The Way I Like It Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • The Way I Like It



    Edit your TEMPLAR PROFILE to change your title, emblem, and patron (Multiplayer).

    How to unlock The Way I Like It

    To do any editing, be in the multiplayer menu. You must complete the introductory session. After that, you will have access. Make sure you have pressed to access the Data Hub. Navigating the menu is not as easy as it once was, and is almost confusing. Go to Templar Profile and Edit Templar Profile. Go to Edit Title and to Progression. Now you will be able to select The Recruit and gain the achievement.

    You can do this at any point and will have many more options later on. The description is for anyone wanting to get it done right away.

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  • theres an achievement for a persona and making a profile wow this game is going to be easy
  • I feel bad like I was cheating when I get this achievements
  • I assume you'll have to level up a bit and have stuff to edit b4 this achievement will pop. At least I hope so, that way I feel like I'll have accomplished something indirectly.
  • What am I missing here... i totally set up a profile made all three and no achievement?
  • @4 you have to start this from the main menu of multiplayer, it won't work if you edit in lobby if that helps.
  • Its a rather bland achievement and here's my even blander video to back it up...part 2

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