Team Play Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Team Play



    Kill an enemy with a headshot while they are being harassed by Senu (The Hidden Ones)

    How to unlock Team Play

    In order to unlock this achievement, you need to have unlocked the Eagle Harass skill, which is in the left skill tree up near the top where it meets the middle tree. It costs one skill point, so if you don't have it already, make sure you use a skill point from leveling up to level 45 during this DLC on it.

    Once you've got the skill, the rest is pretty straightforward: find an enemy, preferably a relatively alone one, switch to flying with Senu and then press when near the enemy to harass him. Now pull out a bow (predator is probably your best best) and shoot him in the head. You can additionally use the slow motion with the predator bow if you have that skill to make this achievement even easier. Once you get the headshot, the achievement will unlock.

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  • For this achievement you need the skills "Eagle Harass" and "Enhanced Predator Bow" from the Hunter skilltree. Equip a good predator bow and find an enemy which stand still (or any other enemy) Use Senu above this enemy and push the button to harass the enemy after that the game comes automatically back to Bayek, use now immediately your predator bow and shot the enemy in the head.
  • definitely did this in just about every i can think of and havent gotten it. ive done almost every achievement for this dlc but none have popped
  • I got this completely by accident without either of the skills mentioned in the first comment. I had the skill where Senu automatically kills the ‘deer/antelope’ type animals that you aim at and I shot one when it had the icon to show Senu was attacking but I killed it with a normal hunter bow shot before he could get to it and the achievement popped. Hopefully this method will help someone else =]
  • You only need a predator bow if you can't aim. As long as you have the ability for Senu to harass an enemy, as she's messing with them, if you shoot the guy in the head (and kill him), you should get it no problem. Mine easily popped with just a hunter bow.
  • This requires the skill "Eagle Harass". I also recommend the skill "Enhanced Predator Bow". Now use Senu to find an enemy and get close with Senu to get the prompt to harass them. While they are harassed switch back to Bayek and use your predator bow to hit an easy headshot. Here is a video guide with English commentary! Here is a playlist of guides for this game!

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