Mastering the Art Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Mastering the Art



    Earn the INCOGNITO bonus (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock Mastering the Art

    This should be the first multiplayer achievement you earn. When you are doing the tutorial after selecting your persona for the first time, the game will give you a couple of targets. Look for your target and follow them. Stay close and only walk. You will notice 4 blue bars around your targets portrait. Once it is filled, hit to kill the target and get the bonus. This can be done in any match besides the tutorial.

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  • this seems pretty easy for 30G
  • It's different this time around. You start at discreet and as you spend more time near your target the meter builds from discreet to silent to incognito.
  • 30G for this ?! Crazy. - WHy cant we have achievement pics like Assassin's 1?!! - These ones always look like less effort, and look too similar to othger games like dragon age's. :(. Game's still gonna be kick-ass.
  • two things wrong with this 1. I thought they weren't going to add mutiplayer acheiv's 2. even though I love getting easy aceiv's it just isn't right 30G for this really Ubisoft I also though you were going to add some difficulty to this game
  • well maybe if you guys read #2's comment, he said it would be harder to get incognito
  • i hope the multi achievements are easily boosted like ACR dont like multiplayer
  • @#4 they tried adding difficulty to brotherhood but everybody just complained that the achievements were to hard. @#5 and #2 Ya it's going to be harder but unless you rush every single kill it's a very easy achievement I can probably get in first 2 mins of multiplayer. @#6 there is no reason to boost these achievements you can probably get them faster legit then the time it would take you to find people to boost with. the only one that will take time at all is the lvl 20 achievement.
  • i had to boost the abstergo employee of the month achievement because it is impossible to get the extreme variety bonus in a game
  • And that, #8, is the reason I'm happy no such achievement exists in this game. Just trying to get everyone to cooperate was a hassle in going for Extreme Variety.
  • #7 yeah now that I think about it you are right except the last comment that would be easy to get but would take a little time. The achiev which sounds the hardest to get sounds like the Obtain 12 different Accolades (Multiplayer) btw I already knew about them switching around the discreet/incognito bar
  • Also, it's supposed to be MUCH easier to stun this time around So hanging around your target is a dicey proposition.
  • I hope so 11....I hated online due to the fact I would be hitting B 10 seconds before he tried to kill me and it works once every 20 tries it seems. Horrible controls for the online.
  • I hate how Assassin's Creed added Multiplayer achievements. MP achievements are so stupid and take nothing to earn since everyone just boosts them. Why can't they just leave them out. >
  • I love the online in AC, one of my favourites. I played the beta on the PS3 and this is extremely easy to get. Not sure why it's one of the highest valued achievements. Maybe Ubi just want people to play the multiplayer how it's supposed to be played, not by running around and getting minimal points like a lot of idiots did in Brotherhood.
  • Yes, Extreme Variety is so poorly implemented. The fact that only a select few bonuses count towards it is BS. Yes, Incognito is more difficult to get in this game. You have to spend time near them to get the bonus this time around as it builds from discreet. However, it's still not too hard; I got it once or twice during a game of Deathmatch I played during NYCC this weekend.
  • I am looking forward to this game so much. if anyone wants to get together and work alot on these achievements for multiplayer i like playing to get all the achievements legit and if any one wants to send me a friend request and play when this game comes out because i know when it comes out will be playing non stop so hit me up GT: Achilles 2325 i wil lhelp get whatever is needed and help out.
  • I'm looking forward to playing ACR online because I really enjoyed ACB and I got all of the achievements legit!
  • simple
  • Add me for the online achievements. Gt: chrisedo7
  • Wow some guys here are real retards. 1) Of course there's gonna be multiplayer achievements if it's prequel (ACB) had it too? 2) If you know anything of the value of the achievements of the ACB then you know that they weren't that hard besides 2 of them. 3) There's actually (like stated before) that according to #2 the entire INCOGNITO bonus will probably be way harder to get unless you're playing with AFX (away from xbox) or noobs.... 4) And you guys should really notice that the multiplayer will be similar but still be quite different in comparison to ACB 5) This comment was to all those dumb knuckleheads that don't read and go beserk upon just reading a kinda cool challenging achievement that will be super easy to do with boosting....
  • games not even out yet and already this guys an arsehole ^
  • You'll actually unlock this achievement in the tutorial.
  • Yep, easy cheevo, first I got after launching a game in the MP training session
  • Alot of the bad kids will not get this achievement and have to boost it...its sa d that this game was made easier for bad kids to play...
  • @22 + 23 Thought this might be the case, same way I got needle in a haystack in ACB. @ 20, loving you call people retards than refer to ACB as a prequal, think the word you after is predecessor.
  • Is it just me or does all of the achievements in this game seems like easy to do?
  • sorry to tell you guys.. easiest cheevie ever.. you'll get it on the first tutorial mission..
  • this achievement is a joke, easiest 30g ever :)
  • Got it in the tutorial.
  • Easy Achievement. It's a piece of cake.
  • How this is worth more gamerscore than the 100% synch achievement is beyond me O__o
  • Got it during the very first training before it even let me online to pay with real players. One of the easiest multi-player achievement in the list.
  • guys it is very easy to be done, can be done during the training as roll27 correctly said.
  • easy to get just blend in with the npc and when your target walks bykill them
  • I didn't want to read all of the comments, but you can get this really easy during the training sessions. All you have to do is lock on to your target, walk up to him, be SILENT, and kill him when the X button fills up. Easy.
  • my first achievement lol
  • Probably one of the easiest 30g achievements I have ever gotten
  • LMAO when I got this for 30g in the tutorial
  • I got this in one of the introductory sessions, *hint hint*.
  • how do i make my gamertag show up on my profile
  • I Got 6 Out Of The 10 Achievements Just Last Night! But I Still Want Revelation Friends 2 Reach Level 20! Im Josh, aka Shining Star 77! P.S. Anyone Know How 2 Edit Your (Persona)?
  • This is extremely easy and can be obtained in training when you have to kill the count.
  • easist achievement ever
  • You can get this achievement in the introduction session. Just walk behind your target for a couple of seconds. 30G Easy Peasy :)
  • My friend played this online in my xbox, and accidently got it for me. Im worrys free now :)
  • This achievement is insanely easy to get... I got it while doing the intro/training sessions, where the bots just let you stalk them for days
  • very, very easy got this without trying
  • This one was easier than it seemed to be. Don't think it was worth the 30G
  • go here
  • Got it in training, too easy, 30G, come on!
  • Not hard
  • Get it in the training session.
  • You guys know what else is 30g? Getting 72,000 kills in DR2. Honestly, a lot better than spending a week of my life grinding to the highest level in Ass Creed Bro.
  • love it
  • Yeah the online achievements in Revelations aren't half as difficult as Brotherhood. This was actually quite fun to get :)
  • It is harder to get incognito this time as running even in the same general area as your target causes your meter to drop to discreet/reckless. You pretty much have to walk up to your target from a long way away (which is a bitch if you're playing against people who run everywhere) or hide in a blend spot and hope they pass by you (which is obviously isn't absolute). The problem is, you can get this achievement in the tutorial, which is how I got it. So I essentially got 30G for learning how to play multiplayer haha
  • can someone help me with these online achievements please. Godlike Rich G
  • YOLO
  • Will help with any needed achievements if you help me add and message gt: TheRealShady95
  • Looking to Boost, GT is Rknb117
  • if anyone stills plays this one or needs multilayer achievements plz add me GT: re4perknight
  • Easy points here.
  • Little bit late to the party for this but at $3 couldn't resist. I'm just starting multiplayer tonight (NZ time) so if anybody wants to boost hit me up. No idea how many of these multiplayer achievements i'll get but yeah :), anybody wants any help I'm keen GT: KierenGriff

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