The Early Years Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • The Early Years



    Complete Desmond Sequence 1.

    How to unlock The Early Years

    Refer to "Are You Desmond Miles?"

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  • I thought he was in a coma. I dont wanna play as this prick. I thought it was Altair and Ezio this time
  • same
  • Are you kidding? Playing as Desmond is the best part, esp since without his section there would be no story. I can't wait for the inevitable game where you play as only him.
  • I fully agree with @3 and the others can go to hell seriously everyone knew Desmond was going to be in it.
  • i heard altair's story is gonna be really short
  • #5 It looks that way since if anyone reading this comment has watched the Altaïr mission video the mission is short and you get to play as Altaïr everytime Ezio gets a key I think there's only 6/5 keys so that equals not much Altaïr time. though it is possible most of the missions or some are long.
  • @6 5 keys. @1&2 Desmond was obviously going to be in this since the entire series is about him...
  • i can't wait to play with Desmond, i hope it have a lots of puzzles with him.
  • im guessing this one will be about Desmond as a small boy growing up, look at the title of the achievment, would love to see where he comes from tbh :)
  • Yes, I'm wondering if these Desmond sequences will be insights into Desmond's life before he gets captured by Abstergo just prior to the start of the first game, with possibly his capture happening in Desmond Sequence 5 - Are You Desmond Miles? I remember Desmond mentioned growing up in an Assassin camp in the first game in the dialogue he had with Lucy and not being allowed to do what normal kids do. Could be interesting :)
  • I'm interested to know what the people said at the end of brotherhood when he was in a coma? He was getting the apple with Lucy and Shawn? Is he in an animus inside an animus? O.o inception
  • you meet subject 16 :D
  • @6 the video u saw of altair was just part of that mission i am sure it's longer. I saw a video of altair be for he talked to the traitor.I'm sure the Altair missions will be at least 20 to 30 mins long if not longer.
  • 90% Ezio, 5% Altair, 5% Desmond!
  • I can't wait to get this game and find out all the loose ends left behind from Brotherhood :D
  • so you play as desmund and then go into a coma?
  • I haven't gotten this yet, but from what I've seen Desmond starts in the coma. There are portal type things in the open animus world (where the game starts) that open after collecting certain things (can't remember what it was right now). So totally optional if I am correct, unless you're going for 100%
  • @17 The name you're looking for is 'animus fragments.' You need 5 for the first sequence, then 10, then 15, 30, and finally 50 if I remember correctly. They're basically (if you've played it) Mirror's Edge-like mini sequences in first person where you have to navigate through random sections made up of cubes etc while Desmond chats on about his life. Kind of stupid if you ask me. It seems like they put it in as a filler and didn't try that hard with it. It's a nice bit of variety but I feel they're unpolished like the rest of the game. Then again, I've only done the first of the five sequences so they may get better.
  • Are all these achievements(Desmond,Ezio and Altair sequences)story related? Or can they be missed?
  • @19 the Desmond achievements can be missed because you have to collect animus fragments to unlock them. Though honestly all you need to collect is 30 to unlock them all and that is really easy. Plus, you can check your DNA section in the menu to see how many each specific area has.
  • These sequences aren't very entertaining but they are awesome because you learn Desmond's back story prior to his capture. These games seriously have one of the best story lines I've seen in a game series.
  • kind of don't want to do these after the 2nd one.
  • I Love the Desmond Sequences
  • How do you actually get to them? I've seen the others write that you need a certain amount of animus fragments but after that how do you actually go into the sequence?
  • After you collect the correct amount of fragments from playing as Ezio (5, 10, 15, 20, 30) pause and "Return to Animus Island" or just wait until you return there naturally if you're still doing the storyline, and then behind you (If you're facing the large matrix that you enter to play as Ezio) will be similar, slimmer structures that glow if you haven't used them yet.
  • These are crap. They're boring, slow, no storyline and no interesting. What's the point?
  • The Desmond Memories are a nice change of pace, though they do have their faults. After completing the game,You start at the starting place as Desmond, not Ezio. So 1-5 are not miss-able. I also noticed that there are a few more of those structures other then the original 5 post game.
  • anyone having a glich when you climb a part of that tower at the beginning? my character makes it to the top then turns round and jumps of again lol, had to shimmy round a corner a bit to be able to get up
  • @22, I feel the same...they're so dull. i thought learning some of Desmond's back story would be really interesting, but these sequences just feel tedious
  • @22, too bloody right, what a crap idea. @29, couldn't agree more. Whoever thought this would be a good idea for a game needs sacking. They're like The Matrix without the guns, fighting, storyline and fans.
  • @30, I completely agree. These levels were like an acid trip in some sort of bizarre geometry world. It was irrelevant to the game and definitely made me feel dumb for wasting my time with it.
  • there's a reason i haven't bought minecraft/portal 2/a platformer game. they should focus on the real game and not on this boring crap...
  • They should have made an actual view of what desmonds life was like before he got kidnapped by the templars dammit! i expect a refund D:
  • What happems if you finish the story without doing desmond sequences. Do you have to restart the story?
  • one of the worst things in gaming i have done only done them for acheivement i wanted to faint
  • @#34 You can do the Desmond sequences at any time. Animus Island gets rebuilt after the main story ends.
  • See, Id rather play with Altair and Ezio over Desmond anyday.
  • I heard the blip, but the achievement never showed up, but I unlocked it. I point this out, because of the flaws with "Sage" & "Lightning Strikes" achievements not unlocking for everyone despite having completed the requirements. I have to say, I'm disappointed in this game. It's as if they made it too quickly, and never worked out the bugs.
  • How do you get into the Desmond sequences?
  • not liking the 1st person version of assassins creed....
  • I hated those sequences -.-
  • My god these are stupid. I'm all for a change of pace in games but this is just such a 180 from anything you'd expect. Throw me a curve ball in a game any day but make it so I can hit it with the skills I've picked up while playing. This is just pointless.
  • I like these, it changes things up and makes for a fun distraction, much like the Den Defense minigame. Not everything has to be toiling through the main story you know.
  • I like them too
  • Easy points here.
  • Ah the good old days of XBA when most comments were moronic questions posted before the game came out or variations on "Easy points here" I hated these segments not only because they were tedious but because they represented Ubisoft's long standing choice to tack on unwanted parts to AC (multiplayer, money grinding, sending minions on missions) instead of fixing the core game mechanic issues that were present from AC1 through Revelations. This is the last AC game I played and probably the last Ubisoft one as well.

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