Best Served Cold Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Best Served Cold



    Complete DNA Sequence 1.

    How to unlock Best Served Cold

    Refer to "Revelations".

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  • I am sure I remember an achiev from gears 1 with the same title
  • @1 A Dish Best Served Cold: "Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore difficulty."
  • The name of the achievement probably refers to "a dish best served cold". This is always within the context of revenge (because revenge is a dish best served cold), meaning Ezio will probably kill someone and have revenge with the kill, meaning that we will kill/take revenge to someone from one of the previous games (because it is just the first DNA sequence).
  • The achievement is story related and can not be missed. It has nothing to do with anyone from the other games.
  • This One is So Easy! :D
  • My first views on the game: it stinks. This level absolutely sucked.
  • anyone else concerned that ezio is suffering from the bleeding effect without an animus?
  • Easy points here.

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