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    Complete a Challenge (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock Achiever

    Go into the Data Hub via . Go to "Templar Profile" and "Challenges". There is a list of a bunch of challenges within certain categories. If you notice, there are 3 stars in each. All you must do is get 1 star in anything. This should come along naturally as you play through to get your level 20 or by doing other multiplayer achievements.

    You do not actually have to complete a full challenge (which is gaining all 3 gold stars on it). Therefore, you can ignore that it says 0 challenges complete. You will still get the achievement as long as one of the gold stars is filled. A really easy challenge to complete is by taunting a target after you killed them. You only need to do this to 3 people to unlock the first gold star. After assassinating your target, press quickly while facing their dead body. If you do not do it fast enough it will not register.

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  • This should be very easy
  • all the acheivements seem easy
  • Got this one in second match ever. And here it is....
  • really easy yet it was impossible to find out what the challenges are, so for anyone struggling the one i found was staying alive for a min three times :)

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