Polymorph Achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Polymorph



    Complete tours with at least 5 different characters

    How to unlock Polymorph

    From the pause menu in Discovery mode, you can go to the Characters tab and change which character you're playing as at any time. Simply complete a tour as 5 different characters to unlock this achievement. Since you have to do 20 tours for "Archeologist" anyway, make sure to change characters between tours to unlock this achievement along the way.

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  • Just complete five ANY tours with 5 different characters! (EXCEPT BAYEK) 1-Tour 1-Character. Easy Achievement. Maximum 10.min.
  • You only have to finish the tour as the character. If you have a preferred character, you can use him/her for the bulk of the tour and change to another one just before the last station to finish the tour as a different person.
  • @#1 - what do you mean "Except Bayek", I used him and it counted for one of my 5 for the achievement. Also just a note, if you are doing a tour that you are finding a little boring, you can press 'B' to back out of the 1st person before they finish speaking and run straight to the next marker to speed things up. I did this for a couple on the Daily Life achievement, that I didn't find as interesting, and that also popped fine.

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