have to kill one (though there is a level 40 side quest that tasks you with assassinating all of them which will unlock very high quality weapons and a legendary outfit at the end). Open up your map and look for a red bull icon (you will have to zoom in a bit for them to appear).

    Upon killing any one of them, the achievement will unlock.

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  • Here's a guide:
  • These are basically assassin's after you in a way, they unlock not long into the main quest line. Just level up and then they become a hell of a lot easier
  • Spear + Horseback = easy kill. Just keep riding back and forth and swinging the quick strike. If it gets too hard, drop the difficulty down. Achievements still unlock on easy.

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