True Templar Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • True Templar



    Reach level 20 (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock True Templar

    Level 20 is not the highest. Level 50 is the highest, and from 50 you can prestige and start all over again with special titles, emblems, portraits, and things to customize. There are 99 prestige levels. You are only asked to get to level 20, not even half of the highest level in the first prestige. It will take 136,500 points of experience to hit this level. If you average about 2000 a game or so, that's roughly 70 games. If you want to speed things up, attempt to play escort missions. Your average score may jump from 3000-4000 if you have an okay team. Also sometimes you will have unfair advantages like 4 vs 2 that will speed the process up.

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  • here's to hoping the highest rank is 50 again - that way 20 should be pretty easy
  • as Clarkson would say: "How hard can it be?"
  • The multiplayer isn't that hard. It took less than 24 hours of game time to get to level 50. You just need a little patience and timing with you kills.
  • Level 20/50 please.
  • it all depends on how the ranking system works
  • this game is an easy 1000g finished all assassins before this what could be different
  • sweet jesus these online achievements look easy compared to AC: Brotherhood....and i got the full 1250 on that...this game will be an easy addition to my 100% list :D STILL CANT WAIT FOR IT :D I
  • Will LOL when it takes ridiculous amounts of xp to hit 20. I laughed when I saw get to level 40 or 50 (cant remember which) on Brotherhood. That's just a grind as that game is really not too awesome for your time online. Would be nice if its still 50 cap though since this wouldn't be too bad, assuming they improved the MP
  • Ha. Watch Level 20 be super easy and quick to get and then they release DLC with an achievement for reaching Level 100.
  • Tronic24K, You're only encouraging them. You know they will. Why else would they release an achievement for getting 100% sync for the base game in a DLC pack?
  • @11 They already did that in brotherhood. So they might do it again.
  • Heared there are 99 "prestige"
  • Thank god it's not lvl 50. I'm still trying to get a 50 on acb. I like mp but I don't feel like getting 800,000 score on one game
  • There is a level 30 cap in the beta so 20 is not the max.
  • I hope 50 is still the highest. I enjoyed the MP in Brotherhood, but I hate having the level all the way up just for one stupid achievement. If 20 is only mid-way or so, I will gladly play until I get it. The other MP cheevos dont look too bad, either.
  • nice gonna quickly get all the MP achievements out of the way in a few days, then sink into singleplayer for a LONG time
  • i hope its lvl 50 as i got that on ACB legit
  • I like how everyone says its hard to rank from 40 to 50 in acb, it took me roughly 3 games per level. Wasnt hard at all IMO (I actually wish the leveling system went higher so I could play it more. XD)
  • @ #11 - 100% sync was cake.
  • Someone knows how long time it will take? Around 4 hours or something maybe?
  • Took me less 10h while doing all the other achievements. Playing (Team-)WANTED is the best way to boost your score.
  • #13 is correct, the levels go up to 50, and from there you go for prestiges, all the way up to 99.
  • @ 10 That would be freakin hilarious Lulz!
  • Easy One Got it After 15 Matches
  • the man
  • This multiplayer for me is a pain. =_=" I am not the stealthy, use your head, type of person. And while I can adjust myself somewhat and pull it off in single player, in multiplayer is way too hard. I am Rambo...darn it.
  • i no its cheating but does anyone else wanna boost? lol i am shit at stealthy kills! i have been it for ages now! and only on level 14!?
  • I'll boost. No one ever seems to be in some of these game lobbies. GT: ISAAC1982.
  • #29 Gamertag???
  • Very easy, 136,500XP is needed to get to level 20
  • im down to boost, im at lvl 12 now so not far off. Msg me with available time if interested. *^EST timezone
  • its pretty easy just keep playing multiplayer. also if you do good in a match you will get more exp. hope this helps
  • looking to boost. GT: Reiko20
  • Level 11 and already sick of multiplayer lol. Msg me on Live if you wanna boost. @#35 that has to be the stupidest comment ever lmao
  • I just started attempting this; I'm a serious n00b at XBL multiplayer.
  • If you would like to boost any achievements for this game then please add me on XBOX Live i will be on from Boxing Day onwards and im a really achieevement hunter Gamertag: HattonGaming
  • @37 - was just thinking the same lmao add me for boosting MattyD44.
  • just take some time and never run
  • HOW CAN YOU BOOST???? and why? just play the game FFS!
  • @42. Finally!!! Somebody who is to lazy to get the achievement the way it should be gotten and doesn't have to resort to cheating!!!
  • I mean isn't lol
  • Wow multiplayer achievements for this game are so much easier than brotherhood lol
  • Level 20 takes 6-8 hours averaging 2500-4000 exp a match. Not difficult at all.
  • Yay Easy Chievo
  • All the multi-player cheevos were easy, but I really did not like any of the game modes. Got my level 20 and I'm done. I don't buy AC for multi-player, it's not very well done and feels tacked on. It's not as bad as Bioshock 2 multi-player though, that one was a real turd.
  • Il be boosting this soon, message me if interested, Gamertag is "Event Control", hope to hear from some of you guys and must be dedicated.
  • This was the last cheevo I needed for this game (excluding DLC) only took about 15 games to get. Easy 1000 points.
  • i keep getting kicked from lobbies during the sessions, I'm only level 9 but should be 12 because it keeps kicking me and it doesn't save my experience. Also looking to boost the other cheevos as well as this one. Message me if interested, GT: DISTURBEDone666
  • just got it a second ago. its not hard to get just time consuming if you dont enjoy the multiplayer. fortunately i did enjoy it, it took a bit to get used to how to play but i found the best game mode was manhunt in the team objectives which was actually quite fun to play!
  • If up for boosting xp if anyone needs another player. GT: Tarth oryon
  • i got every achievement in my 3 day trial except this one. anyone know how to get a free uplay passport code
  • .
  • I can boost this, i'm only renting it so up for helping some boosting to get the 100% on the dlc and such. Demon Haze II
  • Im looking to boost all the online achievements for this game, always down to help and get shit done.
  • Im looking to boost all the online achievements for this game, always down to help and get shit done. GT MITCHYSLICC
  • Looking to boost add me asap I got sum other ppl too gt eddieuzumaki85
  • I know the new one is out but need this achievement im level 12 wouldnt take too long to boost just add me if you want to help. GT: PrematureVole x
  • looking to boost any multiplayer achievs. GT: MinorT 1769
  • Havent gotten this cheevo yet, not to fond of the MP on these games
  • Hi so the group I usually play with have gotten rid of this game and they all managed to do a good bit of these achievements while I was away. I am hoping some of you will be willing to help in getting these plus it never hurts to have extra xbox buddies to play with... My gamertag is TattedDad3 please add and we can knock these things out.
  • @#60 add me and we will do it when ever I just need to get to level 20 and that's it and I'll help u with you're aswell Gt: ADIDA5 A55A55IN
  • I hate MP achievement pf.
  • anybody want to boost this add me luckierchimp492
  • I'm looking to boost all the mp achievements, including the dlc ones! Send me a friend request if you're interested.
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  • I need help with all the mp achievements on this game and I need at least 5 players if you can help add me my gt Sassyomnivore0
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  • Hey guys! A bit late, but I'm looking to boost this achievement (and also all AC multi cheevos). So feel free to add my GT (same as username). And if you read that message in 2018+, and you're looking for someone to help you too, feel free to add me!
  • Looking for boosting partners for the online achievements. Gamertag: Akashic Buster
  • Is this still doable? If so I'm looking for people to boost GT: Twilight Axel
  • anybody who wants to boost message me
    gt: BeatleBhoy

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