Escape To New York Achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Escape To New York



    Complete Desmond Sequence 3.

    How to unlock Escape To New York

    Refer to "Are You Desmond Miles?"

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  • this one looks interesting... btw add me on xbox live, i need more active friends
  • "Escape to New York" ?! Meaning Desmond will get out of the Animus or will we relive his memories and past???
  • hopefully a chance to play in new york.. climbing the skyscrapers.. whoohoo!
  • relatively easy,but annoying as you have to play as "bob the builder".... ridiculous
  • Reminds me of Portal... if the Portal gun was a polygon spawner and the toxic water and turrets were Animus Core death platforms and Anti-Polygon spawners
  • lol #4 and i felt the same #5 but unlike portal this isnt fun i clipped through the wall and was pushed right to the end in the one part lol
  • II feel like if I wanted to play portal, I would have bought portal. This game definitely could have done without the desmond sequences.
  • i don't think i'll do this one after sequences 1 and 2, they were really annoying, i prefer the real game not this crap
  • Definitely a poor effort by Ubisoft. Like #7 said, I did not sign up for Portal. They could of at least given it to us in third person and made it a climbing puzzle using Desmond at various ages. If I were not an achievement junkie...smh
  • I personally like the Desmond sequences. They're a nice change of pace from the usual AC gameplay. Is that so wrong? :(
  • @10 You've obviously never played Portal
  • There is no comparison between these and Portal. Portal is awesome and these suck @$$.
  • So many crybabies years ago. The only exception is #10, who said it best... nice change of pace.

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