Prison Break Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Prison Break



    Free 20 Rebels (The Hidden Ones)

    How to unlock Prison Break

    This is a cumulative achievement, and thankfully rebels are very common. They are typically locked up in wooden cells in various encampments and fortresses. This was actually one of the first achievements I unlocked in the DLC because of how many rebels you can find locked up. Here's where to look:

    • During the "Where the Slaves Die" main story quest (the first one), you'll go to a huge quarry with enemies. There are a ton of locked up rebels on one side of the quarry.
    • During the "Wall of the Ruler" main story quest, you'll go to the Wall-of-the-Ruler citadel. You'll also have to complete this location for an achievement. Inside are always a bunch of rebels locked up.

    I actually unlocked the achievement after freeing rebels in only those two locations. If you still need more, any fort (red icons on the map that are restricted areas) is a good place to look. Additionally, both enemies and rebels will respawn in the same camps. So you can use the Dawn and Dusk skill to fast forward time until the rebels respawn in camps. Just be aware you might have to skip forward a few days until the rebels respawn.

    Once you've freed a cumulative total of twenty rebels from their cells, the achievement will unlock.

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  • Between all the camps I’ve liberated so far, I know I’ve freed more than 20 prisoners, but it won’t unlock for me. Too bad this game doesn’t show your progression towards certain achievements.
  • Never mind. Apparently, I only had two more to go, as I just freed two prisoners from a camp and got the achievement.
  • Ive liberated them all but only freedcaround 10. I cant find any more. Only rebels I see fight
  • You have to make a difference between a rebel and a citizen in prison. Only the rebels count for the achievement.
  • This is a grind location to easily save 20 rebels. This requires the skill "Dawn & Dusk", which makes this entire process quicker. Head to the Walls of the Ruler citadel. Even if you have completed the location, it will repopulate with enemies and captured rebels. Go in and save the rebels, if you remain out of combat when doing so, use the Dawn & Dusk skill in the citadel to fast forward time, causing the captured rebels to repopulate. You may need to use the skill multiple times before repopulation occurs. Here is a video guide with English commentary! Here is a playlist of guides for this game!
  • Literally none will spawn, this is an absolute joke
  • Dude from TrueAchievements figured this one out: Go to Alexandria (yes, it works for base game), turn your enemy auto-level off cause it supposedly affects the event (event has a "!" to show you where it is) and keeps it from happening. Go to Akra Garrison in the bottom right of Alexandria and free all the rebels; leave the area, quit the game and return to the title screen, jump back in and do it again until the achievement pops. Turn your enemy auto-level back on and continue your adventure.

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