A Legend is Born. Achievement

  • A Legend is Born.



    Complete A Legend is Born

    *Story-related* This achievement requires that you complete the very first Story Mission, called A Legend is Born. Simply follow the instructions to complete this tutorial mission.

  • can anyone actually get this game to work? I'm using Windows 8.1 and have uninstalled and re installed it many times. I get to the Assassins Creed Pirates title screen...then i get kicked back to the store page. Any advice?
  • The back end servers had some problems at launch. Ubisoft has since fixed it and the game should be working for you now. If not, reach out to Ubisoft for assistance.
  • This achievement name is wrong! It is supposed to be "On my way" (it is also wrong in the WP7 list). Someone needs to fix this!!!

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