Looking Good Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Looking Good



    Customize a PERSONA (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock Looking Good

    The first thing you can personalize will be unlocked at level 10. You cannot get obtain this achievement until that level.

    To do any editing, be in the multiplayer menu. You must complete the introductory session. After that, you will have access. Make sure you have pressed to access the Data Hub. Go to "Characters" and pick one that does not say "Not Customizable". You might have one based on your previous Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood experience. Remember, you should at least be a level 10. Go to main weapon and pick the one that is unlocked.

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  • No Comments >.> ill start by saying this is Pathetic, look how easy!!! Wow! >.< And my Favourite Persona is the Trickster
  • Customize? like in Saints row?
  • You can customize personas by buying upgrades with the in-game currency. All upgrades are level-locked starting at level 10 (primary weapon). Get to level 10, buy an upgrade, achievement unlocked.
  • bought a weapon no achievement. Something special to do anyone know?
  • Follow these steps Need to be level 10 1) Lb > Abstergo store > customize items > main weapon 2) Buy one, then back out 3) Lb > characters > pick one > main weapon> add new weapon Gratz
  • You DO NOT need to be level to get this. I am only level 8 and I got it at level 6. All I did, after I downloaded the characters pack was customized any of the new characters. Did not have to be the weapon. It popped for me when I changed a characters head.
  • Did it at level 1 before I ever even played a match. No big deal. Follow #6's advice.
  • it is possible to do this before level 10, if you have completed the "renegade" level on the main story. this unlocks the first item in a number of categories which you can edit onto your characters, otherwise level 10 is the earliest you can purchase something to customize your persona.
  • @#5 Thanks. I just changed the privateer's main weapon and it unlocked.
  • im only level 6 :(

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